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Social #PR Secrets @PubCon #SFIMA
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Social #PR Secrets @PubCon #SFIMA


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Social PR Secrets – How to use Social Media to get publicity …

Social PR Secrets – How to use Social Media to get publicity
Location: Salon B

For immediate release: Smart Brands Are Getting Publicity Via Social Media. It�s no secret – the percentage of the public that sees news on social-networking sites such as Facebook, Google+, or Twitter increased from 29 percent in 2010 to 47 percent in 2012. Is your brand reporting news on social media? Learn about the opportunity, how to leverage social media networks to share and report company news and become a news source to journalists, prospects, customers and your social community. Discover how to create and curate content that delivers ROI, new ways to get social publicity, leverage visuals, gain exposure and measure results. Lisa will share actionable social PR takeaways that any size business can do right away.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Excited to be here sharing this panel with everyone Also excited to see PR being represented as a influential factor of Search
  • Transcript

    • 1. Social #PR SecretsHow to use social media to get publicity@LisaBuyerSocial #PR Evangelist and #Yoga GirlThe Buyer Group
    • 2. • Author of Social #PR Secrets• Publicist, Columnist, Social #PR Evangelist• Social #PR Chat Editor• CEO of The Buyer Group,• a Social #PR agency• Search Engine Watch Columnist• Clients include B2B, B2C, Public, and Private• companies across a spectrum of industries.• Frequent industry speaker and writer for variouspublications including ClickZ, SocialPRChat,• University of Florida (Go Gators!) graduate witha degree in Public Relations & BusinessAdministrationAbout Me
    • 3. Agenda• Social PR yesterday, today, the future• Opportunity• Inspiration• Platforms• Best practices for creating a company onlinenewsroom• KPIs and Analytics
    • 4. How ToUnderstandSocial PRyesterday,today, the future
    • 5. Yesterday’s Press Release– Took weeks or months for approval– Designed for the journalist only– Was mailed, (yes mailed)– Emailed = straight to junk email
    • 6. Yesterday’s Press Release– Search engines were for geeks– Usually ended up in the trash or deletebutton– Hardly ever made it to the end user– Measured by clippings!
    • 7. Today’s Press Release• Can happen in 140 characters or less fromanyone!• Is social• Is optimized• Is visual• Is mobile
    • 8. Today’s Social PR• Is 24/7 without boundaries or limits• More Social PR power and control thanever to push the news out and pull theworld in• Using a mix of online PR and social mediastrategies
    • 9. Today’s Press Release• Is measurable
    • 10. Today’s PR• Who are we writing for?– The journalist– Direct to audience– Search engines– Social media networks like Twitter,Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagramand Google +
    • 11. Today’s Social Press Release• What does it look like?– Optimized with keywords or #hashtags– Less is more – words, links– Images and video– PR Tweets in 120 characters or less– Facebook Posts 90 characters or less– LinkedIn status updates– 3 versions – paid, blog and newsroomversion
    • 12. Today’s Online Press Release• What does it do?– Gets good search results (think editorial)– Gets Tweeted and even better: RT– Gets Liked on Facebook– Gets Pinned and +1– Gets online media attention– Delivers qualified traffic to a website– Delivers qualified traffic to a blog
    • 13. Today’s Online Press Release
    • 14. How ToOptimize,publicize,socialize andvisualizeyour brands news
    • 15. The Opportunity
    • 16. The media issearch and social savvy
    • 17. National Survey Finds:The Majority of Journalists Now Depend onSocial MediaforStory Ideasand Sources
    • 18. 89% of reporters/editorsturn to blogs for story research
    • 19. 65% of journalists usesocial media sites such asFacebook and LinkedIn for story sources
    • 20. The majority ofjournalists use microblogging servicessuch as Twitter
    • 21. 100% of journalists use Googleas a tool when working onstoriesGoogle is the top search engine for online research with all responding journalists using thistool.Wikipedia is second
    • 22. Customers aresearch and social savvy
    • 23. YOU must besearch and social savvy
    • 24. OptimizedPress releasesBlogsVideoImagesPostsTweetsPins+1
    • 25. PublicizedDistributionSocial Media NewsroomMuck rackHAROPitchEngine-
    • 26. SocializedCompany news travels inTweetsPostsStatusPinsImagesBlogs+1Instagram#hashtags
    • 27. VisualizedVisual Social Marketing = Visual Social Media-
    • 28. Question:How many are reporting company news viaa visual news feed such asPinterest, Instagramor Tumblr?-
