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Put Yourself Out There
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Put Yourself Out There


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Talk by Alison Wildish on "Put Yourself Out There" at UKOLN's "Exploiting The Potential Of Blogs and Social Networks" workshop on 26 November 2007. …

Talk by Alison Wildish on "Put Yourself Out There" at UKOLN's "Exploiting The Potential Of Blogs and Social Networks" workshop on 26 November 2007.

Published in: Technology, Sports
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  • 1. Put yourself out there Alison Wildish, Edge Hill University – November 2007 Image courtesy of markhillary on Flickr -
  • 2. Edge Hill University : in context
    • Awareness raising
    • Garden Fence Test
    • Word of Mouth
    Image courtesy of ~k~ on Flickr -
  • 3. The word on the street… People talking about you is the best form of advertising/pr No publicity is bad publicity?! Image courtesy of vaticanus on Flickr
  • 4. Some facts
    • People are going to talk about you…
    • … down the pub, in the local post office or on a social networking site or blog… they’ll still talk… they still say the same things…
    • The boundaries are blurred; it’s common to mix business/study with pleasure
    • Students don’t come into Uni and leave their personal lives at home…
      • … but neither do staff!!!
    Image courtesy of kuyttendaele on Flickr
  • 5. Regardless of any institutional policy our students and staff will use social networking sites Image courtesy of Wanderer and Wonderer on Flickr
  • 6. Our approach…
    • Great!
    • We’ll make it even easier for you!
    • We have a range of communication channels but we’ll plug them into Facebook (and the like) and plug your social networking tools into our portal(s) too
    “ Everyone’s on it ” “ Really useful ” Image courtesy of redking on Flickr
  • 7. Our policy / strategy… Image courtesy of Aaron Michael Brown on Flickr … not to have one! Not even for T&L Compliment to marketing An added extra to communication
  • 8.
    • If they want it they’ve got it
    • - If they don’t then no problem
    • - If putting things in social networking (or using Facebook) IS your strategy then you start to have a problem…
    Image courtesy of terwilliger911 on Flickr
  • 9. Concerns… Image courtesy of Fiona Macginty on Flickr
  • 10.
    • The problem
    • Named individual inc. photographs
    • False allegations
    • The solution
    • Proper channels – report group
    • AUP
    • Libel and defamation laws
    “ Edge Hill students being molestered by security! ” Image courtesy of beckaramie on Flickr
  • 11.  
  • 12. “ Keele University has ordered its students to watch their mouths on Facebook, and asked them not to express dissatisfaction with the institution on social networking sites. ”
  • 13.  
  • 14. Image courtesy of MsAnthea "Anthéaïs" on Flickr
  • 15. “ I’ve turned down friending requests from students, but they can see what I’m up to anyway on the Edge Hill network ” Rob Spence, Edge Hill University “ I don’t make friends with students, but if they choose to add me to their friends list, then that’s fine ” Emma Image courtesy of domake.saythink on Flickr
  • 16. It’s just a compliment to other services What can you ACTUALLY guarantee anyway?! Image courtesy of philcampbell on Flickr
  • 17. Open | Accept Allow | Encourage Image courtesy of emdot on Flickr
  • 18.  
  • 19. Thanks for listening Any questions? Alison Wildish Head of Web Services Edge Hill University Image courtesy of halighalie on Flickr