Marketing Communications Research: Strategic Communication


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This group of slides covers Marketing Communications Research in Strategic Communication. The research uses databases, books, websites and statistics as tools to gather material and accomplish research outcomes.

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  • We need to know this:
    (1) Use databases to find peer reviewed articles (2) Request full text articles from abstracts and have them delivered to your email(3) Find books using the online catalog and request delivery to Regents Center Library (4) Use Web 2.0 effectively for class assignments and literature searches (5) Use Google Scholar from the list of library databases (6) Find academic articles using Search Engines
  • Marketing Communications Research: Strategic Communication

    1. 1. Journalism Marketing Communications Research: Strategic Communication Lissa Lord 03-10-14
    2. 2. Dissertation Research Blog 2
    3. 3. We need to know this: (1)Find Subject and Course Guides on the Libraries’ homepage. ( (2)Find articles using databases (3)How to request full text articles if we find only abstracts ( WebRetrieve) (4)How to find e-Journals (5)How to use the online catalog to find books and request delivery to Edwards Campus (6)How to use Google Scholar from the list of library databases 3
    4. 4. Good starting point.
    5. 5. How to cite this article?
    6. 6. Back to the Abstract screen
    7. 7. Summary-- What we can do with one search result:
    8. 8. Back to subject Guide:
    9. 9. New Database: Communication & Mass Media Complete
    10. 10. Too many results Limit results
    11. 11. Submit
    12. 12. WebRetrieve: What happens next? You will receive a link to the PDF article in your email. This usually takes 1-3 days.
    13. 13. Find a journal appropriate to Strategic communication. Back to Subject Guide
    14. 14. Advertising Age is found in these databases:
    15. 15. Table of Contents of Advertising Age
    16. 16. Note the coverage of businesses for possible future research.
    17. 17. What we’ve done: Libraries’ Homepage Subjects & Course Guides Journalism and Mass Communication Journalism - Strategic Communication Databases: ABIINFORM Business Source Complete Journals: Advertising Age To do: Books: How to find a book by title and request delivery to Edwards Campus? Websites: Specifically, information related to Strategic Communication Newspapers
    18. 18. International News Websites
    19. 19. How to find a book by title? Each of these tabs has basically the same sources of information: Databases, Journals, Books, Websites, etc.
    20. 20.
    21. 21. Title of the book.
    22. 22. Have this book delivered to you at Edwards Campus from the Lawrence campus.
    23. 23. And, don’t forget Statistics!
    24. 24. Our Handout: Business & Marketing Statistics
    25. 25. Quick look at Google Scholar
    26. 26. Review:
    27. 27. Ask the Librarian Lissa Lord