The healthy kitchen by rosie daley   the healthy kitchen  recipes for better body, life, and spirit
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The healthy kitchen by rosie daley the healthy kitchen recipes for better body, life, and spirit






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The healthy kitchen by rosie daley   the healthy kitchen  recipes for better body, life, and spirit The healthy kitchen by rosie daley the healthy kitchen recipes for better body, life, and spirit Document Transcript

  • The Healthy Kitchen by Rosie Daley The Peach And Blueberry Cobbler Is Worth The Price Of The Book...In Eating Well for Optimum Health, one of Amazons bestselling healthbooks of 2000, alternative-medicine maverick Andrew Weil revealed hisversion of the ideal diet (and backed it up with sci entific proof): a variety ofunprocessed, or whole foods; just-picked, organic vegetables; wholegrains; good fats, such as the omega-3 fatty acids found in fish and nuts;fresh herbs and spices instead of heavy sauces; and a minimum of meatand dairy products. Eating this responsibly is certainly an admirablepursuit, but home cooking of this caliber can be intimidating, requiringmuch more energy than it would to pull up to the drive-through and order aburger and fries. In The Healthy Kitchen, Weil succe ssfully teams up withRosie Daley, formerly chef at the ritzy Cal-a-Vie Spa, to show how to cookwith confidence within these dietary guidelines, creating dishes that are notonly good for you, but are also fun to prepare, beautiful to look at, anddelectable. For those of you predicting a tofu-fest, have no fear: Weilstresses hes unwilling to eat food that is boring, artless, and devoid ofpleasure even if its somebody elses idea of healthful. Indeed, the gorgeouscolor photography in The Healthy Kitchen will get you drooling over healthyentrées like Warm Chicken and Asparagus Salad and desserts like Lemon
  • Yogurt Sorbet. You can be proud to serve these recipes to your family andfriends--many of the appetizers and entrées are perfect party foods, sizedto feed a dozen. Some recipes are notably more complicated than others--Cold Vegetable Pasta Primavera involves grilling five different veggies;baked Vegetable Wontons are time-consuming if youre not familiar withthe folding process. However, Daley and Weil advise working your way upto these more complex dishes. Sprinkled throughout the book are wittyand wise health tips from Weil and cooking shortcuts from Daley. The twoadmit they dont agree on all cooking matters; Weil would substitutecashew milk for coconut milk and adds his two cents on making the ThaiShrimp and Papaya Salad spicier, for example. The Healthy Kitchenseems to be influenced a bit by Martha Stewarts Healthy Quick Cook, withWeils text shaded in that unmistakably Martha sage-green, and Daleys inwhat Stewart might call bisque. Both books emphasize seasonal freshfoods and boast sumptuous photography and tempting menu suggestions.However, Weil and Daley outdo her with calorie and nutritionalbreakdowns for each dish, shopping guides for easy meal planning, andtips on encouraging children to help out in the kitchen (and develop lifelonghealthy eating habits in the process). --Erica JorgensenThe Healthy Kitchen is as much a pleasure to read as it is to cook from.Throughout the book there are helpful tips from Rosie and discussions onhealthy eating from Dr. Weil. We learn that Rosie loves to shop at her localfarmers market and that Dr. Weil doesnt use butter. Some of the recipesdo call for butter and sugar but these are supposed to be for specialoccasions. Dr Weil recommends using olive oil or grapeseed oil and givessome substitution ideas for coconut milk (he likes cashew milk) and butter(he prefers a natural spread called Spectrum Spread). I liked his ideasabout buying oil in smaller containers so that it doesnt go rancid. There isalso a discussion on whether eggs are good or bad. It is important to notethat this is not a diet book, but rather a book about healthy eating.The recipes I tried include:Honey Ginger LemonadePeach and Blueberry CobblerWhole Wheat Baguettes with Sun-Dried Tomatoes and HerbsMiso SoupDr. Weils Lebanese SaladAs Im typing Im sipping on the Honey Ginger Lemonade. After drinking itfor three days I notice that it is best on the third day. You may want tomake this well ahead of time as the ginger is very subtle and seems toinfuse the lemonade a little more each day. While the drink was fairly tartto begin with I found that you can add in a few packets of Stevia (a naturalsweetener that tastes just like sugar) and it then tastes sweet without theneed to add more honey. I was actually surprised that the addition of ¼cup fresh ginger did not make the lemonade taste overly gingery. This isthe perfect recipe for lemonade at a picnic in the summer.
