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Antibiotique naturel

  1. 1. AUTHOR : LISA BRUNUnderstanding cardiovascular symptoms with tips on prevention and treatmentCardiovascular is a medical term, which specifically relies on the heart or blood vessels related toit. So when it comes to cardiovascular diseases, it is apparently understandable that they arereferring to the heart diseases, which commonly include heart attack, high blood pressure, heartfailure, rheumatic heart disease, and side-line artery disease. These diseases typically occurbecause of varieties of factors but the major reason being having improper diet.Symptoms:Cardiovascular symptoms vary depending on the types of the disease. However, there are somecommon cardiovascular disease symptoms that will necessitate you to get a diagnosis of thedisease. These symptoms generally include pain in the chest, distress in the arms, shortness ofbreath, and vertigo at certain intervals.In case of the women, the cardiovascular symptoms commonly include face problems likeshortness of breath, queasiness, pain in back and jaw and an emetic feeling. Alongside of thesecardiovascular diseases symptoms, the patient can have the blurriness in eye vision, loss ofmental balance, acute headache unexpectedly, feeling numbness in certain body parts and troublein walking or dizziness giving vent to the occurrence of cardiovascular disease. If anyoneexperiences any of these cardiovascular symptoms(In French cardiaque symptome), it isapparently understandable to seek the help of a medical expert.Prevention:Cardiovascular diseases can be prevented to a certain limit and if a patient starts includingdifferent food items in his/her diet like almonds, fish, green and leafy vegetables, including fruitsand garlic, which are also recommended by most medical experts. An additional consumption ofsalt on a regular basis can be supposedly rather harmful for patients suffering from this disease.As per a reliable piece of news, people consuming items with sodium have 25% lesser risk ofcontracting this disease.Plus, the inclusion of workout is worthwhile as it also assists efficiently in minimizing the chancesof cardiovascular disease. In this regard, aerobic exercises can work wonders in overcoming thisdisease. Side by side, it also helps in maintaining body weight as well as blood pressure.Treatment:To ensure a treatment for a cardiovascular, it basically depends on the cardiovascular diseasesymptoms (In French symptome malaise cardiaque) which vary from patient to patient.However, before you follow any medications, it is important to seek the help of a doctor, moreprecisely a professional cardiologist that will do a comprehensive diagnosis of the disease. As aresult, you will be able to follow the right treatment without giving any harm to your body.Because cardiovascular disease can be life risking, an early knowledge and prevention about thisdisease can save innumerable lives from the clutch of untimely death.Antioxidants – the body’s soldiers
  2. 2. Antioxidants remove free radicals caused by oxidation which can damage and destroy cells andeven cause death. Oxidation can cause a number of health problems including cancer, diabetesand heart disease among others. To counter this, it is necessary to consume foods that containantioxidants.They can also be obtained in synthetic form but are not as potent as those found in natural foodsand many dietary supplements may not be properly absorbed by the body. Hence, eating foodsrich in antioxidants are your best bet.Foods containing vitamin A, C, E and selenium are the most common antioxidants (In French lesantioxydants). If you don’t know what food contains what, here’s a little help. Carrots, squash,tomatoes, apricots, peaches, broccoli and sweet potatoes are a source of vitamin A, whilestrawberries, citrus fruits like oranges and lemons and veggies like tomatoes, green peppers,broccoli and green leafy vegetables contain vitamin C.You can get vitamin E from nuts and seeds, vegetable oil, liver oil, green leafy vegetables andwhole grains. Selenium, meanwhile, can be had from red meat, fish, shellfish, eggs, chicken,garlic and grains. Other antioxidants can be obtained from red wine, pomegranates, tea,cranberries, purple grapes, soy and watermelon.With statistics of heart disease on the rise, there is all the more reason to get as muchantioxidants in your diet. Cardiovascular symptoms(In French cardiaque symptome) includeangina (chest pain or discomfort), dizziness, abnormal heart beats, nausea, pain in one or botharms, left shoulder, jaw, neck or back, and exhaustion. Of course, you need to go for a thoroughcheck up to eliminate other causes.Changing your diet, moderate physical exercise and reduction of tobacco products can help reducethe risk of heart disease. It doesn’t require much effort and the reward is a longer and healthierlife. That should be reason enough for you to turn over a new leaf. It is also more cost effective inthe long run as treatment is likely to burn a hole in your bank account.So keep in mind the benefits of eating healthy and living a good life. If you feel you’re exhibitingcardiovascular symptoms, immediately go to the doctor and get yourself checked. And if youaren’t, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t prevent this disease which kills so many peopleworldwide.The ill effect caused by cardiovascular symptomsLast year, my father had a terrible nightmare. He was being admitted to the hospital with massivechest pain. Many well known doctors attended my father as because my uncle has a goodconnection with heart doctors in the town.So, after some days when my father became stable, my uncle came to our place to visit myfather. On one such casual meeting my father casually inquired him about the variouscardiovascular symptoms(In French cardiaque symptome) which affect the body. He said thatheart attack, chest pains are some cardiovascular symptoms. He added that the cardiovascularsymptoms are not typically perceptible until the patient get critical and are admitted to thehospital. He advised me that nothing to worry about, just take some precautionary measures eatmedicines and my father would again lead a normal stress less life.He asked my father that have he experienced such a chest pain earlier. On which my fathersimply said, “No”. He added that it an interesting aspect of this disease is that patients doesn’t getalarmed bell ringing in your ears by its symptoms as no cardiovascular symptoms is been
