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I created these slides to support a session with academics from Welsh universities at a meeting focussed on flexible learner journeys. I wanted to highlight some recent Jisc resources relating to their theme as they had defined it, and also suggested ways you can keep up to date with new Jisc resources and support on Welsh higher education learning and teaching enhancement themes.

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  • I thought it would be a good idea to start with the word cloud we’ve been creating on the Learner Journeys workstrand to date.I took some concepts from that as a starting point to home in on a few Jisc resources that are fairly recent or are coming soon, and which are likely to be of interest to academic staff.I’m going to focus mainly onAssessment and FeedbackDigital LiteracyBut also touch briefly on social media both as a use of technology to support the learner journey but also as a way to keep up with useful new ideas to inform your teaching.As we go along I’m going to explain the steps you can go through to find resources like these, or on any other theme Jisc supports.You may like to follow me on your tablet, smartphone or laptop, or if time we can look at some of the resources.
  • A great starting point if we’re looking for digital resources and services to enhance student learning is the Jisc home page.It is a lot easier to find useful material on the Jisc website nowadays!A lot of the existing material has been refreshed and new material is presented a much clearer way.You can browse starting with the ‘big four’ tabs along the top. Advice is a very useful starting point, and that’s where you’ll find a heading “student experience”
  • Look out for the cerise tabs indicating GUIDESFeedback and feed forwardEnhancing student employabilityElectronic assessment managementDeveloping digital literacyYou can expect to find:Short articles on key topics eg there are 4 on Assessment and Feedback themes:Feedback and feed forwardChanging assessment and feedback practiceElectronic assessment managementEnhancing employability through technology supported assessment and feedbackThese are fairly short, broken down into chunks with lots of links to examples and case studies.These examples are usually taken from the projects Jisc has funded in universities and colleges, sometimes with other organisations.Sometimes other reputable sources and research will be mentioned too.The articles are written by Jisc and other specialist staff who have worked closely with the projects and programmes mentioned.Resources may be: research findings, articles, digital tools, staff development materials, resources for use with learners, guides, presentations, videos – many different kinds of output.Most are “quick guides” you can get through in one sitting, but there also some more detailed guides which are more for dipping into (sometimes called infoKits, see bottom of page)Go into one of the assessment headings to see examples.Show search option.
  • Here’s the quick guide to digital literacy. A big programme on digital literacy has come to a close so the results are being digested to be packaged into useful formats for others to pick up and use.At the moment a lot of the resources from the programme are in a place called the Design Studio..There should be a more detailed guide coming out soon (March?)See ‘related’ tab.There’s also some interesting work going on around developing students as change agents. I’ll be going to an event next week at University of Winchester where I’ll be finding out more about a network for students as change agents that has been started at University of Greenwich and how has potential to expand UK wide and even internationally. Some of the work Jisc is doing with Greenwich and others will be showcased at the Future Directions conference in the Students as Partners workstrand, but could be of interest to other workstrands too!
  • The Jisc Regional Support Centres’ own site has case studies drawn from the FE and learning and skills sectors, but there are a few Higher Education examples in there too, particularly from Scotland.
  • In Scotland there is a major focus on maintaining and developing a high-quality showcase of case studies, linked to an annual awards scheme, along with short topic briefings, video clips, podcasts and RSCtv sessions.
  • Jisc Inform is a colourful termly magazine written in plain English.You can subscribe to Jisc Inform using the khaki tab at the top.
  • Once a month approx we send out a monthly email bulletin that pulls together news, events and blog posts relating to technology in education in Wales, as well as a selection from the Jisc website and other Regional Support Centres that we think people in Wales will find the most relevant.Increasingly were joining up with Jisc centrally to avoid duplication.
  • The mainJisc blog is an increasingly useful place for us to give relatively rapid coverage to current topics.I used this to publicise the guide to Social Media for Student Engagement that was produced for Welsh higher education last term.Social media has an important role to play in the student’s learning journey, if we look back at the Wordle we started with, and the extent to which it talks about relationships, behaviour and human interaction.
  • Enabling flexible learning: Learner Journeys resources

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    8. 8. 8 Ways to pick up new resources and tips
    9. 9. 9 Jisc RSC Wales monthly bulletin To be added to our contact list for a personal copy, email e.j.parcell@swansea.ac.uk
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    13. 13. 13 How to find out more Come and talk to us…or we can come to you! Lis Parcell Senior E-learning Advisor Jisc RSC Wales e.j.parcell@swansea.ac.uk Tel: 01792 513261 | Mob: 07970 939550 | Skype: lis_parcell Twitter: @lisparcell http://www.jiscrsc.ac.uk/wales http://www.jisc.ac.uk