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  • 1. Technology For Educators: K-12 Learning*
    By: Lisa Pinsdorf
  • 2. Welcome*
    Have you ever tried blogging?
    Take a look at what you can do and how you can create easy lesson plans!
    • Blogging With Lisa
  • Web Quests*
  • 3. Some may ask what is a data project?
    You can make a world of displays to show your children what you want them to do. By following the link below you will find a data project in the form of a spider web.
  • 4. What is a Prezi? And How to Create a Lesson Plan*
    Have your students learn how to make imagination come alive!
    With a Prezi document, you can have them make a flashcard presentation to help them with study habits!
    Follow the link below for a demonstration of a lesson plan and brief Prezi presentation.
    Prezi Demonstration
  • 5. Interactive Whiteboard*
    • This is an interactive whiteboard where you can make it into a fun quiz or activity for either individual students to complete or for students to complete as a group.
  • Video/AudioVisual*
    Videos can be fun, powerful and interesting.
    You may have sounds, colors, and picture effects.
    Below you will find a link to show you a brief video done by a fifth grade student.
    When you hear the word Audio what do you think?
    Many respond with a movie
    That is exactly what this is; a brief movie on different pictures that goes along with the state projects that the students completed.
  • 6.
    • Ever wonder how students really feel about a certain topic?
    • 7. With this creative polling system you can show them how a class votes on specific questions.
    Questions ?
    Which way do students prefer to learn?
    • Paper and Pencil
    • 8. Prezi Presentation
    • 9. Smart Board
    • 10. Visual/ Audio
  • P 21 Assignment*
  • 11. School District Visits*
    Absecon Reflection
    Linwood Reflection
  • 12. PLN*
  • 13. PLN*
    G:technology for educators
  • 14. PLN Questions?
    • Which web based community site will you join and why? General teacher communities include Classroom 2.0 or the Educator’s PLN; some communities are specific to a discipline, (such as the English Companion Ning or Art Education 2.0). These communities are a wealth of resources and tend to be more formal in their organization.
    • 15. The web based community site that I would join and why is; Art Education 2.0. It just gave a broad visual of all the different types of art that you can use in your classroom and how you could use it. I feel that the children would not get bored with this and it would hold their attention well.
    • 16. Which tool(s) will you use for a smaller group of colleagues that you can turn to, such as Twitter or Face book? These tools are more for fast exchanges or answering specific questions that require short answers.
    • 17. I feel that I would turn to Face book for the main reason of you can show them different types of pages. You can show them tribute pages, memorial pages, personal pages, and business pages. I feel that it is a great learning experience to show teachers how much just one site could do.
    • Which professional organizations will you join, and which conferences will you target for annual attendance? ISTE or AECT (association for Educational Communications and Technology) are international groups; NJAET or NJECC are statewide organizations;
    • 18. I would personally join the NJECC because along with their mission statement, NJECC's mission is to promote and support the integration of technology in education as it applies to student learning, professional development, and instructional planning, I also feel like it is a great conference to be involved with so that you are always up to date on all the technology features that you could be using in your classroom.
  • 19.
    • Which websites, blogs, wikis, and podcasts will you follow regularly? This may include the use of an RSS reader that tells you when new content is added to a blog or a new podcast are made available.
    • 20. I would use blogs in my classroom. I would make a classroom blog for students to go to in case they forgot their spelling book in class and they need to know the spelling words for that night in order to complete a homework assignment as well as I would list each homework assignment on their for the week so that way if the parents feel like their child is not keeping up with work they can check the blog to make sure their assignments are getting completed.
    • 21. Will you continue your blog/wiki or start a new one as part of your PLN? You could also start a podcast, or create a YouTube channel, or any other sharing site related to your professional interests. Remember that you can’t just take from your PLN – you need to share too.
    • 22. I would like to continue my blog/wiki as part of my PLN plan. I like the topic that I chose, which is Fifth grade social studies, where we are focusing on our state projects. I feel like I can share a lot of information from the state projects that my children will make in effort to show them on my PLN for future teachers to use and learn from.
    PLN Questions?
  • 23. Now that you have seen many different ideas and tools to help you create and make learning fun and exciting; take these tools and apply them into your everyday teaching techniques!
    WRAP UP*