Social Media for Publicity and PR


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Social media evolution and revolution can be a dream come true for public relations specialists if leveraged properly. How can your social media presence go beyond B2C engagement and garner publicity and coverage?

These slides will show you how to make your spread your news using your own channels to increase social publicity. It includes the do's and don'ts of social PR, what matters in analytics and how to measure it, and my personal favorite tools for productivity and exposure.

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Social Media for Publicity and PR

  1. 1. @lisabuyer Facts •I Live in Celebration, Florida @lisabuyer
  2. 2. @lisabuyer Facts •Traditional PR background •Agency owner since 1996 •Author of Social PR Secrets •Editor of SocialPRChat •Column in Search Engine Watch •Covers trending topics and news related to Search, Social and Public Relations
  3. 3. Inspiring Social PR Agenda • Social PR Headlines and One Liners • PR Evolution and Revolution • Reporting Company News with Search and Social Media • Visual PR Dos and Don’ts • Mobile PR Dos and Don’ts • Measuring What Matters • Social PR Wisdoms
  4. 4. I agree…to the reasoning
  5. 5. And there are those that need a PR firm
  6. 6. Social PR Revolution • Search Engines • Blogging for PR • Influencing for PR via Social Media The new public relations looks totally different But is actually based on same principles
  7. 7. Photo by Ari Helminen - Creative Commons Attribution License Created with Haiku Deck
  8. 8. Audience + Content • Audience – Journalist – Social Media Community – Customers, Prospects, Investors • Content – to help them – they like – they need
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  15. 15. Today’s Social PR Content • What does it look like? –Optimized with keywords or #hashtags –Less is more – words, links –Images and video –PR Tweets in 120 characters or less –Facebook Posts 90 characters or less –3 versions – paid, blog and newsroom version –Paying to Play…Yes.
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  18. 18. Photo by Silly Little Man - Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial License Created with Haiku Deck
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  21. 21. Today’s Mobile PR • Who are we writing for? –Mobile Apps –Mobile News –Mobile Users –Mobile Search –Mobile Social –Your social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Instagram and Google +
  22. 22. Mobile PR Content • Slides • Short Headlines • Font sizes • Image with a headline • First 100 characters most important • Write for the RT, Favorite or share
  23. 23. More Social Media Training • Lisa Buyer is affiliated with the following social media and online marketing training organizations –