Insuffisance cardiaque


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Insuffisance cardiaque

  1. 1. Have a heart and care for your own self tooFamous as being ruthless and short tempered our teacher of History, always made us students wonder if she had a heart, We actually would make humorous statements guaranteeing each other that for sure, she was, never-on-earth, going to suffer from any heart- problem, well, you have to have a heart for that , dont you? The day we went to collect our results, I was topping in History, rushed down to the Staff, where I expected to proudly show off my ever-serious-teacher, that finally I had accepted her challenge!! It was a shocking news I was confronted with, my teacher had been under hospitalization since the last 15 days, where she was recovering from a severe heart-attack(In French attaque cardiaque)! The news was like a jolt from the sky, that made me miss several heart-beats. All the excitement went up in flames, I rushed back home to give my mother the news, shetoo was more concerned about the well-being of the one I had secretly labeledmy role-model. As I sat at my PC, decided to hunt for all possible informationthat was available regarding the cardiovascular diseases, associated with thehuman heart.What on earth is cardiovascular disease?Though it may sound like a single disease, cardiovascular disease is in fact agroup of over 60 disorders of the heart or the blood vessel-system within theentire body of a person. Its most common forms identified include- high bloodpressure, heart disease and stroke. Treating it would involve medication,lifestyle changes or special other procedures.Commonly, CVD refers to the diseases affecting the entire human body.Supposedly, the human heart that pumps blood through the circulatory system,includes the arteries, capillaries and the veins, that carry oxygen and nutrientrich blood from the heart and lungs to all the parts of the body. Veins carryblood that has been depleted of oxygen and nutrients . Cardiovasculardisease(In French insuffisance cardiaque) was earlier concluded as being onlya mans disease in reality, it is the number-one killer of women in the UnitedStates, where it is responsible for 1 in 2 deaths; breast cancer being responsiblefor 1 in 23. However, it is not possible to have only one list of risk factors for thedisease in women. It all depends on the type of disease, depending on severalfactors as the age, family history, ethnicity, cholesterol levels, hypertension,blood pressure.What are the cardiovascular symptoms affecting the heart?Mostly, in women there is no chest pain experienced by the men; shortness of
  2. 2. breath has identified as a major symptom, including other major cardiovascularsymptoms such as being obese, most importantly the blood pressure has to bekept in check by reducing hypertension. Health Failure-Treated and PreventedThere are times in life when you don’t understand whatis going around you. Sometimes you are just tounaware of what actually is happening to you and whyit happened to you. This thing is very common whenyou are suffering from a health disorder. There are somany things around us which are responsible for thebad health. There are a few parts which get directedaffected by this and they are brain and heart. Even thesimple mobile phone conversation can affect your brainso badly that it can lead to harmful diseases but evenknowing that this is very harmful to us, we tend to useit or rather most of the people are addicted to it so ifthings are been taken like this then there is scope forhealth disorders in the near future which we will not understand. Similarly wehave the simple chocolate bar or scoop of ice cream which is also responsible forcausing its own damage if it is consume out of limit and over a period of time.Excessive fat in the body leads to blockages in the arteries which supply bloodto the heart and develops the risk of a Heart disease and ultimately it will leadto heart failure ( In French insuffisance cardiaque) . So in all we must makesure that what we do and what we eat should be in order, I don’t say that youshould completely avoid the foods which have fat or cholesterol as some amountof fats and cholesterol are needed by the body to carry out its functions.The blockage in the arteries which supply blood to the heart are caused by theexcessive fat which gets accommodated there and thus ultimately leading to thething we fear the most which is heart failure which is the end of life. Wellnowadays the medical science is very advanced and they have methods toremove the excessive sediments in the arteries of the heart which is the CardiacSurgery ( In French chirurgie cardiaque) which is the best possible way to getrid of the unwanted fats in the arterial path to the heart. Though this is verysimple and nowadays very safe too but the best way is to avoid excessive fatconsumption and try to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle which is bless youwith a longer life which is worth living with your loved ones.
  3. 3. Don’t let your heart rate be fast, it can cause heart failure!Life is like a train and heart is like an engine, which drives life forward.We walk, we talk, we sleep and enjoy life, but all enjoyment comes to an end,when our heart beat stops. Our life engine goes on with our heart rate. Theengine stops life stops, We have progressed a lot. Even we have controlled birthand death rate. We claim to know about coming natural disastrous calamities.We even claim that we have got solutions of almost all the diseases.However, this hustle and bustle of life has given rise to so many problems andour life style has given rise to plethora of diseases. Heart failure is thedangerous one, in all of the diseases. Heart disease CHF is a disease, in whichheart can not pump sufficient blood to the body for fulfilling its need.Blockage of coronary artery by clotting the blood causes severe chest pain. Ifthis making of clot is not resolved or blood does not start to circulate between20 to 40 minutes, then it becomes the biggest reason of the severe attack,which results to death. There are so many symptoms to of heart disease; if one would recognize themthen it is certain that one can avoid heart failure, by taking averting steps. Thesymptoms of heart failure can differ in divergent individuals. Some can feelheadaches. Some other can also have jaw pain or toothache, nausea orvomiting are also symptoms of heart failure(In French insuffisancecardiaque). Sweating is also a sign for this, but it is totally different thennormal sweating. A person who has got this disease can sweat even in intensecold. These symptoms appear in the body before the attack occurs. Pain in arm,especially in left arm is also its symptom.The first one is, inability to work more or do exercises, the second is feelingswelling in legs. The third one is the breath becomes shorter than normalbreathing system. Heart rate increases and heart failure can occur because of
  4. 4. hypertension and stress, taking abusive drugs can also result in heart failure orincreasing heart rate(In French frequence cardiaque). Extreme cold can alsoaffect your heart rate; smoking can also be the reason of heart rate incline andthen results into heart failure.In the crux, we can say that if modern technology is boon then modern lifestylecan be a curse. It makes us more lethargic and even makes the atmospheretensed and makes us victim of heart diseases.