The Construction of the I-40/I-77 Interchange August 9, 2012


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Overview of NCDOT plans for improvements to I-40/I-77 in Statesville

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The Construction of the I-40/I-77 Interchange August 9, 2012

  1. 1. N.C. Department of Transportation The Construction of I40/I77 Interchange August 9, 2012
  2. 2. I-40/ I-77 Need for ProjectVery Important Crossroad of North CarolinaBuilt and opened in Late 1960’sHas outlived its service lifeCurrent configuration does not meet todays designguidelines, i.e. weave distances, size of radiusesOriginal Traffic Projections were 5000vpd, today the traffic on both interstates is about 70,000vpd, thisis projected to be about 110,000vpd in 2035
  3. 3. I-40/I-77 Interchange Project to Be Built in Three PhasesA I-40/US 21 Interchange and work along I-40 with Ramps from I77 NB to I40 WB and ramp from I-40 WB to collector Dist.B The I-40/I77 Interchange ProperC Peripheral ends of Interstates
  4. 4. I-40/I-77 Interchange Time LinesI-3819A Let to contract June 19 2012I-3819B Let to contract March 2016I-3819C Post YearR/W is being secured for entire corridor at this time
  5. 5. I-40/I-77 Interchange What is being BuiltI-40Widen to six lanes from NC 115 to Old Mocksville Rd withcollector distributors at 21 (EB and WB)I-77Widen to six lanes from South of Broad St. to Jane SowersConstruct Multi Level Interchange of the two Interstates
  6. 6. I-40/I-77 Interchange What is being BuiltUS 21Reconstruct from just north of Glenway Dr. to BB&T southof the interstate with a Double Diverging Interchange at I-40Broad SteetWiden from just past Lower Mall Entrance to justpast Cynthia Street
  7. 7. I-40/I-77 InterchangeNew Bridge at Radio Rd.New Bridge Davie Ave.Broad Street Bridge will be reconstructedExisting Interchange at Old US 64 will be closedI-40/Old Mocksville Rd will be upgraded
  8. 8. I-40/I-77 Interchange How Much will it cost?Construction of entire project will cost approx. $251,000,000.00
  9. 9. Final Configuration of Interchange I-40/I-77 InterchangeN
  10. 10. I-3819 A What is being ConstructedI-40 WB Collector DistributorI-40 WB complete to final configuration (Minus one lane)Reconstruct Radio Rd BridgeNew Bridge over US 21 and 4th CreekDDI Interchange at I-40 and US 21I 77 NB ramp to I 40 WBI 40 WB to I 77 NB and to Collector Dist.Reconnection to Gaither Rd.Noise Walls and Retaining Walls
  11. 11. I-40 at Old Movie Theater N
  12. 12. I-40/I-77 Initial InterchangeN
  13. 13. I3819 A Time Line and CostConstruction to begin August 2012Project Completion Date March 2017Cost approximately $90 millionBridges being built to accommodate future projects
  14. 14. I-3819A… US 21 DDI What is DDI1.DDI is Double Diverging Interchange2.Will require traffic to cross over onto oppositeside3.Eliminated the need for conflicting left turnmovements…thus eliminating conflicts andcongestion4.Will allow US 21 to flow freely5.Median Island will prevent left turns out
  15. 15. US 21Reconstruct US 21 to 4 lanes with a median islandSidewalks will be constructed on both sidesMedian Island from 4th Creek Bridge south thru DDI to the south end of construction, this will prevent left turnsFull access will be allowed at Carolina Ave. via a signal
  16. 16. Gaither RdThe two way traffic on the existing interstate ramp will be closed offGaither will access US 21 via a new Rd from just beside the Furniture Store and will intersect US 21 at a Signal at Glenway Dr, between Chili’s and Wendy’s.
  17. 17. US 21 Gaither Rd Connection
  18. 18. Noise and Retaining WallsBoth Noise and Retaining Walls will be built:Retaining Walls will be a combination of MSEs (Segmental Precast Units) and Soil Nails with a shotcreate facades.Noise walls will be precast modules with concrete piles, the facade will be a simulated stone masonry pattern on both sides.
  19. 19. Noise WallsNoise Wall Locations:I-40 Westbound Begins directly across from Western Ave. Baptist Church (just west of Radio Rd Bridge) and runs to where Museum Rd. moves away from I-40I-40 Eastbound Begins at east side of Radio Rd and continues down interstate and down ramp at US 21 to
  20. 20. Noise WallsI-77 Southbound Begins just south of Davie Ave and runs southward and up ramp to Broad St. Begins again at the Creek just south of Broad St and runs southward to behind the Catholic Church
  21. 21. I-40/I-77 InterchangeNCDOT will do significant Public Relations as the project nears and during the life of the projectThe project will have its own dedicated Website where up to date information will be posted
  22. 22. Contact Info ContractorZachary Construction Corp.www.zachryconstructioncorp.com12625 Wetmore Road, Suite 301 San Antonio, Texas 78347(210) 871-2700
  23. 23. Contact Info NCDOTJohn Cook, Resident Engineer124 Prison Camp RoadStatesville, NC 28625Email: jrcook@ncdot.govPhone: (704) 876-3543
  24. 24. Questions?Feel Free to contact anyof the NCDOT Personnelin attendance tonight.