Miami Date Teleseminar September 09


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Teleseminar presentaton for Miami Financial Planning Association members;
financial planners, money managers and insurance agents.

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  • Teach from overheadListon, drkdn, Company, Inc.

    crededentials are important, must be active
    bright, alive, showing off competencies Liston, drkdn
    sell in first paragraph, be clear about what you do
    Impact of your work (QUANTIFIABLE dETAILS)Liston

    Story Ideas, use overheads of actual articles

  • Miami Date Teleseminar September 09

    1. 1. How to Harness the Power of the Media and Grow Your Practice • Miami Dade and Broward Chapters of the FPA • September 18, 2009 • by Lisbeth Wiley Chapman
    2. 2. Media Smart Marketing Strategies Will… • Establish reputation • Create referrals • Build revenue
    3. 3. Understand How the Media Works • Advertising • Readers • Stories • Sources • YOU
    4. 4. Three Strategies • Shaping perceptions of your expertise • Creating newsworthy story ideas • Building relationships with the media
    5. 5. Tip • Did you realize? Media quotes create reputation, perception of expertise and they are free • Advertising is costly, ephemeral, requires repetition
    6. 6. Become the Trusted Expert • Gain authority with prospective clients using resources you already possess • Industry trends • Client questions • Analysis and research • Industry contacts
    7. 7. Shaping Perceptions Create Your Image • What do you do? For whom? What expected results - benefits? • Shape perceptions YOUR way • Ink&Air delivers media campaigns and web communication strategies that build reputations, referrals and revenues for financial services firms and professionals.
    8. 8. Creating Newsworthy Story Ideas • Story Sources -- Your existing prospective clients, colleagues • Story Content -- Questions you answer for your clients • Story Timing -- There is a seasonality to news and financial issues
    9. 9. TIP • Create lists: • Three key reasons to consider ETFs in your portfolio. • Five ways to protect your assets for your heirs. • Top three mistakes homeowners make in managing their mortgages.
    10. 10. Developing Relationships with the Media • Be discriminating about the media you try to reach • Know your expertise • Save the “I could have said that” quotes • Prioritize providing content for internet websites
    11. 11. Create a Target Media List • What do your clients read, watch, listen to? • What websites do they visit often? • Ask clients for introductions to media known to them • Write for editorial calendars of target publications
    12. 12. Editorial Calendars
    13. 13. Attracting New York Media • National media is voracious for sources • CNBC, CNN, Bloomberg need sources who can drop everything and get to a studio • Introduce yourself with a media kit
    14. 14. Tip • It is easier to become a source for a national publication • Metro newspapers use syndicated columnists for investing and personal finance topics - contact those reporters • Itʼs often easier to reach national reporters than local ones
    15. 15. Create A Media Kit • Media Biography (credentials) • Story idea lists • Good updated photo • Pre-existing media clips (reprint permission) • Corporate capabilities brochure • Pitch letter
    16. 16. When “No” May Mean “Yes” • Follow up your story idea • Look for “yes” another way • Try “ambulance chasing” • Focus on syndicated columns
    17. 17. Using Third Party Endorsements • With reprint permission: • E-mail clients, referral sources • Website, electronic newsletters • Print newsletters, requests for referral • Notebook in office
    18. 18. The Internet as Image • You should consider a web site an essential piece of your marketing plan • Most prospects will expect you to be technologically up-to-date
    19. 19. The Web Offers Efficiencies • You get to tell your story, your way • It is vastly less expensive than print, broadcast, or direct mail • You can offer added value to move investors from prospects to clients • But only if you drive the traffic you want!
    20. 20. Web Site “Musts” • A site must be worth visiting • Create an easy-to-remember address • Give people a reason to return • Consider Case Studies • Link to useful resources
    21. 21. What a Boost in Targeted Traffic Can Mean • Visitors who are your target audience • Visitors who will click on key pages • Visitors who may register to download added-value information • Visitors who may request a follow-up call
    22. 22. Continually Advertise Existence of Web Site • Include address on all letterhead, reports, envelopes • Send regular e-mails about new content • Use website address in any advertising or PR
    23. 23. Traditional Web Site Marketing Strategies • Direct mail • Repetitive post cards • All correspondence
    24. 24. Visibility in Community • Little league team name • Where are your prospects? • Library • Symphony • Charities • Grandparent activities
    25. 25. Web Site Marketing Strategies: Specialized Ads • Frequency is important • Publications MUST exactly target your HNW prospects • Can be inexpensive, but not necessarily
    26. 26. What is “Added Web Value” for Visitors: • An electronic newsletter • A white paper on key HNW topic • Lists and how-to case studies • Bells & whistles (market activity, links, calculators, resources) • Links to good news clips about you
    27. 27. Web Marketing Strategies: Electronic Newsletter • Short takes on consumer subjects • Announce free seminars • Case studies of HNW issues • Professional colleagues as guest columnists • Format very easy to forward
    28. 28. Web Site Marketing Strategies: White Papers • Overview of timely subjects - Estate Planning and 1031 Exchanges - Benefits of Managed Accounts • 5 to 10 pages (include word count) - Hedge Funds, Yes or No - Executive Compensation Red Flags
    29. 29. Your Reputation is Yours Alone to Grow and Protect • Understand that people trust people they know • Harness the media to support your visibility • Build your reputation, referrals and revenues with media marketing!
    30. 30. Lisbeth Wiley Chapman Author of “Get Media Smart! Build Your Reputation, Referrals & Revenues With Media Marketing” • Wellfleet, Mass. • • • 508-479-1033 • FAX: 508-664-5659