Personal Growth Plan


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Personal Growth Plan

  1. 1. Personal Growth Plan Lisa Chizek CEP 810 Using technology to make a difference in education There are many areas concerning technology that I am hoping to make a difference in as an educator throughout my time and experiences in CEP 810. If used effectively, technology has great potential to influence, guide and facilitate learners on their journey through school and knowledge building. In a general sense, my goals are simply to understand technology more richly so that I can better implement technology to enhance student learning. I have recently been introducing social software technology into my writing classes to support constructivist pedagogies and facilitate a community of writers beyond the limits of a physical classroom. My experiences have proven to be successful not only in capturing students attention but in learning new ways to publish, present and build knowledge through writing with technology. I hope to grow more in this area of focus and to garner a greater knowledge of how to use the technology tools available to me to continue to support my student writers in an engaging and exciting way. For many of my students, working with technologies to publish their writing (such as blogs and wikis) has motivated and stimulated them to think more deeply about their actions and audience. I do believe that the world of writing has benefited greatly from new technologies and will continue to do so in the future. It is my hope that I can extend some of these exciting opportunities to my students to not only prepare them for the digital world we now live in, but to help build fundamental writing skills necessary for all avenues of life. Increasing your skill in using technology For many years I believed I was not technology efficient. Technology was a scary word that I proclaimed I knew nothing about. But as time passed and the world around me changed, I found myself using the very technologies I once claimed were impossible to conquer. Although I now have a certain level of comfort with technology and can claim myself technology literate, I still harbor many doubts about how to effectively and accurately use technology with specific purposes in mind. There continue to be moments of apprehension, confusion and fear with the integration of new technologies, but my ultimate goal is to overcome those terrors as I have in the past. I want to continue to put myself out there, to learn new technologies, and continue to contemplate how technologies can best ignite growth in students and also in myself. Specifically, I want to become more comfortable using social software tools because I have found them to already be extremely beneficial to my writing students. Additionally, my goals are to become proficient using Microsoft Excel and to learn how to increase my knowledge of programs I already use regularly, such as Microsoft Word. The most important goal I have for myself for not only this class but for all future endeavors with technology is to keep an open mind, face the challenges with a smile and learn from the mistakes and errors that undoubtedly occur anytime you try something new.