  3. 3. detected in preliminary medical tests as these are purely harmless in their initial stages. As myfather is a chain smoker so he recommended my father to follow some guidelines like he can’tsmoke, he can’t eat all the oily stuffs outside and must exercise regularly in home.As a precautionary measure my father was also been advised to eat such food which containsantioxidants(In French les antioxydants) which also helps in decreasing the cholesterol level likethe omega 3 fish oil. They are been recommended by various medical experts because of theireffective results in improve heart health.Antioxidants efficiently fight against the harmful radicals which damages the cells inside the bodywhich may otherwise be very fatal. At last, my uncle left by advising my father to be morewatchful and consult the heart doctor if cardiovascular symptoms again puts him in trouble.Pepin extract grapefruits simply reduces cardiovascular disease symptomsAcross the world many people have cardiovascular disease symptoms present in their body. I wassurprised to hear when my uncle who is a renowned cardiologist himself, said that most of thedeaths occur due to these various heart diseases and told me that the Pepin extract grapefruitsare the best medicines for these patients.The patients who are been admitted in the heart hospital in any part of the world are advised totake Pepin extract grapefruits in their diet. Pepin extract grapefruits are generally being madefrom seeds and membranes of a grape fruit. He further upgraded me that these Pepin extractgrapefruits)( In French extrait pepin pamplemousse) are first taken to their laboratory wherethese are mixed with glycerin. Then these are being served to the heart patients. He said thatwhile eating these Pepin extract grapefruits, many patients have complained that this extracts arebit bitter to be swallowed.To learn more about the cardiovascular disease symptoms I decided to visit his place. After a lightrest in my uncle’s house, I headed straight to the hospital. Firstly, I was amazed with the modernfacilities present inside the hospital. Then my uncle guided me towards the cardiologist wardswere I found many heart patients eating this Pepin extract grapefruits. From there we went to thedrug store. My uncle asked for a drug from the drug store counter and showed me that now-a-days, many products like cream, shampoo shower, toothpaste etc, are being made from theseextracts as they contain anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which are helps our hair and skinto glow more.I asked him one question that why only Pepin extract grapefruits are being recommended forheart patients? He first laughed and said that it is a very good question. He started his answer bysaying that there are many harmful free radicals present inside these patients body. Pepin extractgrapefruits itself are antioxidants which help in fighting against these free radicals and also help inreducing cardiovascular disease symptoms(In French symptome malaise cardiaque) such asheart attacks and cancer.He continued that every person have some antioxidants present inside their body. Pepin extractgrapefruits contain Vitamin C which is very beneficial for heart patients. Heart patients can easilyconsume this extract rather than going for other fruits which contains more sugar. He said that10-15 years earlier, when no one have heard about Pepin extract grapefruits heart patients arebeing served with fruit juices which contains pulp of Vitamin C like oranges or even Vitamin Eused in assisting normalizing blood viscosity and is important for cardiac cellular respiration. Headded that these were incapable to fight against these harmful free radicals and the heart patientsfeel uneasy as these radicals get extracted from the body with urine. Grapefruit extract remains inthe body for more than 3 days and help in fighting these harmful radicals. So, now-a-days all
  4. 4. heart doctors are recommending all heart patients to drink it as a juice not because it doesn’tcontains sugar preservatives but it helps the cardiovascular disease symptoms under check andalso keeps the body fit.A Healthy heart and a healthy MindMatters of the heart, they say, always arises a lot of delusions and illusions! Well, folks, here weare more concerned with the various causes that lead our near-and-dear ones to develop heartdisease symptoms, knowingly or unknowingly. The one most debated argument is that one must-not-take-seriously approach, which they say leads to worsening of the heart problems. Generallyassociated with the sentimental-types! A heart problem (In French symptome malaisecardiaque)is commonly associated with two main factors: one logically speaking – that which ishereditary, the other , however, is an issue that only brings forth, unnecessary, ceaselessarguments, such a being a very touchy person.Whatever the cause may be, the underlying cause is to be understood, but before lets understandthe various heart disease symptoms, especially in women, related to the heart and blood-vesseldisease. Getting the right treatment at the need-of-the-hour becomes vital if the symptoms arerecognized immediately. Say for instance in women, it is a wrong notion they have that a heartattack is a sudden, dramatic event often featuring severe chest pain, in fact most women do nothave a chest pain, instead they may only feel or experience atypical symptoms such as backpain, nausea or fatigue, vomiting, weakness, dizziness, lightheadedness, moreover, the symptomsof the first attack may not be the same experienced during the first one.Normally, once a woman crosses the age age of 40 years, the average woman has a1 in 5 chanceof developing heart failure(In French cardiaque symptome). Several factors influence thecondition as the medical history, the blood-pressure, any type of artery disease, any heart valvedisease, diabetes, one of the most crucial factors being that of being overweight.For more information, visit site :