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How hfma teams can use social media to be more effective
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How hfma teams can use social media to be more effective


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How HFMA committee teams can use social media to be more effective

How HFMA committee teams can use social media to be more effective

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  • 1. HOW HFMA TEAMS CAN USE SOCIALMEDIA TO BE MORE EFFECTIVELisa Crymes, Director Product Management Emdeon2010-2011 Social Media Committee Chairperson2010-2011 Education Content Committee Joint Chairperson September 2010
  • 2. HFMA Georgia Chapter Proposed Social Document GEORGIA HFMA SOCIAL NETWORKING STRATEGY Networking Strategy ObjectiveDocument Content: The purpose of this document is to highlight the rationale and strategy for developing and I. Rationale executing a social networking strategy. II. PlanThis session will provide: III. Execution Rationale  An Overview of Social Networking, including what is it and why you should be listening  Examples of how HFMA national and others are effectively using social media Plan  Execution plan and recommendations  Guidelines  Which Social Media tools are there, which ones are best to use  Personal and Professional uses for social networking Execution  How Georgia Chapter Teams can use Social Media to extend their outreach
  • 3. MY NAME IS LISA CRYMES, AND I’M A GEEK@lisacrymes can also follow me on Foursquare Blogger Digg Google Buzz
  • 5. GEORGIA CHAPTER’S MARKETING/SOCIALNETWORKING HISTORYSTRONG HISTORY OF LEADERSHIP AND EXCELLENCEWhere we Succeed Communication Council FocusGeorgia Chapter leads in many areas for 2010-2011 across HFMA today  Coordination and consistency  Volunteer participation of messages and updates  Quality of Programs  Develop standards (branding,  CPAR etiquette, etc)  ..and much more!  Perception throughout Healthcare FinancialChapter has made great progress in industry in Georgia that the Marketing/Communication efforts chapter has access and  Website – Update to date, Great provides up to date layout information on industry  Email Blasts delivery news, position on legislation, announcements etc. Institutes, Scroll and  Scroll Website is not current enough  Launched Facebook Group (2008-09)  Over 100 members  Launched LinkedIn Group (2009- 2010)  Over 160+ members
  • 6. SOCIAL MEDIA OPPORTUNITIES TO EXCELRecent National leadership presentation on using Social Networking  Only 32% of attend chapters attending call (160 registered) are actually using LinkedIn  Only approx 20% are using Facebook  4% Twitter Expanding our networking both personal and professional relationships Are we reaching all members? What about non-members? Growing membership
  • 9. RATIONALE:WHY SHOULD WE USE SOCIAL NETWORKING? HOW CAN THE CHAPTERBENEFIT FROM USING?Marketing /Communications “Free” Marketing tool. Use to strengthen existing relationships. Promote Chapter Events and education regarding chapter and resources.Membership Recruit new members. Market Chapter Events and education regarding chapter and resources.Networking Informal outreach blends the personal and professional relationships. Build new relationships Bottom-line is we want to continue to Step Up and prove “We’ve Got Your Back”!
  • 10. Execution Plan
  • 11. Plan: Chapter PLANPlan Details Social Networking Plan - allows2010-2011 Social Networking Committee Formed (Communications for consistency Council) and leads to successObjective: New Team is responsible for driving social networking strategy by using the social media tools and promoting and education use among the chapter and councils.Consistency  Logo, branding, guidelinesEducation  Educate chapter and teams on value of using and participatingParticipation  Get members and teams to participate. Assign certain members to an area (events, discussions, etc)  Post events  Participate in discussions  Link website to social media sites  Stream data from sites to website  Divide and conquer (but be consistent)  Track metrics  Advertise (Website, Scroll, Blasts, other social media sites)Monitor  Establish monitor/facilitator for each social media tool and assign tasks
  • 12. Georgia Chapter Social Networking Guidelines Objective is to GEORGIA CHAPTER SOCIAL NETWORKING GUIDELINES define standards that will be usedi. Description of Chapter: The Georgia Chapter HFMA is the across all of the professional resource of choice for the healthcare financial industry in chapters social Georgia. The group allows members to excel in healthcare financial media networks. management by promoting personal and professional development with education, information, networking and leadership. For more information, please visit List current leadership, names and titles and contact informationiii. Establish and Post Etiquette Rules: (LinkedIn and Facebook)  We encourage everyone to participate in this group, but keep in mind proper etiquette. This group is moderated and users who abuse their membership will be blocked/banned from the group.  Group discussion spam should be avoided  Unsophisticated sales pitches in the group discussion or status sections.  Unprofessional responses or discussions in the open forums  Post any job advertisements in the LinkedIn Group Jobs board section.iv. Use Chapters approved logo (on National Site)v. Chapter should be listed as Georgia Chapter HFMAi. Designate monitor/facilitators(s) : Purpose of facilitators is to monitor Sites, start discussions, approve requests, post updated events, and informationii. Controlling access: HFMA National, allows anyone into their groups based on the guideline that exposing non-members to our organization only works to increase participation. The discussion boards are a great place to converse about chapter events, industry news, or other potential topics. Recommendation is that Georgia Chapter follows the same principals.
