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A very short overview presented Lis Parcell, Esther Barrett and Jon Agland, highlighting some Jisc RSC Wales services and activities of interest to staff of Swansea University Information Services and …

A very short overview presented Lis Parcell, Esther Barrett and Jon Agland, highlighting some Jisc RSC Wales services and activities of interest to staff of Swansea University Information Services and Systems (our host department). The focus was on our events and information services for HE, as well as our community learning activities.

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  • Thank you Colettefor giving us a slot in the programme.If you’re tweeting, it would be great if you could give us a mention.We’ll aim to give you a very quick intro to the JISC RSC Wales team (11!) – who we are and the kind of things we do - so if you’re interested to know where to get in touch to find out moreWe’re fairly unusual in ISS in that we’re externally funded and the service we provide is aimed outwards at post-16 education in Wales. We’ll aim to give you a taste of the range and variety of our service.Swansea staff can benefit too and we’ll give you a flavour of what we can do for you and your own customers.Going round:LeafletSheet going round if you’d like to stay in touchCakeSlides on Lis’sslideshare account
  • Est:How many of you know us? E.g.Been to our events?On one of our Jiscmail lists?Receive our email bulletin?We have over 100 Swansea University staff on our contacts database.Follow us on Twitter?
  • Lis:We’re one of 12 Jisc Regional Support Centres in the UK (see map on leaflet)JISC began in the early 1990s, use of the internet started to grow in universities1990s - FENET2000 – RSCs - RSC Wales project – FE – Lis joined on secondment from the library2003 added HE to the remit, at first mainly HE in colleges and the smaller universities, and with a remit to encourage use of Jisc services in the HE sectorEst:2006 Welsh Government decided to have an ACL pilot2007 ACL and WBL added to the remitLis - 2008 increasing activity in the HE sector at the request of HEFCW, supporting national strategy, working closely with Academy WalesToday the 12 RSCs aim to work increasingly closely, though with variation to suit local needs. It is no longer just about the internet, or VLEs. It’s not just about technology, it’s about effective use.
  • Est:Who we all are and what we doNames and full details at the link.
  • Est:We’rebetween the Miner’s Library and the Student VillageWe share Emily Phipps Building with ELTS…and occasional Welsh language studentsTwo of our team are based in mid/North Wales
  • LisMany of us spend a lot of time on the road (though not as much as in the past – increasingly meet via egwebconference or skype)A4059 near Hirwaun
  • Lis:Our events are probably the main way that HE sector engages with us.Coffee and networking time at our 2012 conference at the Hilton, CardiffThe learning technology projects we funded from all sectors were on display along with a range of other organisations involved in technology in Wales.
  • Lis:Smarter Greener Learning - probably the ritziest conference we’ve ever done
  • Lis:More events - clockwise from top leftWorkshop on how to bid for funding – the Swansea end of a three way videoconferenceHelen Davies gives a workshop at one of our conferencesEstWorkshops for community learning
  • Lis:We don’t tend to run forums on our own. We try and work with existing bodies like WHELF or Learning Systems Wales.We facilitate some jointly with partners such as Colleges WalesItsysman (Jon to mention technical conference)new Wales Learning Technology Forum (contact us for more details)
  • Lis:Contributing to customers’ events is a big part of our work.Eg Academy Wales conference 2012 Glyndwr UniversityWe contribute to Academy Wales eventsUniversities’ own staff conferences – this week Trinity, next week Glyndwr, next month NewportMight have an exhibition stand, run a workshop, give a presentation or help with the planning groupWe make a point of getting out and meeting customers where they are
  • Est:Adult learners week
  • Lis:Contribute to project management, supporting project managers and boards. Helping with disseminatione.g:Jisc projects egJisc PADDLE digital literacies project (North Wales)DEWI (workbased learning/ employability project involving 5 universities)Student StoriesPOERUP Open Educational Resources (European project)Technology for learning projects
  • Est
  • Lis:Different sectors need different levels of support at different times.HE – has relatively large teams of specialist staff. We always urge people to use local support where possible (eg SALT, subject librarians). People often don’t realise what’s available. Enquiries we deal with from HE tend to be fairly specialist egHow can I apply for technology project funding?Can you recommend sources of text to speech technology for dyslexic learners?Where can I get advice on IPR for a multimedia project?Where can I get examples of good practice in the use of social media?How can we implement Eduroam?Often involves signposting to other sources - will often use other RSCs and Jisc services for these.Advice to policymakers and funders: ELTT strategy – Open Educational Practices - Social mediaEst: Support is tailored to the needs of the different sectors
  • Lis:Many (most?) of you are probably already on one or more Jisc mailing listsIf you’re new to Jisc you may like to use these links to find out more about Jisc as a whole.
  • Est:TwitterListsBulletinWebsite > Moodle and blog> Other RSCs
  • LisWe try and visit campus as often as we canGet in touch and we’ll be happy to talk furtherWe look forward to seeing you at future events or on Twitter!


  • 1. Jisc RSC Wales Getting to know you @rscwales @lisparcell @estherbarrett @jon_rsc http://www.slideshare.net/lisparcell/ Swansea University ISS 26 February 2012
  • 2. Jisc RSC Wales: context http://www.jiscrsc.ac.uk/
  • 3. Meet the team http://www.jiscrsc.ac.uk/wales/contact.aspx
  • 4. Where we live (some of the time)
  • 5. @ Russell Symmons. All rights reserved
  • 6. Quick plug!• Lunchtime Byte webinars – Free Apps for Education 28 Feb – open for booking – The Open Educational Landscape • Overview 20 March – open for booking • Open Educational Resources and Jorum 23 April – open for booking • MOOCs 18 May – More to come in May/June• Workshops – Project management 8 May - Aberystwyth) – Developing and implementing your strategy 9 May - Hendrefoelan• Technical Conference 15/16 May (Gregynog)• Summer event – Online 18 June – F2f 26 June (Cardiff) Details and booking: http://bit.ly/Wclaw3
  • 7. Contributing to customers’ events
  • 8. Esther Barrett
  • 9. Working with projects @ Russell Symmons. All rights reserved
  • 10. Regional Learning Partnerships
  • 11. Information and support
  • 12. Jisc http://www.jisc.ac.uk http://www.jisc.ac.uk/inform https://www.facebook.com/jiscsocial @jisc
  • 13. Stay in touchwww.jiscrsc.ac.uk/waleswww.jiscmail.ac.uk/rsc-wales-higher-ed@rscwales
  • 14. If you’d like to know more support@rsc-wales.ac.uk 01792 295959 @rscwales www.jiscrsc.ac.uk/wales www.jiscrsc.ac.uk/wales/contact.aspx