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Personal Branding Online
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Personal Branding Online


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Workshop for Guernsey Training Agency, July 2010

Workshop for Guernsey Training Agency, July 2010

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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  • 1. “Punch Above Your Weight” with Social Media
    By Lisa Harris, University of Southampton
    13th July 2010
    For Guernsey Training Agency
  • 2. Lisa Harris
    Teaches Digital Marketing at the University of Southampton
    Programme Director for the MSc in Digital Marketing.
    Qualified e-tutor for the University of Liverpool online MBA.
    Lisa has run a research project with Alan Rae called ‘Punch Above Your Weight’ which tracks how small firms promote themselves, network and grow their businesses using Web 2.0 technologies.
    Running various projects to integrate aspects of open learning into the MSc curriculum at Southampton
    Lisa’s current work is investigating the growth of digital presence for career or business development
  • 3. Objective
    This session will demonstrate how you can develop your digital presence in order to stand out from the crowd, by using blogging, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc to build your profile and that of your business. revolution-2-refresh/ (Eric Qualmann update, 4 mins) (Did You Know 4)
  • 4. How many of these activities are you developing…?
  • 5. Rationale
    Entrepreneurial activity increasingly involves understanding how today’s networks work and how to deploy them effectively, both online and offline.
    Building and maintaining a personal brand in this way is becoming a critical aspect of business development
    It is essential to make sure that the nature of the information an individual displays online is going to encourage rather than discourage potential customers, partners etc.
    This work draws upon the results of an ongoing research project which is investigating the use of new technologies by entrepreneurs to build their personal brands.
  • 6. “Change we can believe in”
    $28m average raised per month in online donations during 2008
    92m views of display ads per month
    2.2m site visitors per month
    9.8m video views on YouTube
    5,455,665 supporters of the Obama Facebook Group
    285,467 followers on Twitter
  • 7. Growth of Social Media
  • 8. “Digital presence” is about branding...
    According to Olins (2003), a brand is “a symbolic embodiment of all the information connected to a company, product or service”.
    Chris Brogan ( notes that a strong personal brand is a mix of reputation, trust, attention, and execution:
    “A personal brand gives you the ability to stand out in a sea of similar products. In essence, you’re marketing yourself as something different than the rest of the pack.”
  • 9. Business Networking Trends Survey (UK)
    80% of UK entrepreneurs had achieved business wins through social networking sites
    LinkedIn was preferred to FB for business networking
    92% said that they would recommend networking professionally online to their business contacts
    24% of small businesses are now using sites like Twitter for business networking.
    More traditional face-to-face networking continues to grow with 36% regularly attending networking meetings.
    50% plan to maintain the same levels of F2F networking in 2010, 55% plan to increase the time they networking online.
    Source: (Jan 2010)
  • 10. SME use of social media: USA
    Facebook ranked as the most beneficial social network for small businesses, followed by LinkedIn and Twitter (Ad-ology survey, US, 11/09)
    Benefits of social networking were:
    ability to generate leads
    keep up with their industry
    monitor the online conversation about their business
  • 11. Functions of current popular tools
  • 12. Question
    What do you consider to be the biggest
    a) benefit
    b) challenge
    in building your brand online?
  • 13.
  • 14. Crush It
  • 15. Gary Vaynerchuk
    “Crush it” reached top 200 on
    Gary’s advice - choose your medium based on your DNA:
    Introverted? Start with writing
    Extraverted? Try podcasts
    Animated? Utilise video
  • 16. Personal Branding 101
    Dan Schawbel is a 26 year old who has carved out his niche as a personal branding expert. Read his introductory guide here:
    To receive regular updates, you may wish to join him on Facebook, Twitter or another of his many networks. (Dan, 10 mins)
  • 17. For a comprehensive set of resources on personal branding:
  • 18. How social media has helped my work
    Developing new contacts
    Sourcing newly published articles, calls for papers and relevant events to attend
    Tracking and commenting on the blogposts of key contributors to the field
