Inspire u featuring allissa haines~marketing with personality


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The Center for Compassionate Touch presents another Inspired U webinar~featuring Allissa Haines, creator of Writing a Blue Streak, a blog for massage therapists discussing business and ethics in the bodywork industry

Marketing is most effective when your message is a true reflection of you and why you love your work. Enthusiasm is magnetic and passion is a powerful storytelling tool. Interacting with potential clients doesn't have to be a smarmy experience that leaves you feeling like a shyster. Genuine marketing is about sharing your message with people whose lives could be improved by the service you provide.
~Learn how to build on your strengths and grow a clientele you truly connect with and enjoy!
Allissa Haines graduated from massage school in 2005 and started a small, general practice. Her clients include desk jockeys, high school athletes, weekend warriors, and the occasional kid on the autistic spectrum.

Allissa created Writing a Blue Streak, a blog for massage therapists discussing business and ethics in the bodywork industry. She is also a contributor to the Massage Learning Network a user-friendly and Comprehensive Massage Education Resource launching in the fall of 2011. Allissa is a member of both the AMTA and the ABMP, and enjoys coffee in large quantities.

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  • Inspire u featuring allissa haines~marketing with personality

    1. 1. Inspire U Webinar Series Presented by the Center for Compassionate Touch LLC wednesday, june 8,
    2. 2. Marketing with personalityfinding your voice and building relationships.Allissa Haines,
    3. 3. What is marketing?✤ Telling the world what you do, and why they would want to receive what you’re giving.✤ Authentically connecting with the community you want to serve. Brooke Thomas,
    4. 4. Typical Methods✤ Handing out business cards to everyone you meet.✤ Attend networking events, join Chamber of Commerce, BNI, etc.✤ Building a website, flyers, letters to other wellness providers, donate gift certificates for raffles.
    5. 5. Why (sometimes) typical methodsdon’t work✤ Not comfortable enough to be effective in that environment
    6. 6. Why (sometimes)typical methodsdon’t work✤ Not targeted to an individual’s needs
    7. 7. Change the ‘typical methods’ towork for you.✤ What do you like to do?✤ What things do you do that will help you connect with and understand certain needs?✤ Hobbies? Sports? Community groups?
    8. 8. Be truly interestED✤ Connect with a client by learning about their interests & needs✤ Fake interest vs genuine interest
    9. 9. Be interestING✤ Tell the story of why you do this work✤ Let your clients know who you are. In real life.
    10. 10. Ways to let the YOUshine through✤ Put personal bits in a newsletter ✤ book list ✤ achievements ✤ celebrations ✤ adventures
    11. 11. Ways to let you shine through✤ How you decorate your workspace
    12. 12. Boundaries & Professionalism✤ Be yourself...unless ✤ You’re a jerk ✤ You’re a flirt ✤ You’ve got a guilt complex ✤ You’re a pushover with your schedule
    13. 13. Go be yourself!✤ Marketing = connecting with people, who could become clients✤ Adjust marketing ideas so they work for you and your personality✤ Be interestED and interestING
    14. 14. Go be yourself✤ Let YOU shine
    15. 15. Join us for our next Inspire U Monday July 25, 2011 @ 8pm EST We’ll be joined by Cynthia Loving of Loving Scents~ Cynthia will share her knowledge of aromatherapy in a webinar entitled“Aromatherapy for Special Populations~ How we can safely and effectively use essential oils for many populations~not only for those in later life stages, but also for those with other life challenges’
    16. 16. Ann Catlin, NCTMB, LMT, OTR Lisa Parenteau, BA, LMTOwner and Director, Marketing and Training ConsultantCenter for Compassionate Touch LLC Center for Compassionate Touch lisa@compassionate-touch.org417-844-8514 617-797-7990