  • 13. APPROVED LOGO’SDownload from Leadership Tools -
  • 14. SCOPE: WHICH TOOLS SHOULD WE USE?Initially focus on the following social media toolsFacebook!/pages/HFMA-Georgia- Chapter/204488509104?ref=tsLinkedIn 15731Twitter@georgiahfma
  • 16. Best for: FACEBOOK – GETTING STARTED GUIDEFacebook Strategy Facebook is a social networking site dedicated toi. Follow established guidelines and make changes as non-business needed relationships. Itii. Moved from a Page to a Group has recently, however, launched Benefits: Facebook Pages,  Give you status update potential which were  Pages don’t reflect the administrators designed for small businesses. personally  Can be more easily modified  Somewhat tougher securityiii. Build a fan base: Get more members to become fans.iv. Assign a moderator/facilitator Meghan Lynch - Primary Lisa Crymes - Secondary  utilize your status updates  Enable message boards, photo, and video sharing and wall posts  Add applications, Twitter feed  Create events and keep updates current  Scholarship opportunities are perfect for Facebook  Engage other members to post Anyone can post!!
  • 17. FACEBOOK – GETTING STARTED Join Teams Create a Profile  Post events Use Facebook  Post pictures privacy  Start discussions  especially if you are  Send announcements using professionally and personally
  • 19. LINKEDIN – GETTING STARTED GUIDE Best for: LinkedInLinkedIn Strategy is the professional social network where users post online resumes and establish businessi. Follow established guidelines and make relationships. It allows you to create changes as needed groups, which is ideal for an HFMAii. Education and encourage participation chapter.iii. Consider using Subgroups (Patient Access, Revenue Cycle, CFO or chapter business) The group functions allow for posting ofiv. Moderator/facilitator discussions, news, and jobs. You can Lisa Crymes even create subgroups for i. Facilitate discussions and look for any certain committees. This misuse tool allows everyone in the chapter to ii. Approve invitations communicate remotely and iii. Move post to the appropriate location (jobs asynchronously. to job board) iv. Keep information currentv. Consider creating experts to monitor “forums” – similar to National.
