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  • PR Newswire is a subsidiary of United Business Media Limited, a leading global business media company that serves professional commercial communities around the world.
  • Mapping your potential reach: SYNDICATION, SEARCH & SOCIAL
  • Mapping your potential reach: SYNDICATION, SEARCH & SOCIAL [1] AddThis: “Sharing in 2011” infographic, Dec 2011 [2] PR Newswire & CrowdFactory: “How Social are Your Press Releases” infographic, Nov 2011 [3] Branded 3: “Tweets vs Rankings,” Apr 2012 [4] SEOmoz: “Facebook + Twitter's Influence on Google's Search Rankings,” Apr 2011
  • PR Newswire offers numerous different distributions throughout the Americas, Canada, Europe, Asia, The Middle East & Africa. You can choose to send your news to media across entire countries or specifically target media in one location in the U.S. or those with a specific specialty or interest. PR Newswire distributes through a number of different channels – satellite, internet, email & RSS to reach news organizations, reporters and bloggers, websites, financial networks, search engines and mobile devices. Generating media coverage, blog coverage, product sales, brand building, and stock purchases.
  • PR Newswire connects customers with audiences in more than 170 countries and in over 40 languages through an unparalleled network of offices in 16 countries across North and South America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, and via unique affiliations with the leading news agencies across the globe. Our global partners (not shown but should be mentioned -- PR Newswire entities: PRN Asia, PRN EMEAi, PRN do Brazil, PRN Mexico & PRN LatAm) Canada Mexico (one partner...we also have a large presence) Latam (one partner...we also have a large presence) Africa Europe Austrailia Asia (we also have a large presence in China & Hong Kong)
  • As of Oct 2012
  • Hispanic Media National & Regional Hispanic Newslines Guaranteed Placement on 100+ Hispanic Web Sites (Yahoo!, Telemundo, Dario Las America) Hispanic Web Kit Releases – Multimedia content to 80 Hispanic web sites Hispanic Digital Network – Get your ad message in front of more than 3 million Latinos Interactivo Multimedia News Release Other Multicultural Options African American, Native American, Chinese American, and more.
  • Hispanic Media National & Regional Hispanic Newslines Guaranteed Placement on 100+ Hispanic Web Sites (Yahoo!, Telemundo, Dario Las America) Hispanic Web Kit Releases – Multimedia content to 80 Hispanic web sites Hispanic Digital Network – Get your ad message in front of more than 3 million Latinos Interactivo Multimedia News Release Other Multicultural Options African American, Native American, Chinese American, and more.
  • From Digg to StumbleUpon and from Facebook to Twitter, social networks are changing the face of public relations with a viral effect that can’t be ignored. PR Newswire is on the cutting-edge of social media releases with value-added tools that make it easy for your target audiences to find, discuss and share your press release. PR Newswire’s Social Media tools extend the life – and the impact – of your press releases by encouraging readers to interact with your story. Our complimentary Social Media tools make your message stickier and generate more visibility for your brand. PR Newswire embeds a social media toolbar in every release posted to – and in every Multimedia News Release (MNR) to encourage audiences to share, bookmark, blog or tweet your press release. Social Media Tools appear at the top of all releases on
  • Follower #’s as of June 2012.
  • PR Newswire’s superior SEO makes it easier for your audiences to find your news. As the charts above show, PR Newswire generated significantly more traffic to our site from search results than any of our competitors, by far.
  • Valid as of October 2012, to check for changes in rank level, visit:
  • Social media aspects of the MNR
  • The Flex Release DIY multimedia through the OMC 3 Multimedia Assets (video, photos, logos, etc.) US1 Distribution, SEO & Reporting Videos uploaded to 10+ Video Portals (YouTube, Yahoo! Video, MySpace, MetaCafe) Times Square Photo Distribution
  • Social media aspects of the MNR
  • Social media aspects of the MNR
  • MNR Reports ( FREE with MNR purchase ) In addition to VR, when you send an MNR, you also get reporting which includes: 3 standard reports – day 1, week 1, and month 1 Page views Web samples Total Web reach Total video views File downloads Media accesses
  • Photo Distribution Services: US1 + Photo Total Photo Archive Internet Photo Distribution Premium Photo Distribution Points: All US1 Media Points Newscom & AP PhotoExpress sites like Yahoo!, ABC News, etc. Reuters sign, Times Square, NYC Fashion Show Mall, Las Vegas
  • Link:
  • ========================================================= ARC examples: ========================================================= Travel: Caesar’s Palace: Tech: Drive For Innovation: Entertainment: Kindness Counts: Finance: The Talk: Consumer Goods: Pampers: Auto: Honda:
  • Overview of other MultiVu services A/V Broadcast Production Satellite Media Tours Co-op Media Tours Radio Media Tours Webcasting Podcasting DVD / Tape Production
  • Pr newswire network capabilities

    1. 1. Lisa BonoLA Account Manager
    2. 2. PR Newswire is the global leader in innovative communications and marketing services, enabling organizations toconnect and engage with their target audiences worldwide.
