Social Goes Mainstream


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Workshop for Comms and Marketing, June 2013

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Social Goes Mainstream

  1. 1. Social technologies hit themainstream@LisaHarrisWorkshop for Comms andMarketing, June 2013
  2. 2. Plan• Key trends in digital marketing– Video– Mobile– What’s next? Audio and data are gaining traction– Content marketing• Examples from our projects• Technology will Kill (Erik Qualmann, 2 mins)• 2040 Presidential Election (The Onion, 2 mins)
  3. 3. Source: Internet trends 2013, by Mary Meeker
  4. 4. Source: Internet Trends 2013 by Mary Meeker
  5. 5. Digital Trends 2013 by Smart Insights• Complete the poll and view the results– Mobile (think smartphones and tablets)– Content (engagement through SMM drives SEO)
  6. 6. Source: Internet Trends 2013 by Mary Meeker
  7. 7. Pew Internet• Photos and videos now key social currencies– 46% of adult internet users post their own photosor videos online = creators.– 41% take photos or videos they have found onlineand repost them on sites designed for sharingimages = curators.– Pinterest, Instagram, ScoopIt and Tumblr havemade curating easier because they are organisedfor easy image and video-sharing.
  8. 8. The power of video• According to Ofcom we each now watch an average of 1.5hours of video per month• Online video audience grew by 8% per year in the UK lastyear• 64% of UK users have a smart phone (82% of all phonepurchases in Dec 2012 were “smart”)• 73% of 16/24 year olds are active on social networks• 1/3 of UK page views are from mobiles/tablets(Comscore, April 2013)• #sotonmooc conference• #digichamps “draw my life”• #digichamps “Stargazing” event
  9. 9. Source: Internet Trends 2013 by Mary Meeker
  10. 10. • Mobile access now greater than PC• Much more prepared to engage online• Social media perceived as relatively censorship free• 24% of internet content in Chinese, 27% in English• Market penetration of Weibo is greater than Twitter is in the west• Sales on Alibaba in 2012 exceeded Amazon and Ebay combined
  11. 11. New competitor to Sina Weibo.Available in English and downloadableon iTunes and Android for free. Wechatenables video chatting, voicemessages, picture sharing, groupchattingOnline audio distribution platformthat allows for collaboration, promotionand distribution of audio recordings byits users. Favoured by established andaspiring musicians
  12. 12. Marie Page webinar on ContentMarketing (40 mins)
  13. 13. Why Content Marketing?• People sharing/liking/commenting on your contentgenerates earned media and has an SEO benefit• Good content is a top reason why people follow brandson social media (Get Satisfaction survey)• Build social capital by giving away good stuff –endorsements and sales will follow• Content can educate, inform, entertain orinspire…resulting in Brand Advocates• Facebook’s “Edgerank” score - increases withengagement, decreases with negativity. Influences howmany people see a brand’s post in their newsfeed
  14. 14. Pulling it all together• Use the blog framework as a central point pulling in your othersocial media content: Digital Economy Blog• Tweets – Flickr – LinkedIn – Vimeo - Slideshare – Pinterest -Soundcloud - YouTube• You can also embed other social media within individual blog posts• Video is increasingly important, especially authentic usergenerated content• Provide sharing buttons so that your readers can share your contenton their own networks• These activities provide a regular supply of googlejuice to the blog
  15. 15. What does Google like?• Social media interaction with a blogpost is the*biggest influence* on its search visibility:1. Facebook shares2. Facebook comments3. Facebook likes4. Tweets
  16. 16. Social Network Analysis in the Charity Sector:PhD study by Chris Phethean• Distinguishes awareness generation and engagement withcustomers/supporters to indicate the strength of the onlinecommunity for the brand• Extracts the supporter/customer network to reveal influentialfollowers for spreading a message• Network structure allows additional analysis of the customers toidentify clusters and ties whereby messages can spread quickly• Combination of metrics builds an argument about how successfulthe social media presence is, rather than relying on singlestandalone measures.• Project in progress for the National Trust• Full paper presented at #websci13:
  17. 17. Our Projects• Student Digital Champions• Curriculum Innovation• Social Media in Live Events Project (SMiLE)– #SXSC2– #MDRweek– #PortusMOOC
  18. 18. MOOCs• Showcase the university’s teaching andresearch and student contributions toencourage additional enrolments on campuscourses and inspire innovation there• Critical to this is the sharing of participants’intentions/experiences via social media -these interactions carry an authenticity thattraditional promotional materials lack.• Mobile/tablet access to features is crucial
  19. 19. Eating the dog food• The Portus MOOC (and the Portus Field School it builds on)is a direct consequence of each of these University areas ofstrength and investment:• Digital literacy• Student co-creation and employability• Curriculum innovation• Multidisciplinary research and teaching• Student-centred• Disability and accessibility• Research data• Openness
  20. 20. “Quick Wins”(some are already in progress…)• Put community at the heart of what we do:– Create register of university twitter accounts with a feed to aggregateall posts and display it on uni home page– Create register of university blogs with a feed to aggregate all postsand display it on home page– See for example• Share buttons on everything!!! – the latest versions allow ‘share toa specific group’• Here is a useful twitter list of university groups compiled byDigichamp Nicole Beale• Publicise (free ‘branded’ blogs for staff andstudents on a Wordpress template)• Social media support for university “rockstars” to get started• Formalise the Digichamps programme across Faculties/SU/WSA
  21. 21. We hope you have enjoyed theworkshop • Next steps– Digichamp support available for• personal branding• managing backchannel at events• providing a student perspective on promotionalmaterials etc– We have modules (and whole degreeprogrammes) running from September on a rangeof digital marketing topics