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Best practices of marketing communications projects for various businesses.

Best practices of marketing communications projects for various businesses.

More in: Technology , Business
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  • 1.  
  • 2. Click below to see examples: Event Management Direct Mail Campaigns Project Management E-Newsletter Publishing Email Campaigns Public Relations Activities Web Design Advertising Web-centric Campaigns Collateral Design and layout Channel Marketing Management Point-of-Purchase Displays Trade Show Event Coordination
  • 3. Web Design and Content Management
  • 4.
    • Project : Distributor internet portal web site.
    • Objective: To create one web site for ten distributors.
    • Tactics:
    • Collaborated with in-house web team to host a mini-web site for distributors.
    • Linked each distributor to our web site. Background coding automatically populated the entire content to their web pages.
    • Created look-n-feel for site and all content including web copy for promotions and products, web banners and other artwork as needed.
    • Managed all content, updates and maintenance.
    • Results: Controlled content, timing of updates, and the look-n-feel. The time to update one web site over ten web sites decreased ten-fold. The quality and accuracy of communication increased dramatically. The number of links we could drove them to increased as measured by the click-throughs and sales data.
    Inside pages Home page
  • 5.
    • Project:
    • An in-depth interactive, ecommerce website.
    • Objective:
    • Establish a new product with new distributor for residential medical market.
    • Tactics:
    • Designed web schematic and objectives.
    • Wrote and edited copy, created graphics, and obtained client approvals.
    • Worked with yahoo to create e-commerce and promotional activities, posted and promoted web site. Updated as needed.
    • Results : A web presence that built credibility and enabled new markets to open for a new product and distributorship.
  • 6.
    • Project: A bi-lingual training web site for professional landscapers on the safety, maintenance, & use of outdoor power equipment.
    • Objective : To showcase Shindaiwa as a leading expert in outdoor power equipment.
    • Tactics:
    • Wrote Creative Brief to launch idea.
    • Collaborated with leading trade publication to host web site on their home page.
    • Wrote all copy and worked with translator.
    • Acquired certification credits from association for those who passed the on-line tests.
    • Promoted new web site at industry conference.
    • Managed updates and sent certificates.
    • Results: Increased visibility to a larger customer base. Elevated the image of Shindaiwa as a leader. Over 400 registrations in first month.
    Creative Brief Web Site on Lawnandlandscape.com
  • 7. Trade Show Event Management
  • 8.
    • Project : Tradeshow Event Coordination
    • Objective: To introduce our company to the
    • smoke detector market and announce our
    • purchase of the smoke detector business.
    • Procedure:
    • Traveled to the East Coast company where the acquisition was located and sort out what booth property to keep and what to send to show.
    • Found new Booth Design House and Warehousing to make repairs, modifications and ship booth property to show.
    • Coordinated all logistics of the show including preparing press packets and schedules.
    • Attended the show and served as press contact.
    Results: Successfully transitioned, updated, and shipped newly acquired booth property in a very short time period.
  • 9.
    • Project: Tradeshow Event
    • Objective: To introduce to the Security
    • industry that GE acquired our company.
    • Tactics:
    • Change all signage on booth and create new hanging banners within one month following acquisition
    • Hired two stage performances and prepare PowerPoint for speaker.
    • Coordinated all logistics, traveled to show and coordinated booth set-up, tear-down and shipments.
    Results: People were lined up all day to get their picture taken with the chimpanzee. The GE people were impressed on how fast and how good the booth looked given the short time frame.
  • 10.
    • Project: Tradeshow Event
    • Objective: To introduce new products to the outdoor hand-held power equipment industry.
    • Tactics:
    • Arrange tradeshow logistics.
    • Worked with vendors to make product demo displays.
    • Prepared press packets and booth schedule
    • Served as booth press contact and workshop presenter.
    • Results: Successfully updated the booth with new product demo displays and increased sales leads.
  • 11.
    • Project: Create Booth-In-A-Bag tradeshow materials, instructions, and established warehousing and distribution.
    • Objective: To facilitate an easy and correct method of ordering multi-part booth materials for a variety of different tradeshow requirements.
    • Tactics:
    • Worked with Exhibit firm to develop materials.
    • Worked with warehousing and shipping facility to set-up item numbers and fulfillment process.
    • Developed the instruction booklet shown to the right and trained sales on how to order materials.
    • Results: The on-line item tracking numbers expedited ordering and the instruction booklet made it easier for sales to order. Resulting in less confusion with materials being returned and shipped more expediently.
  • 12. Collateral Design …with a web-centric approach 503.351.8292
  • 13.
    • Project : A direct mail brochure, CD, and web site.
    • Objective: To target customers who have purchased one of the top 20 commercial products and renew loyalty to the brand.
    • Tactics:
    • Created idea for ” Top 20 Hits” campaign.
