Ukrainian Association of Students' Self-government presentation


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Ukranian Association of Students' Self-government is the national union of students in Ukraine. UASS work spheres, princeples, achievments and etc. in the presentation here

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Ukrainian Association of Students' Self-government presentation

  1. 1. UKRAINIAN ASSOCIATION OF STUDENTS’ SELF-GOVERNMENT Independent national union of students of Ukraine Member of the European Students’ Union
  2. 2. What is UASS? UASS is an independent and democratic national union of students. On the voluntary basis UASS unites local students’ unions, students NGOs, and other students organizations, which work in the higher educational institutions, and other active students in order to protect their rights and represent Ukrainian students on the national and international level. UASS is a heritor of the Ukrainian Association for the Development of the Students’ Self-government, which was established in 1999.
  4. 4. • Legislation development; • Social protection of students; • Improvement of quality of education; • Students movement development; • International cooperation. Work spheres
  5. 5. • Development of students opinions and policies regarding local, regional and national legislation; • Monitoring of the legislation initiatives and giving students opinions on them; • Development of the legislation proposals regarding working areas of UASS; Legislation development:
  6. 6. • Managing projects and campaigns for students rights; • Provision of consultancy to students and students unions on students rights and ways for their protection; • Monitoring of the state of students scholarships, documents, and other rights fulfillment; Social protection of students:
  7. 7. • Supporting implementation of Bologna process action line in Ukraine; • Lobbying for students participation in decision making in higher education management and quality assurance; • Consulting students and students organizations on mobility possibilities. Improvement of quality of higher education:
  8. 8. • Monitoring and consultancy on the implementation of the changes to the Law of Ukraine “On Higher Education” regarding students unions; • Educating students representatives through holding educational events; • Experts and trainers support of local students union through the respectful pool. Students’ unions development
  9. 9. • Management of the joint projects with the National Unions of Students in Europe; • Support of the development of the students movement in Belarus through the work in the Belarus working group of the European Students Union; • Participation in the formation of the European students policies through the European Students Union. International cooperation
  10. 10. • UASS is a member of the European Students Union since 2007; • In 2010-2012 UASS participated in the civil campaign "Youth guard: youth is watching you!"; • In 2010-2014 UASS was the member of the national civic coalition “Against Degradation of Education!”; • UASS is a member of the National Youth Council of Ukraine. Membership of UASS in umbrella organizations:
  11. 11. MEMBERS OF UASS Representing 1,6 million of students
  12. 12. UASS member unions are students unions, their associations, and other students organizations that on the democratic basis represent interests of students and are controlled by students only . Who work in the name of the students’ rights protection and development of the students-centered higher education system in Ukraine. UASS has 39 local city branches that coordinate work of UASS member unions on the local level. Who are the members of UASS?
  14. 14. Students representatives in the scholarship committees Lobby campaign of UASS in 2004, which resulted in the act of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine which included students unions to the higher educational intuitions scholarship committees.
  15. 15. Students discounts for the railway transport use In 2005 UASS had a successful campaign and students from private HEI have received the same discounts as students of the state HEI. Later on in 2007 UASS held a campaign against the distraction of the discounts for the summer time, which has reached its goal.
  16. 16. Stop the "enslavement" of students In 2005 Ukrainian Parliament has made a decision that students who receive state scholarships should work for three years after their graduation at the place decided by government. UASS held a campaign which made president to veto this decision.
  17. 17. Increase of students’ scholarships In 2007 before the Parliament elections UASS demanded from the political parties to clarify their position on students issues. Only one party did it, and agreed to make a reality proposed by UASS students priorities. It resulted in the increasement of the students scholarships in 4 times.
  18. 18. Campaign against the acts of the Cabinet of Ministers In 2009 and 2010 Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has adopted acts that were putting more financial pressure on students, such as an act on the introduction of the extra administrative fees for students, decrease of the state funding and etc. Campaign held by UASS has resulted in the abolition of these acts.
  19. 19. Adoption of the “students” law Since 2003 UASS has been working on the changes to the Law “On Higher Education” of Ukraine, regarding students self- government organizations. The changes text was made by the students and other NUSes. UASS was guiding this draft through 7 years path. The changes were adopted by the Ukrainian Parliament, and signed by the president on January, 19 2010.
  20. 20. Adoption of the Law of Ukraine “On Higher Education” On July 1, 2014 the Parliament of Ukraine adopted the new Law “On Higher Education”, which was developed by the working group, chaired by Michael Zgurovsky, Rector of the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. Development and adoption of the law was advocated by the national civic campaign “Against Degradation of Education!”, which was implemented by the coalition of UASS, civic movement “Vidsich”, student labor union “Direct Action”, and youth NGO “Foundation of Regional Initiatives”. Moreover, leaders of UASS participated in the work of the group on the development of the text of the bill.
  21. 21. “Vkontakte” group: “Facebook” profile:!/pages/Ukrainian- Association-of-Students-Self-Government/114399183276 Follow us on Twitter: UassUkraine UASS on the web:
  22. 22. Official web-site: Hope to see you soon again! 