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  • 1. Lowering the Drinking age
    Lisa Trimble
  • 2. At age 18
    Vote in Elections
    Join the Military
    Buy Cigarettes
    Get Married
    Enter into Contracts
    Run for a Political Office
    Serve Alcohol
  • 3. It’s the law
    Although every state has different laws on alcohol in the US.
    The National Minimum Drinking Age Act of 1984 states that revenue will be withheld from states that allow the purchase of alcohol by anyone under the age of 21.
    "Zero Tolerance" Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) LevelAll states carry "zero tolerance" laws that target drivers under the legal drinking age. These laws penalize persons under 21 for operating a vehicle with any trace of alcohol in their systems (a BAC above 0.0)
  • 4. Across the Globe
  • 5. For Instance
    • You’re 19 years old
    • 6. You live by yourself
    • 7. You have a beer
    • 8. A friend calls who needs a ride
    • 9. You get pulled over
    • 10. You blow a .02 BAC
    • 11. You are going to JAIL!
    Finding a job will be harder
    Lack of transportation
    Loss of job
    Joining the military
    Paying heavy fines
    Taking DUI classes
    • Unemployment
    • 12. Dropping out of school
    • 13. Likelihood of depression
  • What’s the difference
    The CDC states that 443,000 deaths are attributable to tobacco products annually. According to the Alcohol-Related Disease Impact, from 2001–2005, there were only 79,000 deaths attributable to excessive alcohol use
  • 14. Tell me more
    How many consumed alcohol before the age of 21?
    How many have experienced binge drinking?
    How many of you have lost someone you knew due to a alcohol related death?
  • 15. Prohibition doesn’t work
    72% have consumed alcohol by the end of high school
    37% have done so by eighth grade.
    Kentucky 2009
    Under 21 Alcohol-Impaired Driving Fatalities:
  • 16. WE need a new plan
    Lower the drinking age to 18
    Teach young adults to drink responsibly
    More acceptance of drinking from our country will reduce the “taboo” effect.
    Education is KEY
    “Raising the drinking age to 21 was passed with the very best of intentions, but it’s had the very worst of outcomes,”
    “Just like during national Prohibition, the law has pushed and forced underage drinking and youthful drinking underground, where we have no control over it.”
    David J. Hanson, an alcohol policy expert at the State University of New York-Potsdam.
  • 17. Counter arguments
    Lowering the drinking age to 18
    Make it more accessible to high school students
    18- 20 year olds are not mature enough to consume alcohol
    Teenagers & young adults obviously have a problem with binge drinking. It would make it worse.
  • 18. sources
    Wechsler, Henry, Wuethrich Bernice. Dying to Drink: Confronting Binge Drinking on College Campuses. Rodale, 2002. Print.
    Heath, Dwight. “In Most Cultures, Youth Drinking Does not lead to alcoholism.” 2005. Gale Opposing Viewpoints Database. Web. 14. April 2011.
    http://www.cdc.gov. Alcohol & Public Use. 2011. Web. 14 April 2011.
  • 19. Questions