    • Produced brochure with CD that took recipient to a unique URL address to learn about products while playing a “game” to win a Bose Wave Radio TM .
    • Tipped brochure into trade publication and mailed to existing customers .
    • Sent self-registered web leads to sales.
    • Results: Provided trackable, verifiable hot leads to sales which turned into renewed sales for top products.
    An e-newsletter article sent to sales describing in detail the campaign, the brochure, and the contest .
  • 14. Project : A Direct Mail Brochure targeting distributor’s resellers. Objective: To target distributor customers with a quarterly promotion Tactics: Created idea for quarterly promotion and executed this printed brochure, html emails, web banners, and mutliple other miscellaneous marketing projects to tie the campaign together. Worked with designer to produce targeted (customized with distributor logo) direct mail piece to distributor’s top resellers. Worked with distributor to implement a new Hotline Extension toll-free phone number for the unique call-to-action. Results: Provided trackable, verifiable hot leads to sales which turned into renewed sales. Direct Mail to 11,000: 3500 Synnex resellers, 4000 Electrograph resellers, 3500 Tech Data resellers - Obtained a free web banner for the Great Projector Giveaway. (Value $835) GPG Web Banner (1 week) touches 45,715 resellers / 89 requests - .19% response rate Web Banner
  • 15.
    • Project : A large format 8.5 x 11 color brochure
    • Objective: To develop a brochure about a couple to send to adoption agencies.
    • Tactics:
    • Developed several designs for client’s approval.
    • Wrote and edited copy.
    • Laid out brochure and created PDF for adoption web sites.
    • Results: Printed brochures and PDFs were sent to adoption agencies and the couple successfully adopted not one but two girls from the same mother.
  • 16.
    • Project : Photo Shoot and Sales Brochure
    • Objective: To develop a proposal for a sports sponsorship.
    • Tactics:
      • Took client photo shown above for his sports press promotions.
      • Created sales material shown at right for client to pitch a sports contract.
    • Results: Client won a large sports announcing contract.
  • 17.
    • Project : large and small format color brochures
    • Objective: To develop a 11” x 17” format brochure for sales presentations and a smaller tri-fold brochure for retail displays.
    • Tactics:
      • Edited copy
      • Created visual scheme and laid out brochures.
      • Coordinated 4-color printing.
      • Ordered display units and mailed with tri-fold brochures to pharmacys.
    • Results: The brochures were used to launch a new distributor into a new medical retail market using sales people and retail displays backed up by a robust web site.
  • 18.
    • Project : Brand Identitiy and 18 page Brochure
    • Objective: To develop updateable educational sales booklet.
    • Tactics:
      • Designed logo, created and printed business cards.
      • Edited 18 pages of copy
      • Created visual scheme and laid out 18 page booklet.
      • Coordinated printing of color cover and inside pages.
    • Results: The booklet was inexpensive to print and update with the black only inside layout. The client uses booklet to sell reading software to educators.
  • 19. Newsletters Galore . . . Traditional Print and E-Newsletters
  • 20.
    • Project: E-Newsletter, An update from Marketing Communications
    • Objective: To Communicate with Internal customer interfacing groups about all the latest Marketing Communication activities, promotions, sales materials available, etc.
    • Tactics:
    • Create and send html email with brief summary of e-newsletter content with links to e-newsletter on the company’s intranet.
    • Establish schedule, article ideas, edit copy, create graphics and links.
    • Links include downloadable PDFs of brochures that sales can send to customers in email. Part numbers link to product web pages, names link to product manager’s email, etc.
    • Results: A very educated sales force that gives sales the tools
    • to serve the customer better.
    E-mailed Newsletter brief with links to Intranet newsletter
  • 21.
    • Project: A bi-monthly distributor newsletter and a quarterly dealer newsletter.
    • Objective: To communicate with distributors and dealers about all the latest marketing activities, promotions, products, and sales materials available, etc.
    • Tactics:
    • Write, edit copy, take pictures, and create printable 2-color and 4-color documents.
    • Manage the printing process and the mailings.
    • Results: The informed distributor served the customer (dealer) better and the dealer was aware of all the latest news.
    Distributor Newsletter Dealer Newsletter
  • 22. January March February
    • Project: A targeted monthly newsletter to distributor sales reps.
    • Objective: To communicate with distributors and dealers about all the latest marketing activities, promotions, products, and sales materials available, etc.
    • Tactics:
    • Create a multiple page customized newsletter for top tier distributor sales.
    • Write, edit copy, and layout html newsletter.
    • Send newsletter in email to distributors.
    • Results: Kept Synnex (80 sales reps) aware of new Accessories, Channel Promotions, and other late breaking news. Monthly targeted impressions of 362 with 289 unique views.
  • 23. Displays . . . Point-of-Purchase, etc .
  • 24.
