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Lombardi Wikis - a CenTex DITA UG panel presentation
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Lombardi Wikis - a CenTex DITA UG panel presentation



Lisa Dyer's presentation at the CTDUG panel on the subject "What does DITA have to do with wikis?"

Lisa Dyer's presentation at the CTDUG panel on the subject "What does DITA have to do with wikis?"



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  • Hi Lisa,

    I was able to disable the Confluence Welcome Screen from opening after you click a Help button, and from the Welcome Screen link showing up next to the Log In. (This is in the Admin Console > Welcome Screen > Deselect 'Enable Welcome Screen'.)


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  • Gina, sounds like an effective solution!

    For making changes to the Login page, the file to customize is $CONFLUENCE_HOME/confluence/.

    More info here: http://forums.atlassian.com/message.jspa?messageID=257244925

    Cheers, - lisa
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  • Lisa, Thanks very much! For our pilot, I tested redirecting from a RoboHelp topic to the Confluence wiki using a meta refresh tag like this (where TI9SP2 is the wiki space, ’0’ is the number of seconds before redirecting, and System+Health+Overview is the wiki page -- replace the quotation marks with angle brackets:

    'meta HTTP-EQUIV=refresh CONTENT='0;URL=http://ourcompanyname.onconfluence.com/display/TI9SP2/System+Health+Overview''

    It works! (I made a copy of the entire RoboHelp project first and deleted the content from the topic, then generating the WebHelp). Our help docs are already on our Web server, so when a user clicks a help button in the app, they will now see the wiki page instead of the WebHelp. After we get the pilot rolling, we can try a more permanent solution as you mention above. Now I just need to figure out how to remove the Confluence Welcome Screen hyperlink next to the Log In. I think it would be confusing for customers. Thanks very much! Gina
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  • Gina,

    Thanks for your comment.

    There's a couple of implementation approaches you could take:

    1. The app uses a property file that matches your RH map IDs with 'permalinks' to the target wiki pages.
    2. You can embed relative or permanent links in the app GUI.
    3. You can use metadata macros in Confluence to embed page IDs which map to the IDs in the app.

    Sarah Maddox describes an Atlassian implementation here:

    Similar to suggestion #1.

    Of course, this all assumes that the pages are first created and then mapped. If you need to do dynamic mapping (target pages are known at runtime), consider suggestion #3. The Confluence user forums might yield more ideas.

    Hoping this is helpful.

    - lisa
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  • Lisa,
    Could you provide some tips on how you were able to provide context-sensitive help with your Confluence wiki? We're testing converting our docs from Flare and RoboHelp, and in RoboHelp it's done with map IDs. I read that you need to make sure to use relevant (not absolute) links. It would be great to be able to someone use our RoboHelp map ID file to convert the map IDs to the wiki topics.
    Gina Fevrier
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Lombardi Wikis - a CenTex DITA UG panel presentation Lombardi Wikis - a CenTex DITA UG panel presentation Presentation Transcript