    • 29. How ToCurate relatednews,images andcontent
    • 30. How To
    • 31. How To
    • 32. How ToPractice the best habitsof a highly effectiveSocial PR News Manager
    • 33. Content Strategy PR Tip:Inspiring,newsworthy andtrending news.Theme out yourcontent by monthsand weeks.Have a consistentvoice that matchesyour brand.
    • 34. The 18 Minute Social PR DayPick Your Social Media High FiveGet the Right Things DoneSocial PR Tip:One of the secrets to thriving inSocial PR is to look at doingfewer things better and pick theones that matter most.
    • 35. The Power of the Written WordSocial PR Tip:Research shows that people who write down goals,share that information with a friend, and sendweekly updates to that friend are 33 percent moresuccessful in accomplishing goals than those whomerely formulated goals.
    • 36. Social Media@lisabuyerHow ToAnd PublicRelations
    • 37. @lisabuyer
    • 38. • Inside the organization• Outside the organization• Social sharing• Private and public collaboration@lisabuyer
    • 39. The evolution of theThe evolution of the pitchpitch,,press releasepress release andand promotionpromotion..ItIt’’s time for changes time for change
    • 40. Social PRHow the brand is nowthe publisher!
    • 41. Why?Why?• Pitched morethan ever• Require differentresources & info• Expected toproduce morewith less• Short form valuedover long formJournalists, bloggers and influencers are:
    • 42. PR in Not a ProcessSocial PR is•Going real time•Reporting direct from the brand•Going mobile with your story•Facebook post, tweet, pin or a pitch•Creating brand evangelists•Telling your story direct from your brand’smedia
    • 43. PR pros and agencies are nolonger press release generators
    • 44. Today’s Brand is thePublisher• Story telling• Reporting newsroom style• Look at your brand’s social networks asindividual publications• Write like a reporter• Become the industry source of news,not just the talking about your brand
    • 45. HOW TOExamples
    • 46. FacebookMake it your newseven when it is not.Article appeared lastweek in the WSJ andincluded a mentionof the Camera+ App.
    • 47. Facebook•Added her own editorialcomment to the WSJ article•Made it her own brand’snews•578 Likes•79 Shares•83 Comments
    • 48. LinkedInShare your news withyour network andcustomize comment toyour LinkedInGroups.
    • 49. LinkedIn Share your news with yournetwork and customizecomment to your LinkedInGroups.
    • 50. Pinterest Create themed boardsreflecting categories in yourbusiness.
    • 51. Pinterest Create themed boardsreflecting categories in yourbusiness.
    • 52. YouTube Create a playlist on YouTubeto archive all media coverage
    • 53. YouTubeCreate a playlist on YouTubeto archive all media coverage
    • 54. Google+Images are everything – Bevisual when you tell yourstory!
    • 55. NewsroomsWrite a press release or blog post and pullout 15-20 Tweets that link back to the pressrelease
    • 56. How ToIncorporate thebest practices for creatinga companyonline newsroom
    • 57. The Company Newsroom
    • 58. The Company OnlineNewsroomA centralized news headquartersfor all of your brand’s digitalcontent,including news stories, photos, videos,financial and other organizationalinformation.
    • 59. Almost 100%percent Surveyedexpect organizations small and large to:• Have an online newsroom as part of thewebsite available to the media.• Provide access to news releases within theironline newsroom.• Find PR or media contact information readilyavailable within an online newsroom.• Offer the ability to search news archives withinan online newsroom
    • 60. Typical Newsroom• Press Releases• Media Coverage• Company Fact sheet• Images• Company Bios• White papers• Awards
    • 61. Today’s Online Newsroom• Created for– Media,– Customers,– Prospects– Search engines– Optimized– Social media friendly
    • 62. • Report your company news like a reporter,optimize like an SEO• Use social media to tell your story, report news,drive traffic back to blog/website• If you are not in the news, make yourself part ofthe news – highjack a story or #hashtag.• Collaborate and practice time saving Social PRefficiencies that focus on what works best• Evaluate your online newsroom, make it part ofyour Social #PR content strategy• Don’t be afraid to #Fail! Try #new thingsKey Takeaways
    • 63. • Timing – do more on weekend and after hours• Use social media to tell your story, report news,Be real, show personality, use emoticons lightly• Visual wins – make your news pin-worthy• Mobile matters – make sure your news is mobilefriendly• Go for the ASK, call to actions in your news andblog posts• Measure!• Do what matters! Cut out the clutter.Key Takeaways
    • 64. Today’s PROptimizedPublicizedSocialized
    • 65. Questions?
    • 66. Social #PR SecretsPresented by:Lisa Buyer@lisabuyer