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Nikles corporate identity guideline

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Nikles Corporate Identity Book

  2. 2. THE CORPORATE IDENTITY GUIDE | JAN 2012 | 2.ContentsPage Subject3 Introduction4 Mission Statement5-9 Company Logo10 Company Fonts11 Company Colors Nikles Inter AG Head Office | Aesch, Basel, Switzerland © Nikles Group 2011. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. THE CORPORATE IDENTITY GUIDE | JAN 2012 | 3.Introduction N ikles Group is one of the world’s leading shower equipment manufacturers. Our clients, such as up market manufac- turers and leading retailers are sourcing hand showers, shower heads, slide bars, shower systems, and kitchen sprays from us. Nikles products are of trend setting design and state of the art quality. We serve customers from all around the world including in Europe, North America, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and South America. Nikles continuously invests in research & development of existing and new technologies to ensure that our customers always have access to the latest innovation and technologies. A s Nikles becomes more globalized, it is critical to portrait a clear picture and the character of our organization. In order to maintain and reinforce our brand unity, the Corporate Identity guide is created. It is also important that Nikles brand image is consistent wherever it is being represented. This guide shall be used as a binding reference when producing visual communication materials for our brand across all media including prints and electronics. ACS
  4. 4. THE CORPORATE IDENTITY GUIDE | JAN 2012 | 4.Mission Statement A s a designer, creator and manufacturer of shower products it is our core purpose to offer to our customer the right product with an attractive design, appropriate functionality and superior quality and thus contribute to the success of our clients and business partners. Our success is built around a team of people with an extraordinary dedication to their professional standards. Our focus is the creation of products and implementation of strategies that exceed market expectations. Our suppliers and customers trust in our proven commitment to excellent service and in our ability to offer effective solutions tailored to their needs. EASY TO CLEAN THERMO INSULATION
  5. 5. THE CORPORATE IDENTITY GUIDE | JAN 2012 | 5.1. Company Logo 1.1. The Evolution of Nikles Logo 1.2. Nikles Logo Nikles logo should be used on all communication materials, both internal and external. Correct usage and consistent application of the company logo establishes a clear identity. 1982 Vertical Logo (preferred) 2002 NIKLES PRODUCTS Present Horizontal Logo
  6. 6. THE CORPORATE IDENTITY GUIDE | JAN 2012 | 6.1. Company Logo 1.3. Logo Color PANTONE CMYK Pantone Black C 100% K 0% C Pantone Silver 877 0% M 0% Y 24% K Negative Positive Black or dark background White or light background use Pantone Silver 877 use standard logo color Pantone Black C
  7. 7. THE CORPORATE IDENTITY GUIDE | JAN 2012 | 7.1. Company Logo 1.4. Placement & Positioning Another important element for communicating Nikles Logo With “a Swiss company” Symbol the Nikles brand is “a Swiss company” symbol. This symbol should always be incorporated with Vertical Logo (preferred) the Nikles logo across the media. 3 mm A Swiss Company Symbol “A Swiss company” symbol must... Horizontal Logo - be placed on the right hand side of the Nikles logo (or away from the logo) 3 mm - be 3 mm away from the Nikles logo - be relative to Nikles logo size and proportion The Nikles logo must be at least 1 times bigger than “a Swiss company” symbol.
  8. 8. THE CORPORATE IDENTITY GUIDE | JAN 2012 | 8.1. Company Logo 1.5 Minimum Size Requirement 1.6. Clear Space Requirement To ensure that our brand logo is recognizable A clear (safe) zone equivalent to ½ the height and is visually effective, it must be of a certain of the symbol “N” should extend from the logo size. on all sides. No other design element with the exception of the “a Swiss company” symbol, Vertical Logo (preferred) photography and backgrounds should intrude The full width of the vertical logo should not be into this area. less than ½” on all print work 0.5cm Horizontal Logo The minimum width of 2” is required for all print work 0.5cm 0.5cm 1cm However, in special circumstances such as laser etching, specific guidance can be sought from 0.5cm the management. 0.5cm 0.5cm 0.5cm 0.5cm ½” 2”
  9. 9. THE CORPORATE IDENTITY GUIDE | JAN 2012 | 9.1. Company Logo 1.7. Co-Branding Guidelines When the Nikles logo appears as a co-brand, it is Samples of correct and incorrect placements preferable that both logos occupy a similar area of volume and appear to be of equal prominence. The Nikles logo should always stand alone. Product, location or any other names should not x be attached to the Nikles corporate logo. Minimum clear space requirements around the Nikles logo should always be considered when placing a Nikles logo on the same viewing surface as the partner’s logo. SWISS COMPANY x x 
  10. 10. THE CORPORATE IDENTITY GUIDE | JAN 2012 | 10.2. Company Fonts 2.1. Primary Font 2.2. Official Use The primary typeface for all printed and digital For internal and external produced communica- communications is Century Gothic. tions including MS Word documents, MS Power- Point presentations, e-mail and etc, the primary font, Century Gothic can be replaced with other Century Gothic Regular San-serif typefaces. Century Gothic Italic Example: Century Gothic Bold Arial Arial Arial Arial Century Gothic Blod Italic Calibri Calibri Calibri Calibri Helvetica Tahoma Tahoma
  11. 11. THE CORPORATE IDENTITY GUIDE | JAN 2012 | 11.3. Company Colors 3.1. Colors The corporate colors used in Nikles communications are derived from the Nikles logo. Varying percentage of tints can be used for specific purposes to ensure clarity of the messages. Pantone Black C 100% 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% Pantone Silver 877 100% 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10%
  12. 12. THE CORPORATE IDENTITY GUIDE | JAN 2012 | 12. Nikles Inter AG P.O. Box, Arlesheimerstrasse 5 CH-4147 Aesch / Basel, Switzerland Tel: +41 61 726 88 66 Fax: +41 61 726 88 69 12/11