Link Development Post Panda


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My presentation from #SearchLondon Meetup. Link development strategies post the Google Panda update. From link analysis and prospecting to content outreach and other link dev strategies.

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Link Development Post Panda

  1. 1. Post Panda Link DevLisa MyersCEO, Verve Search #SearchLondon @LisaDMyers
  2. 2. About Lisa Myers• 11 years experience in Marketing, 6 in Search & Social• Speaker at Search Conferences Worldwide (SES, SMX, ISS, A4U etc)• Regular contributor to on and offline publications and author of several SEO Best Practise Guides including eConsultancy and B2B Marketing• Heavily involved in the global Search Community, founder of and co-founder of European search blog StateofSearchAwards• “Search Personality of the Year” UK Search Awards 2011 + “Best SEO Campaign” for her agency Verve Search• Management Today “35 women under 35” list 2009• “Best Use of Technology woman under 30” BlackBerry Woman & Technology Awards (2008)• “B2B Marketing Newcomer of the Year” (2007)@LisaDMyers #SearchLondon
  3. 3. “Panda” was not a link algorithm updatebut a site quality update!
  4. 4. Panda in a nutshell• Design + UX (ads, graphics etc)• Content Quality (unique, useful, grammar, spelling etc)• Usage Metrics (CTR, time spent, bounce rate, direct traffic etc)+ a whole lot of tweaks............
  5. 5. But it HAS affected linksQuality of site = badmeansLink juice = shit@LisaDMyers #SearchLondon
  6. 6. linkbuilding postpanda
  7. 7. Spend more time using this
  8. 8. #1 Link Analysis & Link Prospecting#2 Link Development
  9. 9. #1Link Analysis &Link Prospecting
  10. 10. tools...
  11. 11. What to analyse• Anchor text• Depth of links (what pages are linked to)• Type of links (sources)• Authority & Strength of links• Quality of content on a site• Design/UX• Traffic, other marketing etc@LisaDMyers #SearchLondon
  12. 12. { link prospecting
  13. 13. Finding Relevant Sites• Keyword + “article”• Keyword + “blog”Keyword inurl: “write for us”Keyword inurl:”guest posts”Keyword intitle: “write for us”and so on...@LisaDMyers #SearchLondon
  14. 14. Large Scale Link Prospecting• Using scraper tool (like this Chrome extension )• SEOmoz (Pro Acc!)• Excel Spreadsheet @JustinRBriggs@LisaDMyers #SearchLondon
  15. 15. Use Your Brain Prospecting• What other sites would your audience visit?• What would they search for?• What are they interested in? What do they like reading?• What sites are the best?@LisaDMyers #SearchLondon
  16. 16. Social Influencers• Identify social influencers within the industry/ market you are link building to• Which channels are they using; Twitter, facebook, LinkedIn?• What sites are they reading/sharing and talking about?@LisaDMyers #SearchLondon
  17. 17. #2Link Development
  18. 18. + SEO TOOLS
  19. 19. Quality Link Development• Utilising Existing Relationships• Link Baiting• Content Outreach@LisaDMyers #SearchLondon
  20. 20. Utilising Existing RelationshipsOften it is the simplest idea that gives you themost link juice!For example;- Would your partners, customers etc link to you?- Which University did the CEO go to?- Discounts / Offers@LisaDMyers #SearchLondon
  21. 21. Apple.comLinks to domain= 35.8 MILLION!PR=9/10
  22. 22. link baiting great digita l content
  23. 23. {A piece of digital content (article, video,infographic, etc) that specifically increasesthe chances for generating “organic links”
  24. 24. intelligent provoking interestingfunny GREAT IDEAcompetitions newsworthy educational
  25. 25. Host the content!• This type of link development requires you to host the content on the domain you are doing link dev for!!• Creating a fab link bait or social media campaign that is not on your domain = lost link equity@LisaDMyers #SearchLondon
  26. 26. real examples{linkbait
  27. 27. • LINKS!• Equivalent of 50% of their averagemonthly traffic• Twitter followers increased by 300%
  28. 28. Infographics is great link bait!
  29. 29. Content Outreach Using a piece of content to get a link can be very EFFECTIVE!
  30. 30. It’s all about the ANGLE!
  31. 31. Give something backHave something to trade, why should theybe linking to you? - Content (must be relevant!) - Discount/competition - Breaking news - Free “something” - YOUR USPs??!!
  32. 32. Ultimate TIPDon’t try source a home for an article alreadywritten.Find sites you WANT to get a link from andthen write the article!Their tone of voice and style and type of article!
  33. 33. angles for universities
  34. 34. creating content forinfluencers
  35. 35. using your USPs &product angle
  36. 36. Stuff.TVLinks to domain= 378,071Monthly visits circa.150,000 (UK)circa 240,000 (global)74% male readers67% of visitors between 25 – 44
  37. 37. Coolestgadgets.comLinks to domain= 425,886Monthly visits ca. 60,000 (UK)72% male readers60% of visitors between 25 – 44
  38. 38. Wired.comLinks to domain= 7,79 MILLIONPR= 8Worldwide readership
  39. 39. writing content forwebsites
  40. 40. you need one of these!
  41. 41. Ps: if that fails buy some links
  42. 42. Thank You! @LisaDMyersEmail: lisa@vervesearch.comWeb: