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Impact info pack for_participants (1)

  2. 2. BACKGROUND OF THE PROJECTIn today’s reality it is hard to imagine a young person with no access to Internet, with no profile onFacebook, Twitter, or other social networks. Also, keeping in mind what is happening in the Middle East,the Internet is now playing a key role in spreading information from the human rights implementation“battle fields».As new media develops rapidly, we plan to use the “ImpACT your world” training course (TC) to makesure that youth workers and civil society can benefit from this new phenomenon in terms of promotingand campaigning online for ideas that they dedicate their time and life to.The TC will bring together 30 young people, youth workers and volunteers from 13 different countries(Slovakia, Croatia, Armenia, Belgium, Georgia, Belarus, Moldova, Norway, Malta, Serbia, Germany,Finland, and Estonia) and will give them practical skills on the effective use of new media technologiesand social networks in their work. They will share their success stories of using new media and willobtain new skills and ideas from the other participants of how to be successful with the use of new mediatechnologies.The participants will have chance to meet with leading bloggers from Armenia and will discover how thetopics such as human rights, equality, volunteering, environment and the rule of law are covered in theArmenian and in the global blogosphere.The objectives of this training course are, but not limited to:  Using media literacy and new media as a powerful tool in youth work  Practicing working with media in group context and to use media for process-based youth work  Broadening youth workers’ experience of different kinds of media form and content to encourage innovation and creativityThe methodologies applied for this training course will be based on non-formal education, experientiallearning and active participation and self-organization of the participants. This project itself will have ablog which will be updated before, during and after the event. THE PROGRAM OF THE TC IS SENT TO YOU IN A SEPARATE FILE!!!TIME/DURATIONArrival: 18th February 2012Departure: 25th February 2012Duration: 6 daysDILIJAN, ARMENIA ( BLOG OF THE TC IS WHICH YOU ARE MORE THANWELCOME TO JOIN AND MAKE TC RELATED ENTRIES. Page 2
  3. 3. PARTNERS/PROMOTERSWHAT TO BRING?Please dont forget to bring with you:  good mood and creativity  music, pictures, drinks and food that you consider representative for your culture for the international evening, also please send a sing-a-long song and lyrics in English or in your national language but with Latin characters for the intercultural evening to before Thursday 17th.  Information about your organizations and countries, as we are going to have an NGO fair where you will represent your organization and the work that it is doing.  Warm clothes and comfortable shoes  DON’T FOGET YOUR PASSPORTS. Armenia is not yet in EU so please don’t forget your passports with you while traveling.  Health insurance: please note that the organizers will not cover your health insurance and it is completely under your responsibility. Page 3
  4. 4. TRAVELING TO ARMENIAArmenia is a small country which is north-eastern part of an extensive high-mountainous area of theArmenian Upland and in the South Caucasus neighboring Turkey to the west, Georgia to thenorth, Iran to the south, Azerbaijan and self-declared republic of Nagorno Karabakh to the east, andAzerbaijans Nakhijevan exclave to the southwest.The countrys total land area is roughly 30,000 square kilometers, and its population is estimated at3.5million. The capital of Armenia is the city of Yerevan. National day is celebrated on 21 September.Christianity is the main religion in Armenian which was adopted as a state religion in 301.Armenians speak and write in Armenian. The Armenian alphabet is one of the 15 unique alphabets in theworld.If you’re interested in learning more about Armenia Google it or visit, web pages.VISA ARRANGEMENTSArmenia is not yet in EU so please don’t forget to take your passports with you while traveling.EECA countries do not need visa to enter Armenia! Participants from EU member states will need visa toenter Armenia, but there is no need for a special invitation letter. You will receive a visa application formonboard of the aircraft before landing at the Zvartnots International Airport of Yerevan.You will get your visa upon arrival. The cost for 21 days single entry visa is 3000 AMD (aprox. 6 EUR).! You are strongly recommended to convert your money into Armenian drams, in order to pay3000 drams, otherwise you will have to pay more. There is an exchange office at the airport nearthe visa “booth”.! Please, check the visa at the border, the cost and the duration of your stay. Also, be attentive toget the invoice for your visa.For more info please contact participants will be met at the Airport and bus station. A volunteer from Civic Forum will be holdingthe title of the TC “ImpACT Your World”. In case you get lost or you don’t find the volunteer please call+37496992979.The transportation of the participants from the capital city Yerevan to the venue of the TC Dilijan andback will be organized in groups depending on the time of arrivals and departures. Page 4
  5. 5. The Organizers will reimburse 70% of participants’ travel costs from your home City to Dilijan,Armenia. 70 % of the Reimbursement of travel costs will be done upon presenting original tickets,receipt/invoice and boarding passes.Reimbursement will be done in EURO, regardless of the currency indicated on your ticket and areceipt/invoice. Participants from EECA will get their reimbursements on the spot. The participants fromEU will receive their travel reimbursements via bank transfer after the training is over.! Note: if you have paid for your ticket with a credit card, you are requested to bring along theconfirmation of payment (i.e. credit card slip and/or bank statement).! Note: the minibuses from transportation from the Airport to Dilijan and back will be provided bythe organizers. You will be charged 30% (approximately 8 EUR) of the travel cost Airport-Yerevan-Dilijan-Yerevan-Airport.! Note: those participants that will miss more than 20% of the training will not be reimbursed.! Note: all partners are strongly requested to send original tickets and boarding passes to the JEFEurope, as soon as they return home. No bank transfer will be made without original traveldocuments.! Note: Although you can plan your travel individually and arrive earlier/depart later, theorganizers can only commit to organize your board and lodging during the mentioned trainingdays.WEATHERThe weather in Dilijan is going to be from -6C’ at night to +4C’ during the day. It might be snowing orwindy. So be prepared and pack warm clothes.Dilijan is situated 1500 meters above sea level and it is surrounded by forests and mountains, so pleasemake sure to pack also comfortable shoes.ACCOMMODATION AND FOODThe hotel where you are going to stay in Dilijan is called Dghyak Pansion will be two or three persons of same sex in each room. In the rooms you will have towels and bedlinen. There are toilets and showers in the rooms.We are going to be the only group in the hotel and we will fully occupy it.Dining room is located inside of the building. Organizers will provide participants with three times foodper day and two coffee breaks.! Please let us know if you have any special needs, dietary, allergies, vegetarian or any other kind ofspecial need.SAFETY and SECURITY ADVICE  Do not leave your personal belongings unattended  Be careful while crossing the streets in Armenia Page 5
  6. 6.  It is forbidden to bring in strangers to the hotel  You do not have to carry IDs or passports with you, police does not check documents on the streetsEXCHANGE RATEThe national currency of Armenia is the Armenian Dram (AMD). Foreign currency is notaccepted in the shops.You can exchange Euros and Dollars and pay with credit cards, however Dilijan is a small townand you might have problems with using your credit cards.Exchange rates (approximately):1 EUR= 500 AMD1 USD= 390 AMDEMERGENCY CONTACTS IN ARMENIAPOLICE 1-02AMBULANCE 1-03You can find pharmacies (apothekas) with commonly used medicine in Dilijan.CONTACTSContacts of the local host organization Civic ForumPhones: +374(0)91360872 +374(0)96992979E-mail: info@civicforum.amContacts of the applicant organization JEF EuropeRuben LOODTS (Secretary-General of JEF-Europe)Phone: +32(0)495501383E-mail: WELCOME TO ARMENIA   Page 6