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Orientation Summer school Powerpoint 2014
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Orientation Summer school Powerpoint 2014


Summer school information.

Summer school information.

Published in Education , Technology
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  • 1. Summer School 2014 Algebra 1 Semester A and B Alg Ess A and B I teach Algebra 2/Finite during the regular school year.
  • 2. » MY Lab hours: Mon and Wed 10:00-3:30 » Come get help Mon or Wed at EHS from me. » MY Virtual hours: Mon and Wed 4:00-6:00 » MY Virtual hours: Tues and Thurs 8:00-3:30 » ** I am happy to answer questions beyond my lab and virtual hours, as well as on Fridays and weekends  It just may take time for me to get back to you, as I have a second job and I am on the road a lot! » EHS lab is open Mon-Thurs 8-4:30. You may go to the lab any day to just work….No Labs on Fridays
  • 3. » Cell phone: 951-609-4537 » Email: » A text or email is preferred. When texting please state your name and which class you are in, within the text. » When emailing, please put name and class in the subject line, as well as a contact phone within the body of the email. » Do not use the message center within Plato to contact me. I will not respond to messages. I am here to help you. Contact me anytime
  • 4. » check your messages located within Plato twice a day, as I will be using the message center within Plato often to send important info. » Reminder: do not reply to the messages in Plato or send me messages through Plato. This is my way to get you info only. My contact info is in a previous slide of this Powerpoint or can be found on the course syllabus. » This is an independent online course! That means the student is solely responsible for keeping track with the given timeline and expectations of the class and deadlines. » Read messages from me carefully and follow directions. Sometimes it is a good idea to re-read old messages to help clarify what to do and not to do….
  • 5. » » You may need to download plug-ins to run some of the Plato modules. » You should have performed a computer software/plug-in test on your computer to see if you are up to date. » ical_Solutions/General_Technical_Solutions/Running_the_Acc essibility_Test » Copy and past the URL above to test your computer’s compatibility. » Try using a different browser. » For technical issues. Plato support Phone # 1-800-869-2200
  • 6. » You need to log in to the computer daily. » I can see if you are working in the program or just leaving your computer on standby  » Expect to be working every day for 5 hours or more. You can even work on Friday, Sat, and Sun. The more you do the faster you get done. » Must be done by June 30th last day to take Final if you are taking a second Plato class. Otherwise you have more time. » Must be done by July 22nd last day to take Final. End of Summer school. » Students may be dropped for not working daily. Contact me if special circumstances arise. Students who are dropped will receive a withdrawl/F on their transcript. » Students who do not finish will get a withdrawl/F » Students will not be allowed to continue during the regular school year. So you must finish all Units and take the final by the deadline. » Parent contact is difficult, so it is ultimately the students’ responsibility to work daily and keep up with the timeline given to them. » You may finish the course early. It is a self-paced class. So finish early and enjoy the rest of your summer.
  • 7. » You must answer 7 out of the 10 questions correct! I allow you four attempts without me needing to unlock. If you get a 7/10 or 70% email or text me to make the bubble green. 8/10 or higher the computer makes it green automatically. To unlock a Mastery you must go back through the tutorial answering all the questions before Plato will unlock the mastery for you. After 4 attempts it will lock it until you contact me. * Always contact me if you have any concerns or questions.
  • 8. » Don’t do off-line activities. »However, you still need to click on the off-line link etc…to make the bubble green.
  • 9. » No calculator. » No notes » Must get a 65% or higher. If not, then you must go back through the unit and retake the Post test. So study prior to taking the Unit Post Tests!!! » Once you finished a Post test email or text me to open the next unit. » A Post Test “should” be taken once a week-See timeline that you should have received from me. » Study prior to taking a Post Test. Must take all Post tests and Finals at the EHS lab for all classes. Bring ID and sign in prior to taking a Unit Post Test. Bring paper and pencil too.
  • 10. ˃No off-line activities required  ˃Mastery Quizzes 15% ˃Unit Post Tests 60% ˃End of Course Exam 25% See course syllabus  Take notes and really pay attention during each tutorial.  Your grade will be affected if you score better than 7 out of 10. Remember, 7/10 is a C-. So if you are trying to get an A or B in the class, pay attention when taking ALL Mastery, Unit Post or Finals.  Must score a 65% on Post tests to move on to next unit. See me if you are having difficulty.  Final is worth 25% so take notes as you move through the course.
  • 11. » Always take the Pre-Test for each unit. » If you don’t exempt out of a Module you must do…….from home or at school in the order shown.  The Tutorial  The Application  The Mastery Test  Off-line (just click it etc…then get out of it to turn bubble green) » If you DO get exempted (E) next to a module  The Tutorial SKIP  The Application- SKIP  The Mastery Test (Let me know if you want me to unlock it to try again. If you are having difficulty then maybe you SHOULD watch the tutorial) Must get a 70% or higher.  Off-line -Skip
  • 12. » Deadline Reminders » You must finish the entire course by the end of course deadline (July 22nd) or you WILL receive a withdrawl/F that will show on your transcript. » If you are planning on taking TWO summer school courses than you must be done by June 30th. Registration for the second course is July 1st . See your counselor or AP to register. » You may not roll-over course work to the regular school year. No exceptions!!! Even if you are almost done. You will have to start the course all over. So get it done by the deadline.
  • 13. » Start today with the first pre-test……. » Ask me for help …..text or email. » Have a quiet place to study without distractions at home or come to the EHS lab to have a quiet environment to work . » Start long sessions every morning, take short breaks, then do some more at night….. » Set goals……I will be done with unit # by …..Follow the timeline I created for you. » Allow yourself some fun time!!!! » Ask for help. Don’t feel like you are texting me too much. I am being paid to help you… » Come in the lab during my lab hours for face-to-face help. I’m at EHS Mon/Wed 10-3:30. » Mr. Kirkbride is available for face-to-face help at EHS labs on Tues/Thurs 11-4:30 » Read your messages in Plato carefully and follow directions- please.
  • 14. » Nike- just do it! » Get your head in the game! » Don’t procrastinate- It is what will keep you from finishing the course. » Just jump in- 5 to 6 hours a day is expected!!!!! » Never give up! » It’s only 6.5 weeks! » Be positive! » Seek help when you need it. Don’t wait. » Keep up with the timeline that I gave you. Are you behind? How are you going to catch up?