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    Microsoft Word - Paging, Headers, Footers Microsoft Word - Paging, Headers, Footers Presentation Transcript

    • Microsoft Word “How-To’s” Headers & Footers How to:Put you name and page number on the header (or footer).Control page numbers if the first page is different.
    • Name and Page Number
    • Name and Page NumberTo insert information at the top of the page (header) orbottom of the page (footer), first select the Insert tab.
    • Name and Page Number Choose: 1 - Page number 2 - Top (or bottom) of page 3 - Choose the position (left, center, or right)
    • Name and Page NumberNotice that now the header (or footer) area is open, and a pagenumber has been inserted.If you need additional information such as your name to appear,you can begin typing it now…
    • Name and Page NumberSimply make sure that your mouse cursor is in front of the pagenumber and begin typing.If you need your last name or other information to appeartoward the left, simply press the tab key a few times after typingyour information.
    • Name and Page NumberTo return to the body of your paper(leave the header/footer area),select Close Header and Footer.
    • Name and Page NumberIn some cases, you might have atitle page and not wish to have theheader appear on that page.
    • Name and Page NumberTo return to the header and footermenu, double-click the informationin your header or footer.
    • Name and Page NumberPut a check next to Different FirstPage. The header/footer willdisappear as soon as you add thecheck.
    • Name and Page NumberAlthough the header/footer no longerappears on the first page, it stillappears on the following pages.However…You may want your 2nd page to saypage 1 instead of 2…
    • Name and Page Number To have the page numbering start at a different number: 1 - Double-click in the header/footer area. 2 - Choose page number 3 - Choose Format Page Number
    • Name and Page Number Change Start At to zero (0). (Title page will be page zero, and your first page will now be page 1.) Adjust as needed if you need to start with a different number.