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A4U Expo - Web Analytics Presentation by Lisa Myers
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A4U Expo - Web Analytics Presentation by Lisa Myers


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Web Analytics presentation from A4U Expo Lodnon (2009) by Lisa Myers.

Web Analytics presentation from A4U Expo Lodnon (2009) by Lisa Myers.

Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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  • 1. Web AnalyticsLisa MyersDirector, Verve Search
  • 2. About Lisa Myers
    Director & Founder, Verve Search (Search Consultancy – SEO, PPC & Online PR/Social Media)
    Regular speaker at SES & SMX Search Conferences
    Regular contributor to on and offline publications (UK, US & Europe)
    Heavily involved in the global Search Community, founded and blogs for European search blog
    Management Today “35 women under 35” list 2009
    “Best Use of Technology woman under 30”
    BlackBerry Woman & Technology Awards (2008)
    “B2B Marketing Newcomer of the Year” (2007)
  • 3. Did you know that Women talk 15% more than MEN do?
  • 4. 8% of the Men in the room didn’t clean your teeth this morning!
  • 5. Welcome to the world of statistics
  • 6. Half a brain is a “no brainer”
    Web Analytics
    SEO/Link Dev/Social Media
  • 7. Specifics Areas I will cover
    Google Local Business Listings
    Ecommerce tracking (third party sites)
  • 8. Search Engine Results Page
  • 9. Tracking of Google LBL
    4 easy steps for tracking Google Local Business Listings that will allow you to view detailed result in GA all the way down to keyword level.
    Tried and tested (will take you 10 min, took us weeks..)
    ....and yes it would have been allot easier if Google Analytics just did this automatically!!
  • 10. 1. Create a Vanity URL
    So much for user friendly URLs eh Google?
  • 11. 2. Create actual URL on site
    This does not need to be a page, literally just a URL as it will redirected. This needs to be the same as the vanity URL!!!
  • 12. 3. Insert Vanity URL in LBL
  • 13. 4. Redirect Vanity URL
    Use a 301 redirect (not a 302) to redirect the vanity URL to the appropriate URL
  • 14. Result – LBL tracking
    Also breaks down into keywords and ecommerce
  • 15. E-Commerce Tracking
    You CAN track revenue even if it’s on a third party site, but it can be quite tricky
    The Google Analytics ecommerce code:
    That’s 13 separate pieces of information that it CAN pass on, doesn’t
    mean you SHOULD use them all!
  • 16. The “addTrans” Method
    Two required variables; order id & total. All other variables are optional
    If your shopping cart doesn’t have a order id use a time stamp
  • 17. Optional “addTrans” fields
    The affiliate field is not required and doesn’t show in GA reports but can be used for custom reports and filtering
    Tax & Shipping appears in transaction report if you have access to these variables
    City, State & Country field is currently not being used by Google Analytics but is still collected
  • 18. The “addItem” Method
    Three required variables;
    • order-id (same as addTrans)
    • 19. Price (any currency converting has to be handled by ecommerce software)
    • 20. Quantity
  • Optional “addItem” fields
    SKU Number (stock keeping unit number/number of items left in stock)
    Product Name
  • 21. Add – Track Trans
    Finally you need to add the “_trackTrans()” demand to send both the transaction and item data to the Google Analytics Server
    This should be called at the end of the ecommerce code
  • 22. Look something like this
  • 23. Tracking Across domains
    Specific instructions for implementing extra
    tracking code for across domains:
  • 24. Double Check
  • 25. Rescources (local) (of course)
  • 26. Thank You!