    3. 3. The Press Release: A Timeline 60 YEARS AGO 10 YEARS AGO TODAY Text as a vehicle to Text plus multimedia Text, video, multimedia, infographics tell a story, targeting assets as a vehicle to tell a and other content are combined and media story, targeting media & distributed as a release as an consumers integrated part of brand campaigns to amplify paid, owned and earned media elements. TEXT PHOTOS ONLY TEXT PLUS TEXT INFOGRAPHICS VIDEOS PLUS AND MORE MEDIA MEDIA CONSUMERS MEDIA CONSUMERS
    4. 4. MOBILE MULTIMEDIA PRNEWSWIRE.COM WEBSITES Increase release social Optimize your content engagement with SocialPostTM with OptimizationMaxSources: [1] [2] [3] [4]
    5. 5. PR Newswire distribution process Processing/Editing Distribution PR Newswire editors process copy in PR Newswire’s Distribution via satellite, state-of-the art editorial system, looking for errors, internet, e-mail and RSS. typos, etc., and prepare it for distribution. Reaching news organizations, individual reporters and bloggers, websites, financial Reach networks, search engines and mobile devices. Reach traditional and non-traditional media, investors, customers and general public around the world, generating media coverage in print and TV, social media buzz, investments and purchases.UploadUpload release andmultimedia. Selectnewsline distribution(ie. Global) plus createtargeted list from ourmedia database.
    6. 6. PR Newswire Online Distribution & SyndicationReach 1,000+ websites instantly with PR Newswire’s low-cost online SearchReach Get your message online distribution & syndication. and in search• Post to• Make news findable by search engines and news engines WebReach Add an image to your• Drive traffic to your website w/live site message and drive even preview more traffic to your news• Reach subscribers & bloggers with RSS• Find your release with a search-friendly permalink URL• WebReachPLUS Go viral with social media toolbar Display your photo and message on the Reuters Sign in Times Square
    7. 7. 170+ countries, 40+ languagesPR Newswire has offices in 16 countries, plus partnerships with leading news agencies around the globe.
    8. 8. China Exposure Sample of travel clients in China:General Media Outlets 800+Travel Trade Publications 100+Websites, including major portalslike SINA, SOHU, NetEase and 3,000+Tencent Example China Multimedia News ReleaseMobile: PR Newswires Chinese iPhone appHundreds of thousands of subscribersvia wireless internet portals, forums, blogs,micro-blogs and other new media outlets,including 150K+ followers on Chinas leadingmicro-blog ("weibo") sites - SINA andTencent
    9. 9. Brazil & Spanish Latin America Exposure Sample of travel clients in Brazil:General Media Outlets 1,800+Brazil Travel Journalists 230+Media Database 12,900+(Brazil)Media Database 10,800+(Spanish Latam) Example Reach into Brazil:Delivery to major news agenciesincluding Estado, Globo, Multiagencias,Notimex, DyN and CaribPR
    10. 10. European Exposure Sample of travel clients in Europe:General Media Outlets 11,200+European travel journalists 6,500+Media contacts requesting 1,300+travel news from PRNMobile distribution to 12 mobile appsacross EuropeDistribution to over 260 websites carryingtravel-related content includingVisitEatStay, Simply Luxury Travel, BreakingTravel News,, Viajar aTope, Libero and RSS Tourisme Info
    11. 11. Dedicated media site for journalists & bloggers Over 27K media organizations represented. Over 82K registered U.S. journalists & bloggers
    12. 12. 150+ mobile partnerships• PR Newswire propriety apps – iPhone & iPad - in iTunes store – Nokia (19 apps, customized for regions/markets) - in OVI store THIRD PARTY APPS # KEY PUBLISHING PARTNERS Android 35 Bloomberg Pulse BlackBerry 8 Dow Jones’ Factiva Skygrid iPad 50 Flipboard Thomson Reuters iPhone 55 News 360 Yahoo! Finance Windows 9 Mobilized Websites 9 Nokia Yellowbrick
    13. 13. Reach audiences through targeted newslines GEOGRAPHIC REGIONS VERTICAL MARKETS • Automotive • Region • Energy • Country • Finance • State • Health/Biotech • City / Metro • Technology • And many more… Young Corporate Social Public Interest Environmental Adult/University Responsibility
    14. 14. Reach multicultural audiences North American U.S. Hispanics African American ChineseHispanic PR Wire: North American African American> 5,000+ media points across all platforms Chinese Newsline: Newsline: Including TV, print, radio, social & wire Distribute to 300+ Distribute to 300+ chinese-language chinese-language> 120+ guaranteed online placements including media points in the media points in the Yahoo!, Terra & U.S. & Canada U.S. & CanadaHispanic Digital Network: 88 news sitesincluding: Latin Heat (LA), Business Latino (NYC)& Diario las Americas (Miami)MultiVu Latino: 150 video placements
    15. 15. Reach lifestyle editors with our Features services Daily Features Newsline • Lifestyle editorial pickup • Special topics such as food, travel, technology, business and health • Unlike front-page news, which gets dated quickly, Daily Features can last a long time, especially online.2012 Feature Packages Calendar:Add any of your releases, including Daily Features articles, to one of our themed packages,which are distributed on specific dates so Editors know when to expect them. Holidays Business: Jan 9, May 31 & Oct 31 > Valentine’s Day: Jan 30 > Springtime, Easter & Passover: Mar 22 Tech: Mar 21, Jun 6, Sep 10 & Dec 13 > Mother’s Day: May 3 > Father’s Day: Jun 7 Consumer Issues & Trends: Apr 25 > Holiday, General: Oct 25 > Holiday, Thanksgiving: Nov 12 > Holiday, Nov 14 > Holiday (Last Minute), Dec 6
    16. 16. Social media toolbar Word of mouth and bloggers tools – email, print, RSS & embedding optionsQuick share buttons for help readers easilyeasy posting to the most share with friends andpopular social networks: post to their ownFacebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, websites/blogsGoogle & Pinterest More dropdown options – readers can share your release on additional social networking and book- marking sites, or for reference on the reader’s customized Yahoo or Google portal homepage.
