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  • How close have some of your students come to giving up on school and learning?
  • Joe had just about given up on school. He was constantly being told to ‘try harder’ and ‘take his time’ when that was not the cause of his poor penmanship.
  • It took time for Joe’s teachers and parents to agree that Joe’s handwriting is what it is, and that it was time to stop fighting a losing battle.
  • Joe’s school didn’t spring for the deluxe version!
  • I keep a USB plugged in at all times for him to dump his work on. This way I can take it home and grade it at my own convenience.
  • Rankl accessibility

    1. 1. •How can he take notes, or read them while studying for that matter! •How can he complete his assignments in a timely manner? •How can the teacher understand what he knows when he is unable to communicate in writing?
    2. 2. Joe is a special education student who has been placed in an inclusion class. He is very bright and has a great memory, but when it comes to written assignments, he is unable to perform. Joe has provisions in his IEP that allow for him to give oral answers on tests and allows him extra time for completing assignments. It has been determined by his parents, teachers and the child study team that his inability to write is holding him back from attaining success in school.
    3. 3. As the company website points out… Sometimes the solution is simple.
    4. 4. The Writer A personal word processing machine that allows students with special needs to LEARN. Easy to use Even a digital immigrant can figure it out! Keeps files organized Converts to Word Documents Inexpensive – around $169 Less distracting than a computer, no games or Internet
    5. 5. •Basic word processing for note taking and written assignments. Small screen and basic graphics. Joe can’t hide behind the screen or play solitaire during science class!
    6. 6. •Spell check •Typing lessons to improve speed and accuracy •Math facts practice is available on newer models.
    7. 7. •Insert vocabulary words to have them shown on a split screen while writing. •Preloaded writing prompts
    8. 8. •Text to Speech Improves cognition for auditory learners. Built In speakers, or can be used with headphones. •Math Facts Practice Never hurts! •Word Recognition Helps students keep pace with class because they no longer stumble over spelling.
    9. 9. Joe’s assignment Plug sensor into USB port
    10. 10. Open a blank document in Microsoft word or any word processing program And point the infrared receiver towards the sensor on the back of the unit.
    11. 11. The file can now be edited, printed, emailed or saved on a flash drive.
    12. 12. From Joe’s teacher (me) Joseph’s confidence has gone up. He is now able to complete the assignments that his peers can and with a high level of success. Joe’s grades have improved. He is able to keep a binder with printouts of assignments and notes. He pays more attention during class and is becoming a better note taker. I am able to assess Joe’s knowledge without having to sit down with him and orally collect information. His time on task has improved and he contributes more to in class discussions.
    13. 13. www.writerlearning.com Created by: Lisa Rankl Fall 2009 Introduction to Educational Technology Dr. Shamburg