Academic Search Premier


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This presentation will show you how to navigate through EBSCOHost's Academic Search Premier database.

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Academic Search Premier

  1. 1. Academic Search Premier andSimilar EBSCOhost Databases
  2. 2. Academic Search Premier Perform Keyword searches here. Add special limiters here (full text, scholarly, date ranges, and more…
  3. 3. Academic Search Premier Use “drop-down” menus toUse checkbox to find ideas choose a particular place tofor similar or related words search (title, author, etc.). (Notand phrases required, but helpful.) Enter most important search words here. (click add row if you have more words to search on.
  4. 4. Academic Search PremierIn the lower part of the search screen are limiting options. Limitto just full-text articles, scholarly journals, articles publishedbefore or after a particular date, and much more
  5. 5. Academic Search Premier Results list…Limiters
  6. 6. Academic Search Premier These are from the column that appears on the left. You may continue to limit the articles after the search, if you still have too many in your search results list.
  7. 7. Academic Search PremierSearch results:This example shows an article which is available in “Full Text”(The actual article is available in the database.) Click on the article title to get more information or the “Full Text” link to see the article
  8. 8. Academic Search PremierSearch results:This example shows an article which is not available in “FullText” in this database. However, it might be available in anotherHACC Database. Click on the Find It! Button to check for that journal/magazine in another database. Please check with a librarian if you need help with this!
  9. 9. Academic Search Premier Article citation pageLink to the full-text Printing, emailing,article (if available). citing help, etc.
  10. 10. Academic Search Premier Journal information (name, volume & issue, date, pages) Additional information about article, including abstract (summary) of the article.
  11. 11. Academic Search PremierPrinting, emailing,citing help…
  12. 12. Academic Search Premier Citation Help – use with caution.
  13. 13. Academic Search Premier “PDF” version of a full-text article. Be sure to use the print option at top- left for printing.
  14. 14. Academic Search Premier“HTML” version of afull-text article.Be sure to use theprint option at rightfor printing.
  15. 15. Academic Search Premier If you put a check in the “Suggest Subject Terms” box, you will find ideas for similar/related words and phrases
  16. 16. Academic Search Premier (Additional subject terms to consider.)