  • Lombardi Wikis A model for collaborative information development (with DITA XML in the mix)
  • What are Lombardi Wikis?
    • Documentation Wiki and Community Wiki - different use cases, integrated user experience
    • Documentation source in DITA, output to wiki
    • A framework for collaborative information development
  • Outline
    • Strategies and tactics
    • System demo
    • Observations
    • Discussion
    View slide
    • Strategies and tactics
    View slide
  • Early considerations
    • What is the high-level vision?
    • How should the system work?
    • What processes need to be in place to support the system?
    • What are the key components?
    • Who are the key resources?
    • How to keep stakeholders and collaborators engaged?
  • Project progression
    • Identify business goals
    • Validate goals with the target users
    • Develop and prioritize use cases
    • Define the product and process requirements
    • Define the resources and milestones
    • Implement and test
    • Go live with pilot audience
    • Implement enhancements and bug fixes
    • Go live
    • Measure and maintain (iterative)
  • Business goals
    • Help customers and partners scale by providing rich user assistance
    • Make helpful information easier to find – fewer support calls, happier customers
    • Provide a user experience that inspires users to contribute to the community
    • Provide a way for users to network and discuss designs and best practices with experts and users like themselves
    • Increase the productivity of customers, partners, and employees
  • Problems to solve Internal pains Customer pains No way to share “non-warranted” knowledge (samples, tips and tricks) with the community No view into “what’s new” Capturing feedback, questions, and discussions about content is difficult Documentation updates not immediately available - tied to product releases Promotion of new and improved content is difficult Lifecycle management issues – stale information is difficult to discover Reviews are time and resource intensive, vulnerable to quality problems Deep knowledge exists in the product ecosystem but is difficult to tap into
  • Use cases
    • Find out what's new*
    • Search for specific information*
    • Share knowledge*
    • Get notified of updates*
    • Call out nuggets of information (e.g. rate, vote, favorites)
    • Find something to play with
    • Personalize the experience
    • Ask a question
    • Rant and/or rave
    • Report a problem
    • Talk about myself
    • * Identified as highest priority
    • System demo
  • Documentation Wiki
  • Community Wiki
  • Space architecture Access point (hub space) Space Deliverable (= ditamap scope)
  • System architecture
    • DITA XML source in SCMS
    • DITA to Confluence export plugin
      • 100% repeatable publishing routine using Java + XSLT
    • Enterprise Wiki (Confluence)
    • Database (SQL Server 2000)
    • Integrations:
      • LDAP
      • SSO
      • Eclipse RCP and Web applications (dynamic Help content directly from the wiki)
  • Implementation considerations
    • Ditaval and conref
      • Poses major challenges due to unique page ID constraints
      • Best practice: use what the target platform provides where you can – for example, {multi-excerpt}, {include-page} macros that extend the core engine – customize as needed.
    • Navigation
      • Build custom bits to create proper navigation (alphabetical ordering can really corrupt content usability). Add sorting metadata to each page during export, have the engine use the metadata to render a dynamic TOC.
      • Plugin conflicts across versions complicate upgrade scenarios. Plan for upgrade scenarios, especially when customizing plugins. Upgrade scenarios include both server upgrades and individual plugin/macro upgrades.
  • Conref on the wiki - reusable content
  • Conref on the wiki – reused content
    • Observations
  • Problems solved After Before Contribute content, link to and from “warranted” content, tag No way to share “non-warranted” knowledge with the community Detailed comparison view with list of recent updates and version rollback No view into “what’s new” Comment, rate, tag, favorite Interactions with the information are cumbersome to conduct Automated and ad-hoc content updates from DITA XML source Documentation updates not immediately available
  • Road map Major features Milestone Date January 2008 July 2007 March 2007 April 2005
    • DITA to wiki export (limited)
    • Space architecture for docs and community
    • Hyperlinked TOC pages from ditamaps
    • Support for ditaval and conref
    • Integrated search across other knowledge portals
    GA Version 1.5
    • SSO with other knowledge portals
    • Integrated with product user interface
    GA Version 1
    • Dynamic TOCs from ditamaps
  • Process
    • Info Dev responds to community updates by manually incorporating revisions into DITA source and then republishing
    • Info Dev replies to the originating comments to acknowledge contributions (and track change)
    • Info Dev helps channel knowledge from other forums to the wiki
    • Info Dev contributes community articles
    • Info Dev maintains UI definitions and system files in source control, where changes can be tracked
  • Engagement methods
    • Special content
    • Themed content drives
    • Daily engagement with audience - “tending and mending”
    • Quarterly/opportunistic promo emails to users
  • Collaboration methods
    • Delineation of “warranted” versus “non-warranted” information
      • Brokered collaboration model for “warranted” information assets (Documentation Wiki)
      • Cohesive collaboration model for “non-warranted” information assets (Community Wiki)
    • “Core contributors” versus “trusted contributors”
    • Reference: MIT Sloan Management Review, Fall 2007, Vol. 29: “Breakthroughs and the ‘Long Tail of Innovation’”; L. Fleming
  • Promotion methods
    • Host Webex sessions regularly to increase adoption and get feedback
    • Link to the wiki from Installer (desktop shortcut, last Installer page)
    • Link to the wiki from the product (e.g. Help menu)
    • Wiki pages as dynamic Help
    • Wiki pages as context-sensitive Help
    • Reply to questions on other forums (e.g. discussion groups, email) with links to the wiki
    • Promo emails (to coincide with new features, new and improved content)
  • Wikipatterns.com
    • Not anti-patterns for us:
      • Empty Pages (use: bubble up the list of empty pages to the home page and ask people to contribute)
      • Registration Required (use: access is restricted to the company user registry - no registration required and no public signup available)
  • Thank you!
    • Questions? Feedback?
    • [email_address]
    Blueprint it. The easiest way to get started with BPM is now available! www.lombardi.com/blueprint