Evaluation part 2


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Evaluation part 2

  1. 1. Evaluationpart 2How effective is thecombination of your mainproduct and ancillary texts?LISA TRAN
  2. 2. Teaser trailers & their posters I wanted to specifically look at successful teaserstrailers of films and compare them with theirposters. Through looking at both the teaser andthe poster I wanted to establish and link the waysin which could have made it successful. Includinglooking at the codes and conventions used etc. I believe looking and researching real media textwould enable us to create a poster that issuccessful. Because we can see and distinguishthe methods used, thus taking on the ideas. Bydoing this I think that our magazine and postercan work and link together better to promote ourmedia product.
  3. 3. First film – Carrie (2013)Extreme close up of protagonist face.Gains recognition due to the endingscene of the teaser. Similar scenes toteaser at the end when we see her inblood walking towards camera.There are two movie posters for this film, the first one has no film no or any informationwhilst the second has more text writtenBlood – red, links to thehorror genre instantlyTag line covering her face. Bigand simplistic‘coming soon’ creates anticipationContrast between the blood and herpale face and pale lips. Can representthe evil and innocent pale girl.Facial expression/action– eyes notcompletely open slightly lookingupwards. And lips partially open, whichlooks like a gasp. Can emphasise theyoung female character beingevil/possesed through her face.The tag line – speaksdirectly to audience sinceit is a command ratherthan telling informationBlood on one eye whilstnone on the other canrepresent good vs evil.Linking to genre and storyof the movieThe imageryused herepresents ahauntingimage that willlikely stay inpeoples minds.Follows generic horror films of a girlbeing the protagonist. Horror/thrillerusually have female protagonists sincethey play the role damsel in distress orare the haunted young girl. Shescovered in blood can speak for it selfonce seeing it.Intriguing unique photo doesn’t showher complete face. Leavingaudience curious. Furthermore doesnot have any text written aboutdirector or casts adds on to themysteriousness. Linking to theportrayal of the upcoming events inthe film. Everything is unknown!
  4. 4. Carrie (2013) – part 2 Link to teasertrailerStrong presence ofthe color red. Alsoseen in previousposter and blood inteaser links inSlogan/tagline across herface under her eyes.Unusual and eye catchingbecause its center ofattentionIntense tag linecreates a strongimagery. Mentioningof god can causeaudience to link to theopposite binary e.gdevil/evil. Cleverlygiving audience aglimpse of moviesstory focus.Imagery – crack in herface and one eye red cansuggests broken characteror red eye even suggestevil character. Both leaveaudience perhaps curiousand give people aunderstanding of thecharacter from seeingthese factors.Bold red title. Eyecatching andintense.Cast names in white. Stands out fromthe dark and red theme of poster. Itseems normalized compared to therest. Draws attention to the actors. Thustheir fans can be attracted due to theirprevious works etc.
  5. 5. Carrie: teaser trailer incomparison to posters(GIF OF TEASER TRAILER ABOVE) – SHOWS SCENES FROM TEASER
  6. 6. Carrie: teaser trailer incomparison to posters Analyzing Carrie film poster and teasertrailer I can see there is a definite linkto both The GIF I made shows the scenes fromthe teaser I think reflects in the postersthe most The first scene shows a fire. The colorred is prominent from the very start ofthe teaser. This is represented by thered blood and written text seen in theposters. The similarities andconsistency helps and creates a jointeffect to relate the two together andeffectively promote them to theaudience who sees and has viewedthe tease The teaser highlights the casts and filmname using white making it stand out.This similar to the second teaser withthe written information text. Teaser shows protagonist standing indark road covered in blood. It thenzooms into her face full of blooddripping. This image is used in both filmposters. The continuous image meansthe poster is effective in reflecting theteaser. The film title is shown in white withblood dripping and suddenly soakingthe title ‘Carrie’ This portrays thesupernatural elements and horrorgenre. Similarly the posters usedripping blood to associate itself withthe teaser and the genre Her extreme close up and strongfacial expression is prominent featurein all posters and teaser. This can be todraw in attention and help peoplemake the link between the trailer andthe posters they will see around
  7. 7. Second film – the roommateLink to teasertrailerTagline – instantly gets people thinking dueto it being a question and stating a fact.Blurred surroundings and focus on protagonists.Emphasizes the role of the girl and also drawsattention. People are able to identify and linkback to teaser.Includes relevant information, e.grelease date and casts names. Candraw in fans of the actors. The datecreates anticipation for the film.The setting – the campus setting with thegreen scenery and students/people (busyall around her) is the same scene shown inthe trailer. This enhances the visual createdby its movie title and tagline and creates astronger link between poster, teaser, filmlocation and character.Red bold fonts. The title stands outcompared to the blurred slightly darkbackground. The bigger size andcapital letters used on the word‘roommate’ draws further attentionto it. Since the film is about aroommate. Eye catching bold colorshould attract attention from people.
