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Mozilla firefox


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  • 1. Mozilla Firefox 49871012 Hsia Liang Chen ITE
  • 2. Index
    • Introduction
    • Development
    • Function
    • Features
    • Market adoption
    • Performance
    • Pictures
  • 3. Introduction
    • Mozilla Firefox (the official abbreviation is "Fx", an informal abbreviation for the "FF"), in Chinese known as "Firefox" (but not officially used as a trademark) .
    • Firefox from the Mozilla Application Suite separate web browser, from 20 05, started every year by the media, PC Magazine named best browser.
  • 4. Development
    • According to statistics, as of 2008 in July , Firefox browser market share to 19.22%. And to December 2009, statistical data show that Firefox's market share reached 31% , second only to Microsoft's Internet Explorer . Firefox is the most popular cross-platform browser. As of December 2009 so far, Mozilla Firefox 3.5 is the most common version, more than all the Internet Explorer version of the popular.
  • 5. Function
    • Firefox has tabbed browsing, spell check , instant bookmarks, download manager , and custom search engine and other functions.
    • In addition, through contributions by third-party developer add-ons (earlier version translated as "extensions") to enhance the features, scalability is a feature of Firefox . As of 2008, Firefox add-ons available to more than 2,000.
  • 6. Features
    • Firefox includes many outstanding features, like tabbed browsing, instant bookmarks, download manager, custom search engine and so on. Firefox's development objective is to "enjoy the surf" and "For most people, the best online experience" .
    • Users can add components and themes (Theme) to customize Firefox's functionality and appearance add-ons in the Mozilla Web site maintained by .
  • 7. Features
    • Firefox supports tabbed browsing, is one that can open multiple pages in one window, this feature inherited from the Mozilla Application Suite, Firefox has become a well-known characteristics.
    • The Firefox 2 also enhanced tabbed browsing features, including easier to use, tabbed clearer, "visit the state of recovery" can re-open after the encounter when the machine crashes before the page , "recently closed rehabilitation Page "can restore accidentally closed the page.
  • 8. Features
    • Add-ons
    • Includes extensions, themes, plug-ins, etc. These additional components can be maintained from the official Mozilla add-ons website to download, or from other third-party developers to obtain.
    • Themes
    • Firefox support for a variety of themes to change appearance.
  • 9. Market adoption
    • Mozilla Firefox's usage share has grown for each growth period since inception, mostly at the expense of Internet Explorer; Internet Explorer has seen a steady decline of its usage share since Firefox's release . As of April 2010, according to Net Applications, Firefox had 24.59% worldwide usage share of web browsers, making it the second most-used browser, after Internet Explorer.
  • 10.  
  • 11. Performance
    • In December 2005, Internet Week ran an article in which many readers reported high memory usage in Firefox 1.5.
    • When PC Magazine compared memory usage of Firefox 2, Opera, and Internet Explorer 7, they found that Firefox used approximately as much memory as the other two browsers.
  • 12. Here are some add-ons -Themes
  • 13. -Cooliris
  • 14. -FoxTab