Blogging Essentials: Post Google Panda


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Blogging Essentials: Post Google Panda

  1. 1. Blogging Essentials - Post Google Panda
  2. 2. How does Google’s new Panda Algorithm affect my blog site?• If you currently buy content from a content farm, then your website is going to be punished.• If you write your own content and keep focused on providing quality information for your visitors, then Google’s Panda will be a boost for your search engine visibility. There has never been a better time to blog! Maximum Exposure > Minimal Expense Allows you to rank Organically in the Search EnginesEnables you to choose what keywords and phrases you rank on
  3. 3. Successful Blogging Campaigns Require: Dedication | Persistency | Consistency• Google does not owe you anything! Google is in business to make money and they make money when people use their search engine more than Yahoo and Bing (and occasionally click on a pay per click link).• That being said, they do enable you to compete for search engine rankings on their platform for FREE! Creating a blog post for customers and search engines is not that difficult once you understand some basic concepts and then practice and apply them on a regular basis.• Blogging requires a commitment of time. This technique is well worth your investment and it can be tracked and measured much easier than traditional advertising.
  4. 4. Become An Information Provider!Keep in mind that people generally tend to search for real estate on Googleand other search engines for three specific reasons:1. MLS Search Capabilities – “I want to buy a home!”2. Valuations – “How much is my current home worth?”3. Information – “I am looking for information regarding…”Blogging allows you the ability to create your expertise and be found in thesearch engines when someone is searching for information. A carefullycrafted blog posting can result in a steady stream of unique visits to bothyour blog and your website.
  5. 5. How Do I Rank on The First Page of Google?• Pick a keyword or phrase for the Title of the blog.• Repeat the Title at the beginning and ending of the blog.• Make sure that the blog is between 200-500 words in length.• Ensure that the keyword or phrase is embedded in the content of the blog between 2-4% of the time.
  6. 6. Picking A Keyword or Phrase• Focus on one keyword or phrase per blog.• Research and identify the best search variations using Google’s Adwords Keyword Tool.• Include your geographic region and the keyword or phrase that you are trying to rank on in the Title of the blog.
  7. 7. Think Local. Extremely Local.Most users initially search for information with “short tail” keywords. Asthey continue to search, they begin using “long tail” keywords to findexactly what they are looking for.• Short Tail Keyword Search Example: “St Augustine Real Estate”• Long Tail Keyword Search Example: “Marsh Creek Homes in St Augustine FL”
  8. 8. Anatomy of A Well Crafted & Hyper-Local Blog• Notice that the Title of the blog matches the long tail search.• The search phrase is being used in the Title of the blog, at the beginning of the blog and again towards the end of the blog.• The specific phrase “Sunwood Condominiums in Shelton CT” is very focused and resolves on the First Page of Google.
  9. 9. The Icing on The Cake!This Author took the time to make sure that her blog ranked well in thesearch engines by adhering to a few simple rules. What she did after that iswhat helped push her to the top of Google. She fed it candy! Placing information about your images Google Loves Videos!  enables Google to find you easier.
  10. 10. Pay Attention To Keyword Density Rules• Blogging is more like a marathon than a sprint. You must publish content on a consistent basis in order to rank well in the search engines.• Avoid stuffing keywords in to your blogs. It will only confuse the search engines and weaken your efforts to rank well.• Focusing on a specific keyword or phrase and repeating it in a blog enables you to pull rank more effectively.
  11. 11. A Few Key Things To Remember• Take time to ensure that you are competing for rankings on keywords or phrases that have the most commercial intent for you and your business.• Make sure that this keyword or phrase is the most common phrase within your blog. (Remember the 2-4% Density Rule)• Consider using variations of the keyword or phrase to ensure that your campaign is successful.• Use the keyword or phrase in the Title, at the beginning and at the end of your blog to ensure success within the search engines.
  12. 12. Why ActiveRain Should Be Part of Your Blogging StrategyActiveRain has over 217,000 real estate professionals participating on theirFREE network. This arena is the perfect place for you to:• Connect with other real estate professionals• Stay informed on current events in and around your industry• Educate yourself on real estate trends and topics• Receive incredible results in the search enginesActiveRain pushes hundreds of thousands of blog postings to the searchengines on a daily basis. The search engines recognize them as an Authorityor information provider and tend to rank their content higher.
  13. 13. Activity = Points = Exposure = ClosingsActiveRain awards points for your activity on their network. These pointsequate to higher exposure on ActiveRain. You receive points for manythings on the network like:• Logging in to your account• Completing your Profile• Uploading your picture• Posting a Blog• Commenting on a Blog• Inviting others to the network
  14. 14. Set Up & Complete Your Personal ProfileThis part is critical to your success on ActiveRain! You have made thedecision to invest the time on your blogging campaign and in return you aregoing to get more traffic to your website and blog. Take the time tocomplete your Profile and allow someone the ability to get to know you. This is the online perception of you without a completed Profile:
  15. 15. Welcome To The Rain! A Few Things You Need To Know…• Whatever you say or do can and will be used against you! Remember that you are posting to the internet and use caution when doing so.• Take time to get a feel for the network. The Home page has the most recent “Featured Blog Postings” and this will allow you to jump right in and comment on posts that interest you.• You receive 25 points for every comment that you make. This is one of the most overlooked features on ActiveRain. You receive points up to 10 comments per day on other people’s blog postings = 250 points per day!
  16. 16. Tracking Your Success With ActiveRainActiveRain allows you to keep track of how well your blog postings areperforming. How many advertising mediums are you currently usingthat give you immediate feedback?
  17. 17. Tracking Your Success With Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics provides detailed information about your website. Viewyour traffic patterns, as well as, how that traffic got to you and where itcame from.
  18. 18. Discover Where YourTraffic Is Coming From
  19. 19. Map Reports Show Where In The World You Have The Most Traction
  20. 20. Detailed Map Reports Show Where Your Focus Should Be
  21. 21. Let’s Get Started On A New Blog!
  22. 22. Do You Need Help Connecting Your BloggingCampaigns and Your Social Media Accounts?Contact us today and learn how our Social Media Experts can help youincrease your online presence. With over 90% of home buyers using theinternet to search for their new home, you owe it to yourself to check outour valuable Real Estate Tools and services.• Training and Consulting• Social Media Solutions• Real Estate Websites• High Definition Real Estate Videos• High Definition 360° Virtual Tours Listing Solutions · · 1789 Lakeside Avenue · St. Augustine, Florida · (904) 540-9962
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