Mobile Usability Testing: Theory & Pracitce


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  • Thanks Lis and Kate for mentioning Mr. Tappy - the filming rig for capturing mobile device interaction during usability testing.
    He comes all the way from New Zealand, but Those who'd like to find out more, or watch the video can head over to Mr. Tappy's very own website:
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Mobile Usability Testing: Theory & Pracitce

  1. 1. Mobile Usability Testing: Theory & Practice Lis Pardi and Kate Lawrence presentation to Simmons Usability Professional Association March 29, 2012
  2. 2. Location, Location, you get the picture
  3. 3. Theory:Test where people are using their phone Taken by flickr user zenturia
  4. 4. Theory:Test on the participant’s device Taken by flickr user Zawezome
  5. 5. Wi FiTheory:Never test on Wi Fi
  6. 6. Practice:Testing can be formal in style and setting Bentley University Design and Testing Center c. 2008
  7. 7. Practice:Informal, impromptu hallway testing Taken by flickr user Shopify
  8. 8. Practice:Virtual testing can be done from anywhere Taken by flickr user garryknight
  9. 9. Testing Tools
  10. 10. How do you record a mobile device? Taken by flickr user mdiazphoto
  11. 11. How do you keep the device in the camera view?CX Partners uses the post-it method
  12. 12. Most adorable testing set-up, by Objective Digital
  13. 13. Kaden Rushford built his solution:Attach the camera to the device
  14. 14. Want.Kirk Henry’s design for Lokion Interactive
  15. 15. Mr. Tappy!
  16. 16. Be prepared to take lots of notes Taken by flickr user Dr Stephen Dann
  17. 17. And more notes
  18. 18. The Test
  19. 19. Theory:Test on a prototype From the flickr Wired Photostream
  20. 20. Theory:Have others observe the testing Taken by flickr user blueoxen
  21. 21. Practice:The prototype might not be ready in time Taken by flickr user blue2likeyou
  22. 22. Practice:Test competitors or sites with similar end goals From flickr user blueoxen
  23. 23. Participants
  24. 24. Theory:Identify attributes of your users and find that in participants Taken by flickr user Mesq
  25. 25. Practice:Participants, participants, where are you?
  26. 26. Practice:Reward participants with money or gift cards Taken by flickr user stevendepolo
  27. 27. Reporting
  28. 28. Theory:Everyone will be excited to read and discuss your full report Taken by flickr user timbomb
  29. 29. Practice:You need to write reports that people will read