News Release Example - Designated Drivers


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News Release Example - Designated Drivers

  1. 1. Contact: Lisa Jorgensen<br />Designated Drivers, LLP<br />303-752-0867<br />FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE<br />Designated Drivers to open for business throughout Denver<br />CAR SERVICE WILL PROVIDE TRANSPORTATION HOME FROM BARS IN CUSTOMERS OWN VEHICLE<br />DENVER – April 18, 2007 - Beginning this Friday at 6 p.m., Designated Drivers LLP will begin their car service throughout the Denver Metro area. Designated Drivers is the only service in the area that offers rides home for restaurant and bar patrons as an inexpesive, safe alternative to drunk driving. This unique service uses the customer’s own car and is similar to a bike messenger service.<br />Service areas include lower downtown Denver, the Denver Technological Center (DTC), and an area north of Denver. The lower downtown area covers I-25 south to Speer Boulevard and Pepsi Center east to Coors Field. The DTC area covers Hampden Avenue south to Lincoln Avenue and Quebec Street east to Havana Street. The northern area is covers 120th Avenue south to 58th Avenue and Federal Boulevard east to Brighton Boulevard. Customers can be picked up at any location within these areas, but may be dropped off outside of these borders.<br />Designated Drivers hours of operation are Thursday-Saturday, 6 p.m. to 3 a.m. and Sunday, 6 p.m. to midnight. Service charges are flat fees of $3 per mile for the first one through five miles respectively. Additional distance is charged at $0.30 per quarter mile. During opening weekend, Designated Drivers is offering the service free of charge for the first three miles.<br />- MORE - <br />Designated Drivers provides safety that is unique to the public transportation industry by offering door-to-door service without the need to retrieve a vehicle at a later time. Driver teams meet customers at their location and while one driver follows, the other takes the customer home in his or her own car. <br />Designated Drivers was established in 2007 by two friends who were looking for extra income. Owner Lisa Jorgensen had used a similar service several years before and continued to develop the idea. Designated Drivers was established to offer an additional, more convenient alternative to combat drunk driving. Other transportation services can be timely, expensive and unsafe.<br />Designated Drivers will market to a wide variety of customers ranging from the baby boomer generation to college students. Future plans include expansion throughout the Denver Metropolitan area, extension of service hours, development of a more environmentally friendly service, and charitable donations to programs that raise awareness of the dangers of drinking and driving.<br />###<br />