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Basic skills for searching business databases, Google Scholar, the Libraries' Catalog, e-Journals and much more.

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  • We need to know this:(1) Use databases to find peer reviewed articles (2) Request full text articles from abstracts and have them delivered to your email(3) Find books using the online catalog and request delivery to Regents Center Library (4) Use Web 2.0 effectively for class assignments and literature searches (5) Use Google Scholar from the list of library databases (6) Find academic articles using Search Engines
  • Narrow down the number of results by limiting your search. We limited this search by type of material, “Scholarly Journals” and date of publication “2010 – 2014.” I’m going to look at the title, Project management in small to medium sized enterprises published in the journal, Management Decision.
  • Project Management / Pmgt816

    1. 1. Project Management Database & Online Search Process At the Regents Center Library Lissa Lord Spring 2014
    2. 2. Dissertation Research Blog 2
    3. 3. We need to know this: (1) Find articles using databases (found in the Subject Guides and at the bottom of the Libraries’ homepage – (2) How to request full text articles if we find only abstracts (WebRetrieve) (3) How to use Google Scholar from the list of library databases (4) How to use the online catalog to find books and request delivery to Edwards Campus 3
    4. 4. 4
    5. 5. Project Management is searched in General Business Sources 5
    6. 6. 6
    7. 7. Select this title Link
    8. 8. Notice the options for more information about this article and subject.
    9. 9. We have looked at: 1.How to cite this article in A.P.A. 2.References at the end of this article, some with hyperlinks. 3.Articles that have cited this article in their own references 4.Full text PDF Link
    10. 10. What if KU did not have the full text of this article available? You would complete the “Request Not Available” form and receive a link to this article in PDF sent to your email
    11. 11. Select the Jayhawk if you can get only the abstract and not full-text of the article. The process of getting the fulltext article is called: WebRetrieve.
    12. 12. Google Scholar
    13. 13. Google Scholar from the list of Databases Here Google Scholar links to the Libraries’ databases 1. Go to the Libraries’ homepage 2. Find databases at the bottom of the screen 3. Select the letter “G” 4. Scan the resulting list for “Google Scholar”
    14. 14. Want this book fast? Use the Catalog!
    15. 15. What happens next? Your book will arrive at the Edwards Campus, Regents Center Library, within 24 to 48 hours of your request. You will get an email telling you it has arrived.
    16. 16. Does the library have eJournals for Project Management?
    17. 17. There are hundreds of journals in the Business category. Try your luck, type in Project Management as a title.
    18. 18. Double check the publication information. It is not always up to date.
    19. 19. Link Most recent contents of the journal, Project Management
    20. 20. And, then what happens? You will get an email with a link pointing to this article within a few days.
    21. 21. This is the email I received through WebRetrieve.
    22. 22. This is where the link took me
    23. 23. We have looked at: How to find articles using the libraries’ databases by looking at a subject guide and by using the libraries’ list of databases listed on the homepage How to find e-Journals which are linked from the libraries’ homepage When we find only the abstract of a journal title and we need full-text we can select the “Get at KU” Jayhawk and use WebRetrieve to get a link to the pdf fulltext sent to our email account. How to search the Library Catalog for a book We found a book in Google Books. Does the KU Libraries have this book? How to request this book and have it sent to Edwards Campus
    24. 24. Questions? Ask the librarian: Lissa Lord 913-897-8556