  • The second recipe I tried was the Peach and Blueberry Cobbler. Rightfrom the start I could tell this was going to be delicious. You cook thepeaches and blueberries in an orange juice infused glaze. When makingthe biscuits Id recommend mixing the sugar, baking powder and salt intothe flour before adding the butter. I also used a 13 x 9 x 2 -inch glassbaking dish and cut the biscuits with a small biscuit c utter so there were 24small biscuits. The dough was soft enough that it could be patted outinstead of rolled. Im thinking of doubling the filling ingredients (10 peachesinstead of 5) because then it might actually serve six people. This recipesays it serves 10 but I highly doubt that everyone will resist seconds so Idsay it is more for four to six people.The Whole Wheat Baguettes recipe is fairly straightforward except youonly need to use 2 cups of white flour instead of 2 ½. I instinctively knewshe was calling for too much flour so I left out half a cup to see if thatwould work. I ended up adding a little more water and used sun-driedtomatoes in oil instead of just dried tomatoes you soak in water. Idrecommend using a damp towel to cover the dough for the first rising butdont see why you need a towel during the second rising. Rosie doesnt callfor oiling the top of the dough but Id recommend it. I really got excitedabout making this recipe because I love breads with herbs, especiallyrosemary. The recipe also calls for chopped fresh basil. My husband keptasking me when the bread would be ready because the entire kitchen wasscented with garlic and herbs. The recipe makes two large loaves and thisis quite possibly the best herb bread Ive ever tasted. You may find that thebread bakes in 25-30 minutes instead of 40. This bread would go well withthe pasta recipes in In the Kitchen with Rosie: Oprahs Favorite Recipes.The Miso Soup was very simple to make. Miso paste was easy to find atmy local health food store. Since this is a fairly mild soup you may want toadd a little seasoning. I personally liked adding some of Emerils originalseasoning to make the soup a little spicy. If you cant find the wakameseaweed just use some cut up roasted seaweed sheets (Sushi Nori).Dr. Weils Lebanese Salad is delicious and great in the summer. I left outthe tomatoes and spearmint and used half the onion instead of a wholeonion. I also used half the feta cheese because it is so salty. Salt andpepper are added at the end to taste but Id also recommend sprinklingsome extra olive oil on each serving.Some of the other recipes you may enjoy making include:Chicken Satay with Peanut Dipping SauceMixed Bean Minestrone StewVegetable LasagnaGreens with Tangy Miso DressingApple Cake SquaresApple-Cranberry Crisp
  • Serrano Chili and Cilantro Cornbread MuffinsSavory Lobster-Mushroom CrepeGinger CookiesIf you have been cooking for a few years you will find the recipes to befairly straightforward. A short section on how to knead bread dough wouldhave been useful. Instructions for adapting the recipe for bread machinescould save time. I loved all the recipes I tried and Im looking forward totrying the Spiced Tea in the winter. It is probably impossible to create acookbook without some mistakes so if you can overlook a few tiny errorshere and there you can still discover some recipes you will make agai n andagain. I really love the ideas in this cookbook and all attempts seem tohave been made to make the recipes as healthy as possible (buttersubstitutes, olive oil, whole wheat flour, vegetarian fare, etc.). Ive rarelyfound a cookbook that had so many recipes I wanted to try.~The Rebecca Review8/12/2008 - The Baked Wontons are pretty good. I used 1/4 cup choppedshallots in place of the green onions and didnt add the ginger. The curryflavor actually goes really well with some Sun Luck Plum Sauce in place ofthe sauce you are supposed to make with dried mango.8/17/2008 - The Blueberry Pie with a Lattice Top is one of the best pies Iveever made. The filling is sweetened with maple syrup and the butter crustdidnt shrink like I expected it to. Ive tried other butter crusts with less luckbut this one kept its shape. The only issue I had to deal with while makingthe crust was the lack of enough water. It is very dry where I live. Ifneeded, just keep adding more tablespoons of ice water - I used 16 Tinstead of 10. For More 5 Star Customer Reviews and Lowest Price: The Healthy K itchen by Rosie Daley - 5 Star Customer Reviews and Lowest Price!