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iPads and Units of Inquiry
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iPads and Units of Inquiry


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Ideas for using generic apps in teaching PYP Units of Inquiry

Ideas for using generic apps in teaching PYP Units of Inquiry

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  • Use EE to record account of toys when we were kids for use with K
  • Transcript

    • 1. Looking at UoILisaStevensLisaStevens
    • 2. Does it enhance inquiry,collaboration, communication orcreativity?Does it support T&Lin more than one UoI?Will it enhanceinquiry into atransdisciplinary theme orcentral idea?
    • 3. Does it supportthe inquiry
    • 4. Explain Everything• Energy for work and play (Gr5)• Marketplace (Gr4)• Paint me a picture (Gr3)• Just imagine (Gr1)• What was it like when you wereyoung? (K)
    • 5. Book creator• Family histories (Gr3)• Just imagine! ( Gr1)• Legacies (Gr5)
    • 6. iBooks• Free books!• Repository for all books youmake!• Dictionary, note making,definitions, text size
    • 7. Comic Life• Off the Drawing Board (Gr4)• Working it out together(Gr2)• Reduce reuse recycle (Gr5)
    • 8. Puppet Pals HD/Puppet Pals 2Puppet Pals 2• Working it out together (Gr2)• Animals and their babies (K)• I believe (Gr5)
    • 9. Pic Collage• Different faces, differentplaces (Gr2)• I believe (Gr4)• Ecosystems (Gr4)• Lets play (K)
    • 10. Pages/Notability• Workplaces (Gr2)• Off the drawing board (Gr4)• Health and well being (Gr3)
    • 11. iMovie• Going places (K)• Public places(Gr1)• Health and well being (Gr3)• Creative I (Gr4)
    • 12. Skitch
    • 13. Grade 1 - Justimagine• collect ideas in Popplet wordweb• use Pic collage to collect imagesof story types• Explain everything - talk abouttypes of stories• present stories - iMovie, PuppetPals, Comic Life, Book Creator,Pages/Notability• create a library of stories iniBooks
    • 14. Grade 5 - Energy forwork and play• Popplet to organise ideas - types of energy• Notability/Pages to collect information in avariety of forms• Explain Everyhting - explain how energy isproduced/used etc• iMovie to make ‘guess the energy’ video• Create a collage of energy in use• Comic Life - ‘propoganda’ about energy use• merge books created in Book Creator to make a‘super energy book’ and export to iBooks
    • 15. Lisa Stevenslisibo@me.comlisibo@me.comhttp://lisibo.com