Business in China


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The topic is a big one: Business in China. We broke it down to economic reform in China. Research includes the use of LibGuides, Databases, the World Bank online and TED.

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  • Researching within the Worldbank for information on China and information policy—archiving
  • Business in China

    1. 1. IBUS 710 Academic Research from the KU Libraries Lissa Lord [email_address] April 7, 2011
    2. 2. International Business is a hefty subject to research AND Business in China. . . well, let’s just say “I need some help, please!”
    3. 4. Oh, here is John Stratton ! He is the best for business research. Really, the best! [email_address]
    4. 6. A list of library databases will appear, including Business Source Premier
    5. 7. Advanced Search China & Economic & Reform SU Subject Date Limit
    6. 8. This is the article I want
    7. 9. Linked Full Text didn’t work at all  . Try finding the journal by citation. E-Journals
    8. 10. This is the citation: China Economic Reform Review March 2011, v. 22 Issue 1, p11-27
    9. 11. Back to the Libraries Homepage
    10. 12. Which version to choose? We need current and we don’t want “Citation Linker.” Try this database. China economic review
    11. 15. Wall Street Journal? YES
    12. 16. Libraries Homepage Click on W WSJ is on the next page with the W s.
    13. 17. Search the Wall Street journal Web of science * excellent database you might not know about. I didn’t know about this! Access looks complicated but ask if you want to look at it.
    14. 18. Wall Street journal (current) Search: china econom* / last 7 days
    15. 20. These two articles are not exciting so I went to the “Suggested Topics” and found more articles, see next slide. . .
    16. 22. Web of Science Search: China and economic reform 2010-2011
    17. 23. Search: China and economic reform 2010-2011
    18. 25. The World Bank Research Observer # The Author 2010. Published by Oxford University Press on behalf of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development / THE WORLD BANK.
    19. 26. You love statistics, don’t you?
    20. 27. Do you remember how we got here? W Web of Science Search in Topic: china economic reform 2010-2011 Result #1: World Bank Research Observer Get at KU
    21. 28.
    22. 29. TED: Ideas Worth Spreading "TED is a small nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading -- through, our annual conferences, the annual TED Prize and local TEDx events. Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world."
    23. 30. Questions about this presentation? Lissa Lord [email_address] OR Jennifer Mellenbruch [email_address] Regents Center Library, Edwards Campus Questions about Business Research? John Stratton [email_address] Watson Library Lawrence Campus