E-standards of Gold


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E-standards of Gold

  1. 1. E-standards of Gold
  2. 2. Well forgotten past
  3. 3. And if at world economy level such system suited everybody, the genetic memory of each person periodically prompted him that the paper banknotes laying in his purse and digital record on his plastic card should be basically backed with something valuable and material. As the result in 1996 the founders of E-gold company Douglas Jackson and Barry Dony opened a new stage of a gold monetization history. The idea wasextremely simple - people will believe in electronic money and will use them much more willingly if the money isprovided with gold. The funds receipting on account of E- gold system converted in this metal by default. But whilediversifying its services, the payment system also provides an opportunity to back money on the account by otherprecious metals, such as silver, platinum and a palladium.
  4. 4. The history of E-gold payment system development is only ten years old, however the company has already passed a way from conceptual idea of payment system to world service governed by American company Gold and SilverReserve, Inc. Its one day turnover is more than 1500000 $. Such popularity is caused by the fact that in case of becoming an e-gold system user the any physical or legal person has an opportunity to perform effective financialoperations and calculations, because after funds transfer asimple redistribution of the rights to precious metal occurs while its physical location does not change. According to Gold and Silver Reserve, Inc. the e-gold gold reserves are in Brinks Global Services, Transguard Security Services and MAT Securitas Express AG storehouses.
  5. 5. Confidence crisis
  6. 6. Every year E-gold was firmly holding the pedestals of world financial Olympus and became a reliable and habitual tool in the hands of its users. But simple andfunctionally working system by means of which one can control the storage and movement of cash flow, begin drawing the interest of swindlers and the persons that want to finance and to remain a mystery as well as hackers and fishers.
  7. 7. But the main victims that suffer from various operationsand frauds with e-gold system are states, legal persons as well as the population which has got into financial pyramids, created on the basis of considered payment system.
  8. 8. And on January, 13, 2006 the USA district court has made a decision of cancellation of measures on freezing accounts of Gold & Silver Reserve, Inc, in view of absence of inculpatory evidence of system e-gold in law infringement acts. On the contrary Gold and SilverReserve, Inc has insisted on bringing out of its case beyondthe court to carry on the dialog with the state publicly and to expand a zone of the presence in the market of electronic payment systems.
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