Developing My Online Professional Learning Network


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This presentation on "Developing My Online Professional Learning Network" by Brian Kelly, Innovation Advocate at Cetis, University of Bolton for the virtual symposium an assignment for the Hyperlinked Library MOOC.

The slides were created on 13 November 2013.

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Developing My Online Professional Learning Network

  1. 1. Slides available under a Creative Commons CC-BY licence Hyperlinked Library MOOC Virtual Symposium: Developing My Online Professional Learning Network Brian Kelly Innovation Advocate Cetis University of Bolton, Bolton, UK Email: Twitter: @briankelly Blog: Web site:
  2. 2. • 2 vvv What am I taking away from the Hyperlinked Library MOOC? Processes for planning the development of my Online Professional Learning Network.
  3. 3. THE DEVELOPMENT OF MY ONLINE PROFESSIONAL LEARNING NETWORK the development of my Online Professional Learning Network. The development of my Online Professional Learning Network 3 Cartoon created using Pixton
  4. 4. UK Web Focus at UKOLN, 1996-2013 My background: • Helped set up a Web site at Leeds University in 1993. • A national Web adviser based at UKOLN from Oct 1996 - July 2013 • Organiser of the annual IWMW event from 1997-2013 for members of university Web management teams • A large and well-established community based around an event 4
  5. 5. Beyond the Physical Community The depiction of Twitter connections for IWMW 2012 participants illustrates importance of online connections 5 Visualisation created by Tony Hirst (@psychemedia)
  6. 6. Beyond the Physical Community A mosaic which uses the Twitter avatars of my Twitter network Described in a blog post “You Are Not Alone – You Do Not Live In A Vacuum!” 6 Mosaic created by
  7. 7. Beyond the Physical Community This depiction of my Twitter connections illustrates my diverse communities 7 Visualisation created by Tony Hirst (@psychemedia)
  8. 8. A New Job … • 8 cc
  9. 9. … and New Challenges Need to: • • • • Build links with new colleagues Respond to the challenge of working from home (everyone is normally an online contact!) Develop connections relevant to my new role Explore ways in which existing contacts may provide useful in the new job • 9 cc
  10. 10. The Hyperlinked Library MOOC Helped The Hyperlinked Library MOOC assigned helped: “practical assignments for applying the experiences that you are having while considering the lectures and content as well as to motivate you to create artifacts that have relevance in your professional life. ” 10
  11. 11. The Hyperlinked Library MOOC Helped • 11
  12. 12. The assignment was published on 6 November 2013 12
  13. 13. Goals for my OPLN The specific requirements are to produce: A Goals Statement: which will clearly indicate what you hope to accomplish in your OPLN. My online professional network will provide a soundboard for my ideas, a way of finding out about what my user communities may want and what they find interesting, a means of helping to identify new funding opportunities and, last but not least, a way of having fun in my professional activities and ensuring that my work is interesting and stimulating. 13
  14. 14. Scope of my OPLN The specific requirements are to produce: A Defined Scope: brief narrative that can help define the scope of where you will be culling your resources. 14 I have identified the following groups which I will need to engage with in order to support my work at Cetis. • Broad communities: Staff at Cetis and the University of Bolton; key national event organisers and committees and funding bodies • Subject areas: The e-learning community; the learning analytics community; the standards community; the accessibility community and the openness community
  15. 15. Key Resources for my OPLN The specific requirements are to produce: A Resource Network: essentially, lists of resources that meet your goals and scope. I have identified a set of key resources which I will use to engage with my communities. • Mainstream tools: Twitter, blogs, LinkedIn, Slideshare, mailing lists, …. • Other tools: e.g. Skype • F2F opportunities: Such as conferences & other events 15
  16. 16. F2F Connections 16 The Old Man and Scythe, one of the ten oldest public houses in Britain (image from Wikimedia Commons)
  17. 17. Network Maintenance Plan for my OPLN The specific requirements are to produce: A Network Maintenance Plan: This will provide answers to questions such as: How will you maintain your online professional learning network? When will you adjust it? At what points will you actively add to it or delete from it? My new job will provide an opportunity to prune my professional network, removing Twitter accounts, blog feeds, etc. which are no longer relevant to my new role (unless, for example, I still gain value for the personal connections). 17
  18. 18. Maintenance of my Twitter Network • 18 vv Tools such as Justunfollow and ManageFlitter help me to understand my network. Next step is to decide who to unfollow
  19. 19. Visualising My OPLN The tool was used to provide a visualisation of my OPLN 19 Visualisation created by
  20. 20. Review My takeaways: • • • 20 The value of planning for an Online Professional Learning Network The need to maintain the network – and even delete contacts in the network (though this may be painful) But we mustn’t forget the face-to-face contacts Further thoughts, please see my blog at