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  1. 1. AppalachiaExplore the history and culture of this beautiful region! Click anywhere to get started.
  2. 2. Click on the rocking chair next to the description to explore. Click anywhere else on the slide to move to the next section.Travel Information for Encyclopedia ofAppalachia Appalachia
  3. 3. A WebQuest is a mini-lesson. Click on any of the WebQuests on the next few pages that teachers have shared. You do not even need to hand anything in!“Exploring Appalachian Literature: Jayne Anne Phillips and Machine Dreams” -fromShepard UniversityIn this WebQuest, you will learn about Appalachian Literature and the life and work of the authorJayne Anne Phillips. You will take a look at her novel Machine Dreams and a few of its relevantissues.“Discover Appalachia: National Geographic’s Interactive Map”“All Through Appalachia” by Emily Jane Schankerman (grades 6-8)This WebQuest takes you on an adventure along the Eastern UnitedStates by focusing on the ones that the Appalachian Trail runs through. “The Music of Appalachia” (grades 3-5) Get some headphones! “What Does it Take to Be an Appalachian Musician?” by Tracy Arnold (grades 6-8) This webquest explores the different aspects of the Appalachian culture. It explores who can be classified as Appalachian, what it means and what it represents.
  4. 4. WebQuests Page Two!“Kentucky Culture” by Courtney Sanders. (grades 3-5) We willlearn about one of the cultural groups of Kentucky that was formed bythe people who lived in the Appalachian Mountains in the 1700s and1800s “Frontier Life Time Capsule” by Tim Bailey (grades 9- 12) This WebQuest requires students to research Frontier life in the Appalachian mountains circa 1780. “Rose, the Musical World of an Appalachian Cinderella” by Darlene Campbell (grades 3-5) This web quest uses an Appalachian version of the fairytale, Cinderella. Students will help the protagonist and her descendants solve problems, record history and learn about an era and place in American history “A Day in the Life of an Appalachian Person” by Laura A. C. (grades 3-5)
  5. 5. A wonderful online Appalachiancookbook from the East Tennessee State University!
  6. 6. The AMAZING site of The Shoe String Band onReverbnationThere is great audio, so grab your headphones!Here is the band’s MySpace PageHere is their FaceBook PageThe Shoe String Band’s Official Website!Fabulous Videos on The Shoe String Band’sYouTube Channel
  7. 7. One Minute Video Preview of the FilmAppalachian Journey by Alan LomaxYou can stream the whole film here Blue Ridge Music Trails: A Brief History of Blue Ridge Music By Joseph Wilson and Wayne Martin
  8. 8. STORIES! Transcripts of SouthernAppalachian English from TheUniversity of South Carolina
  9. 9. Appalshop is a non-profitmulti-disciplinaryArts and educationcenter in the heart ofAppalachia producingoriginal films, video,theater, music andspoken-word recordings,radio, photography,multimedia, and books.View their videos!
  10. 10. Appalachian PhotographicArchive on Flickr
  11. 11. Amazing Photographs from Ken Light