What stuttering taught me about running a business


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My 2011 TEDxAlbany presentation about how stuttering taught me to embrace being weird and helped me start a business.

[You can find a video of the presentation here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0jTjYI_l8cg]

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  • hi i'm happy to join the group, first thx to accept me and your help concerning the stutter, may GOD bless you. I stutter so i need more about your advices. Thank you
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What stuttering taught me about running a business

  1. 1. What Stuttering Taught Me About Running A Business Lisa Barone @lisabarone
  2. 2. Who Is Outspoken Media?• Internet Marketing Company located in Troy, NY.• Founded in 2009 with my partner Rhea Drysdale Our job is to make YOU louder and more outspoken on the Web.
  3. 3. New challenges forceyou use what youalready know.
  4. 4. An Intro To Being Weird
  5. 5. My Entry Into Being Weird• Just 1% of the adult population stutters.• 80% of adult stutterers are male.That makes me a freakin’unicorn
  6. 6. My Entry Into Being WeirdStutterers display higher activity in the areaof the brain that controls speech movements,making it difficult for the brain to process theinformation and account for the correctmovements.
  7. 7. Getting My Groove Voice Back
  8. 8. Like a business… • I was fearful of standing out or attracting too much attention • I hid behind a mask instead of showing people who I was. • I was limiting my voice because I didn’t believe I deserved one
  9. 9. The Benefits Of Being A Stutterer• I understand the power of voice better than a fluent speaker.• My struggles allow me to better relate to the struggles of others.• I only have to meet someone once for them to remember my name.
  10. 10. The Benefits Of Being A StuttererMy stuttering makes me memorable. And because I am memorable, I have a platform.
  11. 11. Stuttering taught me how to run a business because…. Stuttering taught me how to embrace weird & make weird work
  12. 12. Weird didn’t always work…
  13. 13. Weird is how youstand out in acrowded niche.Weird is how youbecome memorableand build a platform.Weird is newnormal.
  14. 14. Making Weird Work For You
  15. 15. Making Weird Work For YouStep 1: Accept that you are weird. Because you really are. And it’s really okay.
  16. 16. Making Weird Work For YouStep 2: Pinpoint what makes you weird• What is it you do when no one’s watching?• What part of your life or what hobby do you have that you’re not quick to tell people about?• If you had a superpower, what would it be?• What did you love or do as a kid that you now suppress?
  17. 17. Your weirdness can be rooted in • An experience • A character trait • A physical trait • An odd passion • Extreme extrovertness OR introvertness
  18. 18. Making Weird Work For YouStep 3: Find a way to use it.• How can you make that weirdness work for you?• How can you magnify it in a way that will speak to your customer needs?
  19. 19. Making Weird Work For YouCreate yourBlogging Superhero
  20. 20. Making Weird Work For YouYour blogging superhero is a heightened version of you, emphasizing your most marketable traits, while de-emphasizing your traits irrelevant to your business.How can your weirdness make you more marketable?
  21. 21. We need to stop giving “weird” a negative connotation.The success of your business restson your ability to stand out and be memorable.
  22. 22. Forming Outspoken Media
  23. 23. Weirdness In Motion
  24. 24. You can laugh but…• Snooki NYT best-selling author• The Situation $5 million+• Jenny Book and a bronzer• Ronnie Product endorsements• Sammi Perfume• Vinny/ Pauly D Clothing lines
  25. 25. BIG FINISH!
  26. 26. A word from Dolly PartonFigure out who you are, and then do it onpurpose. -- Dolly PartonIt’s your oddness that makes you interestingand what will drive people to your business.
  27. 27. Thank you…lisa@outspokenmedia.com @lisabarone