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Bloggers vs Journalists: It's a Psychological Thing
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Bloggers vs Journalists: It's a Psychological Thing


Published on

Slides for today's "Bloggers vs. Journalists: It's a Psychological Thing" at SXSW. Jay Rosen will be speaking, I'll be managing the backchannel. …

Slides for today's "Bloggers vs. Journalists: It's a Psychological Thing" at SXSW. Jay Rosen will be speaking, I'll be managing the backchannel.

Twitter hashtag: #bvg

701 East 11th
Capitol A&D
Saturday 3/12, 3:30 PM

SXSW 2011

Published in: News & Politics
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  • 1. Bloggers vs. Journalists:It’s a Psychological Thing Twitter hashtag: #bvj Jay Rosen (jayrosen_nyu) with assistance from Lisa Williams, (@lisawilliams) Twitter hashtag: #bvg
  • 2. Twitter hashtag: #bvg Twitter hashtag: #bvg
  • 3. “I did not want topreserve, I wanted to to preserve, I wanted to “I did not want facts.”destroy the facts.” destroy the facts…” Lincoln Steffens Twitter hashtag: #bvg
  • 4. It should be over Twitter hashtag: #bvg
  • 5. The ideal “other” Twitter hashtag: #bvg
  • 6. “A lot of bloggers seem to be socially inadequate, pimpled, single, slightly seedy,bald, cauliflower-nosed young men sitting in their basements and ranting.” Andrew Marr, former political editor, BBC host, Andrew Marr Show Twitter hashtag: #bvg
  • 7. “Citizen journalism is the spewings andrantings of very drunk people late at night.” Andrew Marr Twitter hashtag: #bvg
  • 8. “They” let themselves go Twitter hashtag: #bvg
  • 9. “I think I have an unnatural obsession with and hatred of the editor of the (Columbus) Dispatch.” “teet,” a blogger Twitter hashtag: #bvg
  • 10. “Bloggers, on the other hand, representnothing. They whinge, carp, and whine about our role in society, yet they contribute nothing to it, other than satisfying their juvenile egos.” Editor’s column, Townsville Bulletin Queensland, Australia Twitter hashtag: #bvg
  • 11. Twitter hashtag: #bvg
  • 12. “Note to Ben Marrison: if you want to pretend that you are somehow better thanbloggers because you are less biased and less lazy, you might consider actually NOT being both lazy and biased. Don’t you know that’s our job? Joseph Mismas, Twitter hashtag: #bvg
  • 13. “No amount of random blogging and gotchavideos can replace the journalism that keeps a government accountable to its people.” Connie Schulz, Cleveland Plain Dealer Twitter hashtag: #bvg
  • 14. "Chicago Tribune reporters work in difficult and sometimes dangerous conditions. Theydo not blog from mommys basement, cuttingand pasting what others have reported, while putting it under a cute pen name on the Internet.” John Kass, Chicago Tribune Twitter hashtag: #bvg
  • 15. What do they have against basements, anyway? CC 2.0 licensed photo by crazytales562, flickr.c Twitter hashtag: #bvg
  • 16. grumbling about bloggers these days istantamount to yelling at the neighborhoodkids to get off your lawn. It makes you lookreally, really old Julie Di Caro, Chicago Now CC 2.0 licensed photo by firexbrat, Twitter hashtag: #bvg
  • 17. What would be nice tohave in there (and Imnot sure if anyonestate it openly) is if ajournalist said, YES! Iwould love to writewith recklessabandon the way thebloggers do. Id like toprint it out and post iton my refrigerator."Anna Tarkov Twitter hashtag: #bvg
  • 18. “Really good print journalism is ego-free.” Marc Ambinder, National Journal Twitter hashtag: #bvg
  • 19. I dont buy into the widespread delusion thatlegions of bloggers, compulsive twitterers or facebookers amount to a replacement for journalism. Frédéric Filloux, Liberation, Paris Twitter hashtag: #bvg
  • 20. Bloggers start out with a right to voice Twitter hashtag: #bvg
  • 21. The sad truth is that the Washington Post, in its general desperation for page views, now hires people who came up in journalismwithout much adult supervision, and without the proper amount of toilet-training." Anonymous comment, Twitter hashtag: #bvg
  • 22. "Bloggers will write that their mother loves them. Journalists will check it out." Steve Woodward, Twitter hashtag: #bvg
  • 23. Un-professionalism as a badge of pride Twitter hashtag: #bvg
  • 24. "Bloggers include political hacks, conspiracy theorists, and 40 year old guys with an obsession about Jar-Jar Binks." - Bob Bird, Boone Examinerphoto: Twitter hashtag: #bvgIstolethetv
  • 25. Its one Internet, one news system. Bloggers arent “outside” it. Twitter hashtag: #bvg
  • 26. Innocence is power Twitter hashtag: #bvg
  • 27. “Journalism v. blogging is a nonissue -- the issue is owned vs. free.” Greg Bean Twitter hashtag: #bvg
  • 28. When you claim press corruption: “You just slapped ever every journalist who hasuncovered corruption, died on a battlefield,or attended a city council meeting on YOUR behalf in the face.” "Functional Pages," commenting on Twitter hashtag: #bvg
  • 29. “Doesnt the distinction between bloggers and journalists boil down to resources?” Maureen Ogle author, Ambitious Brew Twitter hashtag: #bvg
  • 30. What makes it journalism? Copy editors. H/T David Cole, Twitter hashtag: #bvg
  • 31. “A blog is the unedited voice of a person.” Dave Winer Twitter hashtag: #bvg
  • 32. “A blog is the unedited voice of a person.” - Dave Winer Twitter hashtag: #bvg
  • 33. “There seems to be no end to argument in your world.” Bill Keller Twitter hashtag: #bvg
  • 34. Long ago (the 20s and 30s) they were forced to give up their voice in return for steady employment, institutional power, social position, and workplace peace. Twitter hashtag: #bvg
  • 35. “Objectivity as ideology was a kind of industrial discipline.” Michael Schudson “Why Democracies Need an Unlovable Press” H/T Megan Garber, NiemanLab Twitter hashtag: #bvg
  • 36. Thanks!@jayrosen_nyu Twitter hashtag: #bvg
  • 37. Twitter hashtag: #bvg
  • 38. Twitter hashtag: #bvg
  • 39. Twitter hashtag: #bvg
  • 40. Twitter hashtag: #bvg
  • 41. Twitter hashtag: #bvg
  • 42. Twitter hashtag: #bvg
  • 43. Twitter hashtag: #bvg
  • 44. Twitter hashtag: #bvg
  • 45. Twitter hashtag: #bvg
  • 46. Twitter hashtag: #bvg
  • 47. Twitter hashtag: #bvg
  • 48. Twitter hashtag: #bvg
  • 49. Twitter hashtag: #bvg
  • 50. Twitter hashtag: #bvg
  • 51. Twitter hashtag: #bvg
  • 52. Twitter hashtag: #bvg
  • 53. Twitter hashtag: #bvg
  • 54. Twitter hashtag: #bvg
  • 55. Twitter hashtag: #bvg
  • 56. Twitter hashtag: #bvg
  • 57. Twitter hashtag: #bvg
  • 58. Twitter hashtag: #bvg
  • 59. Twitter hashtag: #bvg
  • 60. Twitter hashtag: #bvg
  • 61. Twitter hashtag: #bvg
  • 62. Twitter hashtag: #bvg
  • 63. Twitter hashtag: #bvg
  • 64. Twitter hashtag: #bvg
  • 65. Twitter hashtag: #bvg
  • 66. Twitter hashtag: #bvg