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Informatics Transform : Re-engineering Libraries for the Data Decade
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Informatics Transform : Re-engineering Libraries for the Data Decade


Published on

VALA2012, Melbourne, Australia …

VALA2012, Melbourne, Australia

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  • 1. The Informatics Transform:Re-engineering Libraries forthe Data DecadeDr Liz Lyon, Associate Director, UK Digital Curation CentreDirector, UKOLN, University of Bath, UKVALA2012, Melbourne, Australia This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 UKOLN is supported by: A centre of expertise in digital information management
  • 2. “Data is the new oil.” Andreas Weigend, Stanford (ex Amazon)“The future belongs tocompanies and people that turndata into products”Mike Loukides, O’Reilly Media
  • 3. Data... a&hs=Jl2&rls=org.mozilla:en-GB:official&biw=1366&bih mulejunk/352387473/
  • 4. Oceans: last unmapped frontier? day-1-dutch-harbor.html
  • 5. ..using personaldata for research
  • 6. Share your genome data? • Buy a DTC kit • Join a project
  • 7. In a recent 2011 survey, Nature asked its readerswhether they had, or would consider, a genomeanalysis (n=1588) Have not/would not 15% Not sure Would if 13% given the 54% opportunity 18% Have had genome analysis
  • 8. Consumer data…
  • 9. One in every nine people on Earth is on Facebook30billion pieces of content are shared onFacebook each monthPeople upload 3000images to Flickr every minuteGoogle+ has > 25million users From 20 Social Media Statistics (Jeffbullas)
  • 10. …and conversations
  • 11. “Data is the new oil.” Andreas Weigend, Stanford (ex Amazon)Data is more like soup –its messy and you don’tknow what’s in it….
  • 12. Kyle Machulis“DIY”Humanphysiologydata
  • 13. “Herculean” and“Heroic”Particlephysicsdata
  • 14. “Crowd-sourced”astronomy
  • 15. Researchers need help tomanage their data.This is a really excitingopportunity for libraries…..
  • 16. with a bit of re-engineering
  • 17. 1. Leadership(Getting attention…)
  • 18. Six reasons why you should careabout managing your research data
  • 19. 1. Risk: where is your data? Photo credits: Harvey Rutt
  • 20. 2. Reputation : data access, FOI
  • 21. 3. Quality: data gold standard
  • 22. 4. Scale: an explosion of data“A single sequencer can now generate in a day what it took 10years to collect for the Human Genome Project”
  • 23. 5.Partnerships Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative: a unique (open) $60M partnership between NIH, FDA, universities and drug companies.“It was unbelievable. Its not science the way most of us have practiced in our careers. But we all realised that we would never getbiomarkers unless all of us parked our egos and intellectual property noses outside the door and agreed that all of our data would be public immediately.” Dr John Trojanowski, University of Pennsylvania
  • 24. 6. Funding EPSRC expects all those institutions it funds•to develop a roadmap that aligns their policiesand processes with EPSRC’s expectations by1st May 2012;•to be fully compliant with these expectationsby 1st May 2015.
  • 25. • Awareness of regulatory environment• Data access statement• Policies and processes• Data storage• Structured metadata descriptions• DOIs for data• Securely preserved for a minimum of 10 years
  • 26. Sticks …and Carrots
  • 27. 2. Research DataManagement services(Providing tools & support)
  • 28. Understanding Data Requirements
  • 29. Data management plans
  • 30. • Advocacy & Training • Informatics: disciplinary metadata schema, standards, formats, identifiers, ontologies • Storage: file-store, cloud, data centres, funder policy • Access: embargoes, FOI
  • 31. What data to keepHow to cite data
  • 32. Data Licensing• Bespoke licences• Standard licences• Multiple licensing• Licence mechanisms
  • 33. Tools to track impact
  • 34. Research360@Bath• Partnership approach • UKOLN-DCC • Library • IT services • Research Support Office • Doctoral Training Centres
  • 35. Partnership approachLibrary & institutional stakeholders•Roles (7 listed)•Responsibilities•Requirements•RelationshipsLiz Lyon, Informatics Transform, Ariadne Issue 68, 2012
  • 36. • Director IS/CIO/University Librarian• Data librarians /data scientist /liaison/subject/faculty librarians• Repository managers• IT/Computing Services• Research Support/Innovation Office• Doctoral Training Centres• PVC Research Data roles Liz Lyon, Informatics Transform, Ariadne Issue 68, 2012
  • 37. Full mapping : Informatics Transform, Ariadne Issue 68, 2012
  • 38. 3. Developing data informaticscapacity & capability(Acquiring the skills….)
  • 39. RLUK/Mary Auckland: Reskilling for Research 9 areas are skill gaps for subject librariansSheila Corrall: Libraries,Librarians and DataMany action exemplars2012: Libraries in review
  • 40. Skill gap 2-5 years Now Preserving research outputs 49% 10% Data management & curation 48% 16% Comply with funder mandates 40% 16% Data manipulation tools 34% 7% Data mining 33% 3% Metadata 29% 10% Preservation of project records 24% 3% Sources of research funding 21% 8% Metadata schema, discipline 16% 2% standards, practicesData from RLUK/Mary Auckland: Reskilling for Research 2012
  • 41. Pause for reflection….• Skills shortage for data informatics?• Reposition LIS curriculum?• LIS entry requirements?• Get credit for informatics work? Lyon, Informatics Transform, Ariadne 2012
  • 42. Play for action….1. Define core components of data informatics • Visualisation e.g. VisTrails • Workflow e.g. Taverna • Analysis e.g. RLyon, Informatics Transform, Ariadne 2012
  • 43. “Very few librarians are likely to have specialist scientific or medical knowledge - if you train as a research scientist or a medic, you probably won’t become a librarian.”RLUK/Mary Auckland: Reskilling for Research 2012
  • 44. Play for action….1. Analyse LIS entry qualifications & increase STEM entrants Target • Biologists • Chemists • Mathematicians Lyon, Informatics Transform, Ariadne 2012
  • 45. Let’s get together
  • 46. Play for action….1. International Data Informatics Working Group to explore promotion, recognition & reward • Global awareness campaign • Career incentives • Benchmark good practice Lyon, Informatics Transform, Ariadne 2012
  • 47. Position LocationScience Data Librarian StanfordData Management Librarian Oregon StateSocial Sciences Data Librarian BrownData Curation Librarian NortheasternData Librarian New South WalesResearch Data Management SydneyCo-ordinatorResearch Data & Digital CambridgeCuration OfficerData Services Librarian IowaData Analyst ANDSInstitutional Data Scientist Bath
  • 48. Datajournalist? Data artist?
  • 49. Implications of “Big Data” and data science for organisations in all sectors Predicts a shortage of 190,000 data scientists by 2019
  • 50. “Big Data”Data scientistData Science Revealedcommunity survey
  • 51. For a University, research data is akey element of “Big Data”.Managing research data effectivelywill give business advantage.
  • 52. Data-intensive research • Intelligence • Decision-making • Planning • Investment • Capacity • Capability
  • 53. CommunityCapabilityModelFrameworkCCMF • Research Funders • Institutions • Research leaders/PIs
  • 54. “The ability to take data-to be able to understandit, to process it, to extractvalue from it, to visualiseit, to communicate it-that’s going to be a hugelyimportant skill in the nextdecades.” Hal Varian, Chief Economist, Google
  • 55. Libraries are on a data journey-the Informatics Transform isthe first step in a newdirection…
  • 56. Thank you!Informatics Transform article (in press) use details:Slides