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Partnering for Research Data


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2nd LIBER International Workshop on Digital Preservation, …

2nd LIBER International Workshop on Digital Preservation,
Florence, May 2012

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  • 1. Partnering for research dataDr Liz Lyon, Associate Director, UK Digital Curation CentreDirector, UKOLN, University of Bath, UK2nd LIBER International Workshop on Digital Preservation,Florence, May 2012 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 UKOLN is supported by: A centre of expertise in digital information management
  • 2. Data... a&hs=Jl2&rls=org.mozilla:en-GB:official&biw=1366&bih mulejunk/352387473/
  • 3. Research data stakeholders•Who are they?•Roles and responsibilities?•Infrastructure requirements, tools,and skills?•Gaps and opportunities?
  • 4. Partners: European….
  • 5. Partners:global….
  • 6. Institutional partnersStakeholders within the University•Roles (7 listed)•Responsibilities•Requirements•RelationshipsLiz Lyon, Informatics Transform, IJDC Current Issue, 2012
  • 7. • Director IS/CIO/University Librarian• Data librarians /data scientist /liaison/subject/faculty librarians• Repository managers• IT/Computing Services• Research Support/Innovation Office• Doctoral Training Centres• PVC Research• + Public Engagement Office Liz Lyon, Informatics Transform, IJDC Current Issue, 2012 Data roles
  • 8. e rsh ad Le ip c ac d vo A yFull mapping : Informatics Transform, IJDC Current issue, 2012
  • 9. o ver D isc y a ge St or S C RIFull mapping : Informatics Transform, IJDC Current issue, 2012
  • 10. n in r ai T g li cy PoPublic To facilitate citizen Understanding of open PVC ResearchEngagement Unit participation in the science methodologies and Director, research process infrastructure Communications Parti Deans & Associate cipat Deans, PIs n io The MediaFull mapping : Informatics Transform, IJDC Current issue, 2012
  • 11. Research360@Bath• Partnership approach • UKOLN-DCC • Library • IT Services • Research Support Office • Doctoral Training Centres • Data Scientist
  • 12. Infrastructure requirements:Delivering RDM Services(Providing tools & support)
  • 13. Understanding Data Requirements
  • 14. Data management plans
  • 15. • Advocacy & Training • Informatics: disciplinary metadata schema, standards, formats, identifiers, ontologies • Storage: file-store, cloud, data centres, funder policy • Access: embargoes, FOI
  • 16. What data to keepHow to cite data
  • 17. Data Licensing• Bespoke licences• Standard licences• Multiple licensing• Licence mechanisms
  • 18. Tools to track impact
  • 19. Data informatics capacity & capability(Acquiring the skills….)
  • 20. RLUK/Mary Auckland: Reskilling for Research 9 areas are skill gaps for subject librariansSheila Corrall: Libraries,Librarians and DataMany action exemplars2012: Libraries in review
  • 21. Skill gap 2-5 years Now Preserving research outputs 49% 10% Data management & curation 48% 16% Comply with funder mandates 40% 16% Data manipulation tools 34% 7% Data mining 33% 3% Metadata 29% 10% Preservation of project records 24% 3% Sources of research funding 21% 8% Metadata schema, discipline 16% 2% standards, practicesData from RLUK/Mary Auckland: Reskilling for Research 2012
  • 22. “Very few librarians are likely to have specialist scientific or medical knowledge - if you train as a research scientist or a medic, you probably won’t become a librarian.”RLUK/Mary Auckland: Reskilling for Research 2012
  • 23. Position LocationScience Data Librarian StanfordData Management Librarian Oregon StateSocial Sciences Data Librarian BrownData Curation Librarian NortheasternData Librarian New South WalesResearch Data Management SydneyCo-ordinatorResearch Data & Digital CambridgeCuration OfficerData Services Librarian IowaData Analyst ANDSInstitutional Data Scientist Bath
  • 24. Implications of “Big Data” and data science for organisations in all sectors Predicts a shortage of 190,000 data scientists by 2019
  • 25. Gaps? Opportunities??1. Define core components of data informatics • Metadata (discovery, preservation) • Domain ontologies • Visualisation e.g. VisTrails • Workflow e.g. Taverna • Analysis e.g. RLyon, Informatics Transform, IJDC 2012
  • 26. Gaps? Opportunities??1. Analyse LIS entry qualifications & increase STEM entrants Target • Biologists • Chemists • Mathematicians Lyon, Informatics Transform, IJDC 2012
  • 27. Gaps? Opportunities??1. International Data Informatics Working Group to explore promotion, recognition & reward • Global awareness campaign • Career incentives • Benchmark good practice Lyon, Informatics Transform, IJDC 2012
  • 28. “The ability to take data-to be able to understandit, to process it, to extractvalue from it, to visualiseit, to communicate it-that’s going to be a hugelyimportant skill in the nextdecades.” Hal Varian, Chief Economist, Google
  • 29. 8th International Digital Curation Conference,Amsterdam, 14-16 January 2013
  • 30. Thank you!Informatics Transform article details:Slides