    • Project: Dealer Showroom Merchandise Displays
    • Objective: To display hand-held outdoor power equipment and accessories in dealer showrooms targeting commercial and homeowner landscapers.
    • Tactics:
    • Developed a merchandising plan and got it approved.
    • Worked with outside display vendors to manufacturer the displays and materials.
    • Trained sales staff on the use, set-up, and the on-going display program.
    • Results: An attractive display with seasonal changing point-of-purchase merchandise displays.
    Accessory Display HomePro Free Standing Display Before and after HomePro Brochure displayed on HomePro Stand with matching Graphics Header Card UPDATE
  • 25.
    • Project: Point-of-Purchase Kits for dealer showrooms.
    • Objective: To remain in-front of the end-user at all times during their visit to the dealer showroom.
    • Tactics:
    • Created a quarterly seasonal promotional merchandise plan.
    • Originated the concept to show all our products being used in one landscape picture and came up with “Make Your World Beautiful” to tie the promotion together.
    • Made a 18 x 24 inch 4-color poster and a counter mat out of the image. Also used the same image for the cover to a pocket and full size product brochure.
    • Results: An attractive point-of-purchase merchandise display.
  • 26. Channel Marketing Management
  • 27.
    • Project: Distributor Sales Promotions
    • Objective: To increase sales
    • Tactics:
    • Created theme and html email (samples pictured here) for themed promotions.
    • Created games and acquired prizes.
    • Identified target baseline and goals for sales bonus
    • Worked closely with sales to run promotion, track results and report the ROI.
    • Results: The excitement of the games and prizes increased sales.
  • 28.
    • Project: Distributor Floor Day “ PLAY TO WIN
    • At InFocus Floor Day” Promotion with games and prizes.
    • Objective: To bring in sales thru a baseline incentive program (May-July 31 st ) by implementing Floor Day activities with a Baseline incentive for specific SKUs.
    • Tactics:
    • Created html email (pictured at right) for themed promo.
    • Created games and acquired prizes.
    • Identified target baseline and goals for sales bonus
    • Went to Tech Data to run promotion on the sales floor.
    • Results: The excitement of the games and prizes increased sales.
  • 29.
    • Project: Create frequent communication using a variety of vehicles to reach distributors and resellers.
    • Objective: Grab attention and “mind share” of sales so they are excited and understand clearly the promotions, pricing, new products, and other marketing programs running.
    • Tactics:
    • Worked with Channel Marketing team to create quarterly promotion with theme and contest
    • Created web copy, html emails, web banners, floor days, and e-newsletters, etc.
    • Results: Increased sales!
  • 30. Project: Web Advertising for one month at one distributor targeting different product groups and channels Objective: Grab attention and “mind share” of distributor sales about rebates, spifs, new products and promotions. Tactics: Negotiated for good rates as well as “free” web banner ads. Worked with distributor to get metrics. Results: Increased sales! 4/12/2004 Internal pgs 61.502 58 .09% 4/12/2004 4/26/2004 Homepage 221,715 418 .19% 4/5/2004 4/12/2004 Sales Homepage 4,409 24 .54% 4/12/2004 4/19/2004 Sales Homepage 4,048 10 .25% Banner Ads Start Date End Date Location Impressions Clicks Click-Through Rate 5/3/2004 5/10/2004 Internal pgs 93,091 338 .36% 5/17/2004 5/24/2004 Internal pgs 58,139 173 .30% 4/5/2004 4/12/2004 Sales Homepage 4,409 24 .54%
  • 31.
    • Project: HTML Emails
    • Objective: To promote product sales through a themed promotion.
    • Tactics:
    • Collaborated with sales to create promotion.
    • Wrote copy and laid out html email.
    • Worked with outside sales and distributor to coordinate promotion approvals.
    • Purchased prizes, developed sales goals and measured results.
    • Results: The email was sent to distributor sales people that incented them to sell products to win a home theatre package. The email linked to product pages and InFocus web site to track sales. Sales were so strong the promotion was extended and another home theater was given away.
  • 32. Advertising… Creation and Media Management
  • 33.
    • Project: Advertising Campaign using co-op funding
    • Objective: To promote Intel network product and various Distributors using distributor/Intel co-op funding.
    • Tactics:
    • Sought approval for ad campaign. The idea of Intel creating ads for distributors was not tried before to protect Intel’s branding policies. However, approval was given because the ads looked like they came from the distributors.
    • Worked closely with outside ad agency in approving concepts, editing copy, and attending photo shoots.
    • Results: Intel controlled the quality, content, and placement of Distributor ads for the first time using co-op dollars.
  • 34.
    • This partial client list shows broad experience in marketing products and services for security, high-tech, manufacturers, government, hospitality, industrial and retail.
  • 35.
    • Turin Communications provides complete marketing communication services. We help to define your marketing needs and develop attainable goals. We are committed to great quality and service aimed at getting the results you require.