    Keeping in touch, real time, with project participants and other key contacts
  • 19. Dare you Google yourself...?
  • 20. Your online portfolio
    A blog. Plenty of good advice here:
    guides can be linked from: useful beginner guides (by @russell1955) (by @richardsedley)
    Slideshare – for presentations (and now video aswell...)
    Be creative! See Ed Hamilton’s CV on Google Maps (45,401 views to date) and Jay Foreman’s video history of London’s tube stations
  • 21. ‘Givers gain’
    Ask not what the community can do for you, but what you can do for the community…
    The best long term way to build brand influence is to be seen as a ‘giver’ of good quality practical information and advice.
    An authentic personal brand therefore delivers both a track record and a promise of the ongoing delivery of value.
    How exactly will *you* deliver value??
  • 22. Facebook
    25 million UK users as of April 2010 (110M in Europe, 400M worldwide)
    To find local users, click the ‘advertising’ button. You can ask FB how many people are registered within a 10 mile radius of a town. The figure will be far higher than local newspaper circulation.
    Set up a Fan/Like page:
    Pull in RSS feeds from your blog or twitter account
    Post video and photos
  • 23. Facebook spreads across the web...
  • 24. Personal Branding with Twitter
    Provide feedback. Become known as a reliable and informative source of help to your network
    Get Feedback. Ask for advice and you’ll receive ‘collective intelligence’ from your network
    Direct traffic. Include links in a tweet to direct traffic to your blog or to the recommended posts of others.
    Read News. subscribe to feeds for specific websites/conferences, or from content providers such as the BBC.
    Make New Friends. Twitter allows you to befriend and track the messages of other users.
    Network for benefits. Interact with other like-minded people, or experts in your field. Develop relationships for future mutual benefits such as testimonials or peer recommendations.
    Find Prospects. Twitter can be used as a means to find potential customers or clients online. Do a search for keywords related to your product on Twitter Search and then follow users.
    Provide Live coverage. For example to provide real time coverage of conference keynotes
    Set Up Meetings. An informal and casual way of arranging adhoc meetings.
  • 25. Exponential growth…
  • 26. Good sharers to follow on Twitter
  • 27. LinkedIn
    70 million members in 200 countries worldwide (June 2010)
    How does it work?
    Addition of partner applications such as Slideshare and Wordpress add significant value, see
    Increasing importance as a recruitment tool
  • 28. LinkedIn
    Recent timely increase in functionality through partnerships with companies offering Web 2.0 based services:
    Work collaboratively by sharing files with your network through private workspaces (Huddle)
    Share information and keep up to date – eg what you are reading through the Amazon application and where you are travelling through TripIt.
    the Google Docs application allows presentations to be embedded on a profile
    SlideShare allows sharing and commenting on presentations within a network
    WordPress allows a blog to be showcased.
    Company Buzz allows conversations about a prospective employer to be monitored.
    By actively updating a LinkedIn profile, the likelihood that people will see that profile displayed when they are searching for someone to hire is increased (Google Juice)
    In order to progress job applications to interview stage, a ‘complete’ LinkedIn profile is now a prerequisite for many recruiters, meaning:
    a minimum of three testimonials from past employers,
    full employment details, affiliations and educational background.
  • 29.
  • 30. Measuring Success
    How can you tell whether your brand building efforts are paying off? Check out these measurement tools:
    Google alerts
    Twitter alerts
    Comment alerts
  • 31. Personal branding challenges
    Ongoing time and effort is required to develop and maintain online profiles, learn new tools and ascertain when best to integrate them into the mix.
    F2F brand building elements should not be forgotten – Harris and Rae (2009) show that it is not a zero sum game, because good online networkers also tend to be effective communicators offline.
    As with most things in life, you get out what you put in, and persistence pays off.
    It is critical to be authentic. If personal branding is developed at only a superficial level, for example by basing it simply on ego, spin or piggybacking off the work of others, then it will not be enduring.
  • 32. Resources on Cloudworks
  • 33. Action Plan
    So what exactly are *you* going to go away and do to develop your personal brand ??????????????
    Thank you for participating – I look forward to keeping on touch with you online 