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Inspire U Billing for Massage Therapists with Vivian mahoney1

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Vivian Mahoney, Insurance Billing Expert and a Massage Hall of Fame Inductee, will be helping us to understand the ever-changing horizon of insurance billing and how you might introduce it into your …

Vivian Mahoney, Insurance Billing Expert and a Massage Hall of Fame Inductee, will be helping us to understand the ever-changing horizon of insurance billing and how you might introduce it into your successful practice! We will also be discussing Top FAQs about Insurance Billing for Massage Therapists and bodyworkers.

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  • 1. Inspire U Webinar Series Presented by the Center for Compassionate Touch LLC www.compassionate-touch.org
  • 2. Insurance Billing for Massage Therapists with Vivian Mahoney November 1, 2010 www.compassionate-touch.org
  • 3. Top Questions about Insurance Billing www.compassionate-touch.org
  • 4. Why Should I Accept Insurance? ✓ To help those needing therapy ✓ Helping those who cannot afford it ✓ To increase your income ✓ Independence, freedom ✓ Build a future of your own… ✓ Referrals come more often ✓ If you don’t your competition will! www.compassionate-touch.org
  • 5. Where Do I Start? Let’s Think of Insurance Like A Puzzle www.compassionate-touch.org
  • 6. For You To Work With Insurance Cases.... You must have all pieces in one place before you can put it all together to see the completed picture www.compassionate-touch.org
  • 7. Advanced Preparation Is Vital to Your $ucce$$ ✓ Tools of the trade, what you’ll need ✓ Advanced preparation of Files / Folders ✓ Know what types of cases to accept ✓ Know and understand terminology and where to find legal, medical, and insurance definitions. www.compassionate-touch.org
  • 8. Tools of the Trade In any business, there are certain tools that you need to be successful. Working with insurance companies is no different-it is just a new area of your a business! www.compassionate-touch.org
  • 9. Forms Forms are broken down into FIVE CATEGORIES 1. Patient Orientation / Initial Evaluation /Intake Forms 2. Insurance Company Contact Form 3. Documentation Forms 4. 1500 Claim or Billing Form 5. Collection Forms www.compassionate-touch.org
  • 10. 9 Simple Steps to Accepting Medical Referrals 1. Advanced Preparation 2. Patient Welcoming /Patient Interview 3. Paperwork / Signatures 4. Authorization /Verification of Coverage 5. Treating the Patient 6. Documenting the Treatment 7. Submitting the Claims 8. Recording payments and balances due 9. Collections if necessary www.compassionate-touch.org
  • 11. DOCUMENTATION IS THE KEY www.compassionate-touch.org
  • 12. Do I have to be a Certified Medical Massage Therapist? YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A “CERTIFIED MEDICAL MASSAGE THERAPIST” to be Reimbursed by Insurance or to Receive Physician Referrals What IS Important is that the patient’s condition is diagnosed by a qualified physician as MEDICALLY NECESSARY www.compassionate-touch.org
  • 13. You Do NOT Need to Contact Insurance Companies to Request Applications to Become a Provider! www.compassionate-touch.org
  • 14. IS ACCEPTING INSURANCE WORTH IT ? HERE’S JUST ONE EXAMPLE ➡ $30.00 each 15 minutes /units, times 4 units (or one hour) equals $120.00 ➡ At an average of $120.00/Visit ➡ * 4 Patient Visits a Day ➡ = $480.00 a Day ➡ * 5 Days a Week (Or 20 Patient Visits a Week) ➡ Working Approximately 35 Hours a Week www.compassionate-touch.org
  • 15. Just 4 Patient Visits a Day at $120.00 ➡ = $ 2,400.00 a Week ➡ * 4 Weeks a Month ➡ = $ 9,600.00 a Month ➡ so for 50 Weeks/Year~ this $120,000 A Year ! DO YOU THINK IT’S WORTH IT ? www.compassionate-touch.org
  • 16. What To Avoid ✓ MEDICARE (Federal) ✓ MEDICAID (Part State & Part Federal) ✓ SELF – INSURED EMPLOYER PLANS (ERISA) (Federal) ✓ OTHER HEALTH INSURANCE PLANS (Unless absolute confirmation they’ll pay) www.compassionate-touch.org
  • 17. What is Safe to Accept? ✓ Auto Injury Cases ✓ Workers’ Compensation ✓ Slip and Fall Cases ✓ Policy Proof www.compassionate-touch.org
  • 18. www.compassionate-touch.org
  • 19. www.compassionate-touch.org
  • 20. www.compassionate-touch.org
  • 21. You can learn more by visiting Vivian’s site www.massageinsurancebilling.com www.compassionate-touch.org
  • 22. Special Offer for all attendees! Order Manipulate Your Future for ONLY $79.95 + S&H (This is normally $94.95 =S&H!) Please contact Vivian at: VivianMadison@aol.com or Phone: 865-436-3573 www.massageinsurancebilling.com If you order on the website-please put InspireU webinar in the comments section! www.compassionate-touch.org
  • 23. Lisa Parenteau,NCTMB, LMT Ann Catlin, NCTMB, LMT, OTR Marketing and Training Consultant Owner and Director, Center for Compassionate Touch LLC Center for Compassionate Touch LLC lisa@compassionate-touch.org ann@compassionate-touch.org 617-797-7990 417-844-8514 www.compassionate-touch.org
  • 24. Please Join us of the next InspireU webinar featuring: Angie Patrick, Director of Corporate Sales & Business Development Scrip Companies / Massage Warehouse Visions of Sugar Plums in 2011-How to Keep The Holiday Revenue Coming in After New Year Tuesday December 7, 2010 8pm EST Stay tuned for registration details! www.compassionate-touch.org