  8. 8. Continued…Her body language andvisible smirk is prominentfeature in both the posterand the trailer. Similarscenes in the trailer showher with similar facialexpression and even inthe same standingposition, which looks stiff.Usage of facts in boththe poster as the tagline and some blackout shots in the trailerwith facts aboutcollege life in Americaspeaks directly totarget audience.(young adults or teens).Can entice and drawin the audience theyare looking for.The facial expressioncan leave peoplepuzzled and interestedin the charactersunique presence.The gloomy darkblue sky and darktrees behind hercan represent thedarkness. Alsoforeshadowingupcoming eventsor premise ofstorylineThe protagonist standing inisolation in the poster cantranslate to her charactersnature/personality seen inteaser.
  9. 9. The research Even though both films may not be the exactgenre that we are doing there are someelements which are similar. From the the filmsteaser trailer and the films posters I can seehow well they’ve worked together. Thusmaking our transition from teaser to poster amore thoughtful one. Looking andresearching from real media products andthe links they’ve made from teaser to posteris really inspiring. Especially seeing theircreative ideas to make the poster come tolife and link in with the teaser trailer.
  10. 10. Our poster for Diamond RushDark background-Portrays our darkpremise andforeshadows theupcoming events inthe film. And eventsseen in end ofteaser trailer.The 5 star ratings arewhite and bold incontrast to the blackbackground. Candraw attention andlet people know ofthe good reviewswithout having toactually read it. It is arating from filmmagazines thus canleave a goodimpression on publicto want to watch thefilm more.The release date is yet tobe set, but followingother real media postersthe written text ‘comingsoon’ generatesanticipation andawarenessThe review includeswritten words whichstates the film is ‘mind-blowingly suspensefulcan raise expectation ofthe film thus audiencemay be more likely to gosee itActors names arepresent at the top ofthe poster. Thus it isclearly visible toenable the audienceto be attracted.Because actorsattachment to aproject are possiblereasons why someonewill go watch a filmThe title is prominent and showndirectly in the middle of theposter across her forehead.Gaining attention due to its sizeand white bold color in contrastto the dark violet and black.Instantly when reading the titlepeople can link it to the title ofthe teaser trailerThe tagline – finders keepers isintriguing because it’s a commonphrase in the English language.Hopefully people will be drawnand find it clever due to thepremise of the story in teasertrailer. The tagline is simple &short thus easy to rememberInformation at the bottom ofthe poster includes directorand distributer/productioncompany. The logo can giveinformation fast and pull in fansof WB or of the director.The colors which are presentinclude violet/purple, blackand white. These colors aresimple and do not distractaudience. The consistentdark colors reflect the eventsin the teaser and storypremise
  11. 11. The poster and its relationsto the teaser trailerThe photo used in the film poster is shot duringa scene shown at the end of the teaser. Thisdirectly links and hopefully helps promote thelink between both media products due tofamiliar scene.Link to our teaser trailer hereThe purple lit face can help audienceidentify that she is not in fact yournormal every day girl. The fact thather face is shown in a abnormal colorto skin tones, can be used tosymbolize the unusual events she willgo through or how different she isafter the events.The dark background is seen numeroustimes in the teaser, once when she issitting with the diamonds in her handsand lastly at the very end when shelooks into the camera. This can add tothe thriller/horror element
  12. 12. Successfulness of poster A poster is to help promote and sell the film in additionto the trailer. In my opinion we are successful in doing sofor numerous reasons.1. We followed the codes and conventions of a movie poster.This includes the written factors. For example the actorsnames running across the poster. Is generic and almostalways present in real media products. However helpful topromote actors who can attract people due to their starstatus/reputation.2. Able to attract numerous different groups of people. Thisincludes fans of the actors, fans of the director, people who areinfluenced by film magazines and those who just simply enjoyedthe teaser/sees the poster.3. Offers many distinctive features which are common in realmedia posters which are successful. For example tagline is simple,clear and interesting. Using bold titles to attract attention. Lastlyrepresents the film through the colors and atmosphere.
