TN DEN Leadership Council


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This PPT introduces the members of the TN Discovery Educator Network Leadership Council.

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TN DEN Leadership Council

  1. 1. •Dogwood Elementary My Newest Classroom Toy…A Polycom! •Fourth Grade Teacher •DEN Since April ‘06 My Two Boys •Honors Coordinator My Two Boys •Mentor Team •PTO Secretary Dr. Seuss Day with local news anchor Abby Ham. A moment of peace at girl’s night out!
  2. 2. Jason Parrish Instructional Technology Coach, Area 3 - Memphis City Schools •Podcasting •Digital Audio •Technology Literacy & Integration •Information Literacy
  3. 3. t ook t his phot o at Laguna Be ach, CA while at t e nding a S FA Re ading Conf e re nce in Fe b. ‘0 6 . My t e aching root s be gan wit h pre s chool in uppe r East TN t he n t o Middle TN wit h s t int s including 1 s t and 3 rd grade s af t e r Re d is my diabe t ic e arning my de gre e s f rom TN S t at e U. . Pre s e nt ly, I ’m at who will t urn 1 7 in Augus t 0 7 . home in t he cit y of my birt h, Knoxville , as a 4 t h grade Along wit h my hus band Chris , t e ache r wit h t he Dogwood Dolphins , and in my nint h and most he ’s t he love of my lif e . t e ch involve d ye ar. This ye ar brought t he e xcit ing ins t allat ion Our f avorit e t ime s are basking in t he s un. of a S mart Board and a world of poss ibilit ie s t o my clas s room along wit h hours of t e ch planning. Whe n I ’m not in t he class room- love s pe nding t ime wit h t he girls, t hat ’s Momma on t he pillow, Vagrant just above , & t o t he That ’s Te ryl and myse lf at our f irst LC me e t ing; le f t , Momma’s and my baby- I t t y. wit hout he r I probably wouldn’t know about t he DEN. S he is high t e ch and de f init e ly ke e ps me on my t oe s .
  4. 4. First Grade Teacher Building Level Technology Coach Technology Trainer for Staff Editor of School Website Regional DEN Event, Allen, Texas - June, 2006 Tennessee Educator Spotlight article on DEN website Star DEN DEN member since August, 2005 Events Star DEN member
  5. 5. Scott Holcomb Instructional Technology Coach, Area 1 - Memphis City Schools •Podcasting •Digital Photography/ Video •Technology Literacy & Integration •Student of Life •Other “Skills” (numb chucks, bow staff)
  6. 6. Bradley County Schools Tim Childers  Certified Secondary English  Department Head for computer- aided instruction in math and English  Websites: Tim with wife, Lisa; daughters Brittany, Alycce, and Sarah; Interests include reading, music, and granddaughter Malia. The newest addition is blogging, and ballroom dancing granddaughter Sophia shown far left. POC for TN Blog Lake Forest Middle School Cleveland, TN