How to Art: Ignite Reno #12 talk by Lisa Kurt


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My first Ignite talk at Ignite Reno #12.

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How to Art: Ignite Reno #12 talk by Lisa Kurt

  1. 1. The future is a blank canvas…except not really.-Lisa Kurt @lisamadethis
  2. 2. we have maps.
  3. 3. “It’s not that we arebetter than the universe,we are part of the universe.We are in the universeand the universe is in us.”-Neil deGrasse Tyson
  4. 4. Notes/transcript for Ignite Reno #12 How to Art…1.There are so many sayings about life or the future being a blank canvas and for some this may inspire. However, a blank canvas has a darkside and can be rather terrifying for many creative and artistic individuals.2. To move beyond this terror- when I face down what I perceive to be a blank canvas I turn to maps. Everyone has maps- we have all kinds ofmaps- with data, and details, and texture, and structure and experience.3. maps are our stories, our mistakes, our triumphs- they show our scars, relationships, loneliness, where we’ve lived and in part who we’vebeen.A map is a record of what we think we already know.4. maps might also be of places we’ve never been but since people share and connect- we see other’s maps and can learn from them too. Theycan be of far off lands- some may seem like a dream and others scary or forbidden.5. BUT we don’t want to just be where we’ve always been- we really want to be explorers!don’t be defined or limited by maps. It’s easy to stick to what we know and anything can become a crutch.6. Maps are but one of many tools that we gather. Through our life- we learn new things and learn new things on those things and we go off ontangents learning new things all along the way. And we have brushes and pencils so we can change the world and those maps.7. these tools and maps are evidence of where we’ve been and the roads we’ve traveled. At times it seems complicated and confusing…or a bigmess. Don’t regret evidence left behind because this makes us human and it’s part of what makes us one of a kind.8. and in truth it really is this simple. That blank canvas – you have to fight with every fiber in your being to make those first marks because if youdon’t start, you don’t start. When you make that first mark, you are halfway to making that owl.9. The way around that blank page is to make that first mark, draw upon those maps of our past, other people’s maps, look for the inspiration thatlives all around us and just start. Drawing is a trick- it’s much more about seeing than about pencil and paper. so make that first mark, squiggle,smudge, or mess and you are nearly there.10. because when you start you can be whoever you want to be. You can reinvent yourself. You can become what you thought was onceunattainable.
  5. 5. Notes/transcript for Ignite Reno #12 How to Art…continued…11. when we are small, though our maps are small and perhaps we are unaware of them- we don’t lean on them. Children don’t have fear aboutfilling a blank space- they dive in, they use color and texture, and anything they can to make their marks and enjoy the process of creatingsomething from not much of anything.12. somewhere along the way, we get scared and worried and have anxieties. But we can take our maps and tear them up, remix them,repurpose them, redraw them. These maps do not need to stay the same and we can re-envision the combinations and create a new world, anew life.13. it’s as simple as looking at things from a new perspective and then draw. Don’t worry you’ll fail- there is not really a wrong move that can’t bemade right or turned into something great- keep moving the pencil and the brush on that canvas- it’s not blank, remember?14. As Jake the Dog says: “sucking at something is the first step to becoming sorta good at something”don’t let anything define and limit all that you can do. Don’t be imprisoned -Take a risk and be confident that you can make big things happenthrough a series of small things that build to become the big thing.15. I recently saw a photo with a caption that said: "I want to be an artist." "What kind of art do you want to make?" "I want to make differentversions of myself." That really is what happens when we make things isn’t it?16. Explore and learn all the time. go on big adventures- whether you actually leave home or not is irrelevant. You can always leave home- letyour imagination run wild.17. and think about big things - who are you? who do you want to be? right now? tomorrow? next year? when you think about things bigger thanyourself- suddenly things begin to fall into place because you realize you are surrounded by wonder and wondrous things.18. Artists are known to collect lots of things- because you never know what tool you’ve gathered that will inspire your next adventure. In the filmBeauty is Embarrassing- we see Wayne White’s studio with all this junk- but to him it is treasure, he’ll use this junk to discover and make newwork.19. Don’t let the maps inhibit or limit. You probably have more friends and people rooting for you than you know– but really all you need is oneperson- that one friend to help you recognize when you need a bigger boat.20. Instead let your voice be heard, dream really big, take big chances, and know the maps will always be there somewhere- mostly hiddenwithin- helping you to become who you are.There is no blank canvas- life is so much richer with maps.