  13. 13. Magazine cover The magazine cover is the stage whichpromotes the upcoming movie to readersin a more direct/personal way. I analyzed empire magazine coversbefore I started creating ours. This helpedremind me specifically see elementswhich made the cover good. I choseempire because it is England’s leadingfilm magazine
  14. 14. Empire magazineTitle – hugeand bold‘empireImage ofmaincharacter onthe frontName offilm. Boldand in acolor thatstands out.Name ofactor topromoteOthersfeaturesmentionedBar code andrelease dateExtra film reviewsand features etc.Specialpreviews andposters/freebies
  15. 15. Our magazine coverBig bold red title.Attractive and incapital lettersCost is mentionedand release dateIncludes special of otherfilms and actors. Drawsin fans.Picture of diamond inrelation to the film titleand object from teaserPhoto of leading starof film, seen in posterand teaser.Name of actor‘Natasha’Mentions other contentsinside magazineIncludes specials ofother moviesBlack background, exactsame to poster and canrepresent teaser themeBar codePicture of another film –the hobbit can influencereaders to also buy it andbanner of twilight sagaDiamond rush is in aedgy font. Readable butalso can reflectmysteriousness ofstoryline. Stands outmore in comparison tothe other objects oncover
  16. 16. Effectiveness of magazinecover I think it is effective because we were able to representit well with the continuous use of Natasha’s picture tocreate a synergy between all three media products. Making her face recognizable, which could ultimatelybe a effective marketing strategy We used the conventions of a magazine cover for ourmagazine for example using pictures of films/celebrities,subtitles and a big header for magazine title. This givesthe audience a real reason to buy the magazine andinfluencing them to do so. The layout represents a realmagazine really well. The black background which is used for the poster isalso seen once again for the magazine. It foreshadowsthe dark events which are portrayed in the teaser. Thusthe mysteriousness can intrigue audience.
  17. 17. conclusion- I believe our promotion pack and our teaser trailer work well together andthe trailer will benefit from the magazine and poster well. Firstly due to thecontinuous use of the female lead the public or the film audiences should beable to recognize her. Familiarizing themselves with the character can helpand build anticipation for the film overall.- Even though both the poster and magazine picture are a photo of theprotagonist. I believe the poster represents the film much more than themagazine. Through the poster we were able to portray the presence ofsupernatural and dark events through the color scheme and usage of a photofrom the last scene. This was successful due to her emerging face from theviolet. However on the magazine cover in order to keep it sleek and followcodes and conventions I only edited the background black. Which alsorepresents dark/evil but not to the same level as the poster. If I could changeanything it would probably to decide on a different photo for the magazinecover. One which tells a story rather than looking like a snap shot. On the otherhand her facial expression was quite neutral which could instead add to themysterious factor.- I believe the combination of the ancillary task and main product will beeffective due to its marketability as a whole. Lastly since we continuouslylooked a real media products to contrast and compare I believe thestandards are high and would be quite successful.