  • 20. TIPS FROM NATIONAL ONHOW TO USE LINKEDIN Brand it with your chapter logo Use the news feed Start discussions related to chapter events/publications Post events and link to them via news
  • 23. GROUP DISCUSSIONS Relevant Can be sent to your email Keeps you connected Join the discussion to build relationships
  • 24. ATTEND EVENTS Many group’s events only promoted now through social media Informative way to learn new information outside the four walls of your office
  • 25. OTHER THINGS YOU CAN DOJob Searches Research Companies
  • 26. RESEARCH Research: - Job Candidates - Vendors - Potential Speakers
  • 27. LINKEDIN GROUPSHow to get started and how to manage
  • 28. GETTING STARTEDPersonal Profile  Join Groups Build Profile  Setup subgroup Additional Tips:  (Can be a subgroup to HFMA group, or a new 009/07/27/linkedin- group) personal-brand/  Decide if it is open or Invite connections closed  Setup messages/templates  Check on a regular basis  Be consistent with updates
  • 29. SEARCHClick on  JOIN GROUP
  • 30. CREATING A GROUP - HOW DO I CREATE AGROUP?To create a group (of which you will be the owner) take  Enter a brief summary of your group and the following steps: its purpose for display in the Groups Click on "Create a Group" from the "Groups" Directory. Information here is limited to dropdown menu (found in the top navigation bar of 300 characters and will be visible by the home page). group and non-group members. Follow the instructions to browse and upload a  Enter a full description of your group for group logo. display on the group page. Information here is limited to 2000 characters and Enter your official group name. will be visible by group and non-group Choose your group type from the drop down list. members.  Alumni Group - membership often composed of  Enter the website for your group. former members of schools, universities, fraternities or sororities.  Enter the group owner email address  Corporate Group - membership often composed which may be used for potential members of current or past employees from the same to contact you. company.  Check the box if you would like to display  Conference Group - membership often your group in the Groups Directory. composed of people attending the same (or similar) trade shows or conferences.  Check the box if you would like group members to be able to display the group Networking Group - membership often  composed of people with networking as one of logo on their profiles. its primary goals.  Check the Location box if your group is  Non-Profit Group - membership often composed based in a single geographic location. of people in support of a similar cause or value.  Check the box to confirm you have read  Professional Group - membership often and accept the Terms of Service. composed of people with similar industry interests.  Click on Create Group to complete  Other - groups that fall outside of one of the above group types.
  • 31. CREATE A SUBGROUP-HOW DO I CREATE ASUBGROUP? A subgroup is a more tightly focused arena for professional discussion and interaction within and for the members of an existing LinkedIn group. Managers of groups can create subgroups by following these steps:  Click on "Groups" found in the top navigation bar of the home page. This will take you to the "My Groups" page. All Group managers can setup subgroups From the "Go to" list under the appropriate group, select "Manage" (only managers and owners have this option). Click on "Create a Subgroup" in the left navigation section under "Manage Group". Choose the information and settings you want for this subgroup and click the "Create" button.
  • 32. SUBGROUPSTIPS• Provide an overview of the group (objective/purpose)• List key contacts
  • 34. MANAGING GROUPS - TEMPLATESWelcome messageinforms potentialmembers of chapterand how to join butalso states etiquette orrules
  • 37. NEWS FEEDS RSS feeds: Blogs, News articles, Twitter lists, etc
  • 38. LINKEDIN GROUP TIPSShould group(s) be private?
  • 39. Twitter Recommended Strategy Best for: Twitter is TWITTER – GETTING STARTED GUIDE a popular short-form social networking@georgiahfma site where authors post updates 140 characters at a time. This can work Why? as a sort of news feed for associations  National is already there! and help you  Other Chapters starting to explore (TN, FL) disseminate information  It’s Free Marketing/PR quickly. Its web site is easy to use and its compatibility with mobile devices gives Moderator/facilitator you extraLisa Crymes - Primary accessibility.Meghan Lynch - Secondary “As a social network, Twitter revolves around the principle of  Facilitate discussions and look for any misuse followers. When you choose to follow  Approve invitations another Twitter  Move post to the appropriate location (jobs to job board) user, that user’s tweets appear in  Keep information current reverse chronological order  Follow industry leaders on your main Twitter page.”  Block spam Source: Time Magazine  Answer messages 6/04/time-magazine-twitter  Tweet Events or important news or informationFYI: Visitors to your Twitter feed don’t have to be signed up to the site, but to be official followers (who receive each of your updates on their Twitter page), they will have to sign up.
  • 40. WARNING!! WARNING!! Socialtis?! Avoid the overload Learn out to disconnect Listen only
  • 41. NEXT STEPS Get started Ask for help Reports on if Social Media working for us? – statistics, growing members, etc.
  • 42. THANK YOUMY NAME IS LISA CRYMES, AND I’M A GEEKTwitter @lisacrymes Foursquare Blogger Google BuzzMobile
  • 44. RESOURCESOfficial HFMA Groups on LinkedIn:  HFMA Group  HFMA CFO Forum Group  HFMA Revenue Cycle Forum Group  HFMA Healthcare Compliance Forum Group  HFMA Managed Care Forum Group  HFMA Medicare Payment Forum Group  HFMA Physician Alignment Forum Group  HFMA Student & Faculty NetworkResources/Additional Reading