    17. 17. Social media distribution with SocialPostTM• SocialPost spreads your news to followers of PR Newswire’s Twitter accounts and helps expand your exposure in search engines.• Post to PR Newswire’s @PRNAlert Twitter account (3,700+ followers), as well as up to 3 industry accounts determined by release content. PR NEWSWIRE INDUSTRY TWITTER ACCOUNTS & # FOLLOWERS @PRNbiz 1,900+ @PRNfinance 1,200+ @PRNpolicy 1,800+ @PRNbiztech 600+ @PRNhealth 2,200+ @PRNsports 400+ @PRNcnsmr 800+ @PRNmedia 1,800+ @PRNtech 1,200+ @PRNenergy 1,600+ @PRNmfg 800+ @PRNtravel 1,400+ @PRNenv 700+ @PRNmltcult 900+ @PRNtrnsp 700+
    18. 18. The industry’s MOST searched network PR Newswire Business Wire Marketwire Globe NewswireAug 2012
    19. 19. The industry’s MOST searched networkGoogle Page Rank (October 2012) CNN.com1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
    20. 20. Increase engagement with multimedia distribution Multimedia News ARC Engagement Photo release Flex release Release Platform Photo + Dynamic VideoPhoto (image such as Photo + Video + Audio Photo + Video + Audio + + Dedicated HTML Pagephoto, logo or infographic) + PDFs PDFs + Dedicated Page + Strategic PlacementPurpose: Enhance Purpose: For release Purpose: Critical Purpose: Ultimaterelease, providing media & with higher level of announcements with HTML customized engagementconsumers with visual distribution, DIY allows page to match corporate platform for campaignsimage quick turn around branding requiring multiple updates, plus guaranteed distribution
    21. 21. The Flex Release Branding banner Images – photos, logos & infographics Videos
    22. 22. Multimedia News Release (MNR)Branding and Logoclick through link Text formatted Social media and distributed links into editorial systems Video player In-text hyperlinksHi-res photos andadditional videos Embedded Twitter stream Related links Media contacts
    23. 23. Multimedia News Release (MNR) examples
    24. 24. Measuring the impact of your MNRs Sample MNR Report Summary Video & AudioMedia Outlets Representated Streams Page hits File Downloads Online Video & Web Clips Embedded – See where your video and Video Views – release was distributed. See viral effects Includes potential audience of your video. numbers.
    25. 25. Engage your audiences like never before with the ARCTM Engagement PlatformAccess Reach ConnectARC lets you compile ARC distributes your ARC enables you toyour multimedia content content everywhere dynamically update or– videos, images, opportunity exists – and add to your content oncedownloads, links, offers everywhere audiences distributed – andand more – in a interact with content. measure activity anddynamic, engaging Thousands of websites. engagement. So you candigital package thats Blogs. Social networks. keep programs andready to launch... Video sharing sites. campaigns fresh,literally in days. Email. The media. And it optimize content and enables consumers to drive even more share your content engagement. virally.
    26. 26. Interactive media player & landing page Customized Branding: your logo and color scheme Interactive Media Player: Engage audiences with video, photos, graphics and animation Text content / press release Share and encourage viral distribution Links to Transactions- sell products, enroll subs, train, link to website etc.
    27. 27. Interactive media player viral distribution blog blog fan site blog blog“Share” button allows fan siteviewers to embed the news siteIMP into their blogs or company siteWeb sites. blog
    29. 29. The ARCTM Platform Examples
    30. 30. Multimedia production servicesAudio Production & Video Production & Satellite Media Tours Co-op Media ToursDistribution DistributionRadio Media Tours Webcasting Podcasting DVD/Tape Production
    31. 31. Only PR Newswire provides a complete and effective solution to meet the unique needs at every stage of your company’s evolution. Traditional Traditional IR Traditional PR Newswire wire services corporate services financial printersWire and online distribution X XTargeted distribution (microlists) X X XSocial media tools X XOnline engagement platformswith multimedia X X XVirtual data rooms X XVirtual investor events XWebcasting X XSEC Filings X XXBRL X XFinancial printing & typesetting X XShareholder analysis &targeting X X