Stanford Design Thinking: prototype online community study coach


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2 prototypes of an online website to help students in the transition from school to work

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Stanford Design Thinking: prototype online community study coach

  1. 1. DESIGN THINKING PROTOTYPING & TESTING Lisette Davis – Sidra Marketing
  2. 2. PROBLEM STATEMENT A study coach who actively searches for students who are facing problems during their study and helps them to catch up. .. to prepare students well enough so they finish their study with good results and will find a nice and satisfactory job after their study. .. developing organizational skills during their study will also help when searching or applying for a job and in their professional life.
  3. 3. 3 Ideas 1. Practical Activate network of students to help them gain the right set of skills and experience 2. Disruptive idea Integrate creating experience and skills in every study, as a standard part 3. Favorite Create an online community where students can find information, experts and help to gain skills and working experience 2 protoypes!!
  4. 4. Favorite idea: 2 prototypes 1. Online community study coach Sarah Community from study coach Sarah for all students who need information or help with the transition school to work. Sarah helps you to plan and structure your transition process. 2. Interactive forum From students, for students. Interactive forum where you can ask others for information about the transition. Or you can answer questions if you know the answer and want to help others.
  5. 5. Ask an expert:Ask an expert: companies, graduates,companies, graduates, teachers, trainers etc.teachers, trainers etc. Slider with 3 actual topics Meet the study coach (explanation goals community) Home Ask questionsAbout jobsAbout learning Questions?Questions? Ask Sarah, yourAsk Sarah, your online study coachonline study coach Everything you need toEverything you need to know about jobs,know about jobs, companies & workingcompanies & working lifelife Meet up and find yourMeet up and find your own buddyown buddy in your area!in your area! Prototype 1: study coach Sarah  Slider with 3 actual topicsSlider with 3 actual topics 
  6. 6. What worked? • Personal approach by the study coach Sarah • Website is evidently for practical use • Strength of website is depth and not a wide angel What could be improved? • Content is very broad in subjects, perhaps a focus in a specific topic is easier For example: focus on top 3 issues students • Give a brief explanation of the website: for who & what can you find? • Instead of ‘ask questions’, let Sarah offer a specific product. For example ‘a plan in 3 steps to get your first job’ • Think about communication website to? Where? ! Ideas • Make the website more specific for one field of expertise or study • Make a more personal approach possible: F2F for students who need personal counseling • Let teachers inform students with problems about the website • Solve problems with F2F solutions (20% of students) • Use social media on the website ? Questions • What do you ask the study coach and what do you ask the other experts? Answer: study coach is the process manager (transition process) and the other experts can give information in their area of expertise (content related) • What is the target group? A specific group or every student or starter? • What is Sarah’s role? Is she a process manager for the transition school to work? Prototype 1: study coach Sarah
  7. 7. Logo study coach community HomeHome BlogsBlogsNewest postsNewest postsThemesThemes New posts How to find a good online course Companies that offer good internships Which skills are necessary at a office job Themes Answers to all your questions about finding a job Welcome to the online study coach community! • Answers to all your questions about finding a job • Interactive network with XX experts • Share your knowledge and become an expert BlogsBlogsJoin our newsletter Graduate HR officer Marketer Prototype 2: forum by and for interested people
  8. 8. What worked? • Cases from 3 persons are very appealing • The blogs from 3 ‘experts’ give a glance into working life • Forum is for 1 specific school and their students, as an extra service • Easy to set up What could be improved? • Make the title of three cases more personal, for example: Mary found her job in 3 days • Put the ‘newest posts’ not in the header • Put more focus on signing up and build your profile • Lay out is not very appealing for students, forum should have an attractive lay out ! Ideas • Maybe it is a good idea to also let alumni or employees from companies join to answer questions • Improve the header (is a very general line) so that it is more appealing to the target group • A good content moderator can be of value • Collect the good ideas and publish them on school website of discuss in class ? Questions • What is the target group? Students at the end of their study? Starters? • How does the site work? • Is there a chance that students don’t feel save in asking questions to other students (even class mates): • How do you guarantee anonymity or private matters? Prototype 2: Forum by students
  9. 9. Reflection & progress  Learned by testing prototypes  Thinking from a different perspective  Talking to someone brings new ideas  Talking to others can be inspiring  Very helpful for optimizing  What to do next if the project was continued  Adjust the prototypes according to feedback and new ideas  Let a designer create a ‘professional’ prototype  Complete the prototypes with a clear description/plan (goals, results, target groups, communication etc.)  Ask feedback from management/study coaches of several schools  Adjust the concept & prototypes according to second feedback  Try to sell the concept to schools