Whole Team Approach to Testing, Illustrated


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  • Communication, Not “stepping on each other”,Pairing,Time zone differences,Staying motivated
  • From the OredevwebsiteReallystanding up for quality takes a ot of courage, Learning the biz domain takes a lot of workIt can be uncomfortable to work with other roles – may be way out of comfort zone. Anyone here already doing a whole team approach?18:05
  • Tell story of what pgmrs on my team said when we discussed what we’re looking for in a tester(explain why I say programmer instead of developer)
  • And this is a testing conference, so… But do try to educate your teammates about testing!18:10
  • And this is a testing conference, so… But do try to educate your teammates about testing!
  • They work together
  • They work together
  • And this is a testing conference, so… But do try to educate your teammates about testing!
  • I’m not trying to sell you on RF, or any other driver/framework. The point is that we tried different approaches til we found the optimal for us. This investment will pay off by allowing us to have maintainable regression tests, providing quick feedback & good ROI, which in turn allows us to implement a better UX.18:25
  • Tester/dev pair to spike: 1 weekPresent results at brown bagTeam consensus: too much overlap with Rspec controller tests?Lesson learned:Should have done a bake-off
  • Continue to find solutions for API automation strategy. Continued experiments and bakeoffs.18:30
  • Whole Team Approach to Testing, Illustrated

    1. 1. 1The Whole-Team Approach toTesting, Illustrated:Choosing a New GUI Test ToolØREDEV 2012Lisa CrispinCopyright 2012, Lisa Crispin
    2. 2. Copyright 2012: Lisa Crispin2About me…Tester, agile team member
    3. 3. Agile Testing: A Practical Guide for Testers andAgile Teams; Addison Wesley 2009
    4. 4. Copyright 2012: Lisa CrispinWhole-Team Approach is:• Meaningful commitment to quality• Shared vision of product• Diversity of skills, experience, viewpoint
    5. 5. Copyright 2012: Lisa CrispinIs this rebellion?What’s rebellious here?“Control is ultimately held by the doers”
    6. 6. 6A recent example from my last team…
    7. 7. Copyright 2012: Lisa Crispin7A Problem: User MistakesUsers mis-type bankaccount numbers =>many phone calls forOperations
    8. 8. Copyright 2012: Lisa Crispin8A solution: DojoType-ahead select lists (& other features)
    9. 9. Copyright 2012: Lisa CrispinA new problemWe want to help users avoidmistakes, but we can’t have productioncode that’s not protected by automatedtests
    10. 10. Copyright 2012: Lisa CrispinLooking to the future…Dojo would improve UX on ournew UI…Let’s researchpossiblesolutions.
    11. 11. Copyright 2012: Lisa CrispinTeam meetingDo we need training? Consulting?
    12. 12. Copyright 2012: Lisa CrispinSys admin volunteers to do a spikeSelenium 2 Webdriver does the job!
    13. 13. Copyright 2012: Lisa CrispinA framework spike• Testers research framework options• Sys admin spikes homegrown framework“George”• Architect spikes open-source framework “Geb”
    14. 14. Copyright 2012: Lisa Crispin14First “Bake-off”“George” “Geb”
    15. 15. Copyright 2012: Lisa Crispin15Proof of Concept with Geb• Developers write tests for newUI page•Testers and sys adminintegrate tests into Jenkins CI• Pros: developers moreinvolved in GUI test design• Cons: Learning curve fortesters, result reporting
    16. 16. Copyright 2012: Lisa Crispin16Time for another experiment
    17. 17. Copyright 2012: Lisa Crispin17Another bake-offRobot Framework vs. Xebium• Xebium uses FitNesse framework• Robot Framework result reporting excellent
    18. 18. Copyright 2012: Lisa Crispin18Proof of Concept with RF• Sys admin helpsinstall, integrate w/Jenkins, customize testresults, example page objects• Testers write tests for samepages as Geb tests• Friends help with Se 2keywords
    19. 19. Copyright 2012: Lisa CrispinNext StepsDojo trainingTest design& RFtrainingGet startedin a gooddirection
    20. 20. Copyright 2012: Lisa CrispinWhole Team FTW!• Team commitment to improve site• Sys admin, architect, developers, testers,DBAs all worked on experiments• Gave us confidence to experiment, find thebest solution for us• We could go forward with plans to improveUX, reduce user mistakes
    21. 21. Copyright 2012: Lisa CrispinAnother Experiment, Another Team:API Automation•Team wants to do SBE/ATDD for API•Also need better regression test coverage
    22. 22. Copyright 2012: Lisa CrispinSlightly different approach•Tester/dev pair spiked 1 week•Presented results to team•Consensus – too much overlap w/ existingtestsShouldhave
    23. 23. Copyright 2012: Lisa CrispinSecond automation spike• API console• Team consensus –explore, enhance, expand• Spike for doc generation• Team consensus – go with it• Continue to build on strategy
    24. 24. Copyright 2012: Lisa CrispinTips for Experimenting•Divide and conquer•Sub-teams•Time boxed•Pros and Cons•Pof concept•Rinse and repeat
    25. 25. Copyright 2012: Lisa CrispinYour experiences & ideas?• Has your whole team pulled together tosolve a problem?• Have you tried a “divide and conquer”approach?• Do you have problems that might be solvedmore easily if people in multiple positionshelped?
    26. 26. What small experiment will YOU try?
    27. 27. Copyright 2012: Lisa Crispin27Some Agile Testing Resources• lisacrispin.com• janetgregory.ca• exampler.com• agile-testing@yahoogroups.com• testobsessed.com• testingreflections.com• dhemery.com• gojko.net• shino.de
    28. 28. 28Agile Testing: A Practical Guide for Testers and AgileTeamsBy Lisa Crispin and Janet Gregorywww.agiletester.ca
    29. 29. 29Experiences of Test AutomationDorothy Graham and Mark Fewster
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    31. 31. Copyright 2012: Lisa CrispinCopyright 2008 Janet Gregory, DragonFire31ATDD by ExampleA practical guide to Acceptance Test-DrivendevelopmentMarkus Gaertner
    32. 32. Copyright 2012: Lisa Crispin32All Proceeds to Charity!Beautiful Testing: Leading Professionals Reveal HowThey Improve SoftwareEdited by Tim Riley, Adam GoucherIncludes chapter by yours truly